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Till The End Of Time Episode 82 Update on Tuesday 20th November 2018

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Haldi ceremony continues at Arjun’s house. Ladies apply haldi/turmeric on his body and jokes they want to see what did Maya like in him. They all dance and sing.

Saanjh in her room dances to the music. Arjun calls Maya and asks if people will apply haldi on her like they did on him, they tore his clothes. His chatting continues. Shubh passes by.

Arjun stops him and asks where is his sister. Shubh says Saanjh did not come but sent him haldi, he is enjoying haldi and his fake ego did realize it.

He should go and bring Saanjh. Maya fumes hearing this an disconnects call. Arjun says egoistic Saanjh will come for sure. He speaks on phone again and sees phone disconnected already.
Haldi starts at Maya’s house. Ashwin enters with reporters and says he brought haldi for his daughter. Maya fumes in anger and picks scissor to stab him, but Jahnvi stops her and says media is around.

Ashwin starts his drama and applies tries to apply haldi on her, she pushes him and haldi, runs and locks herself in a room.

Ashwin continues drama in front of reporters that his daughter excepted him in front of them all, now she kicked him out again.
Vandana asks Ayan to play haldi video on TV. Ayan switches on TV and watches news reporter shouting that Maya refused to get haldi from her father, she even kicked him out of her office, what is happening between them. Arjun leaves holding haldi for Maya.
Ashwin continues his drama. Jahnvi sends all guests out and asks Ashwin what he needs. He says 50% property share and nobody can harm him, not even Arjun. Maya panics in her room and breaks things around.

Jahnvi knocks door and pleads to open door, Ashwin cannot harm them. Maya continues panicking and pops depression pills, reminiscing Saanjh’s events, and says she is not mad…She continues.. Arjun reaches holding haldi.

Maya cries that Ashwin will take out all colors from her life. Arjun says until he is with her, nobody can take anything from her. He lights candles and applies haldi to her.
Precap: Arjun applies haldi to Maya. Maya asks till when he will hold her hands. He says until he is alive. She asks to take fourth oath. Ashwin tells Saanjh that Maya is unfit for Arjun, he will get her Arjun back to Saanjh.

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