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Till The End Of Time Episode 83 Update on Friday 30th November 2018

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Maya holds knife and thinks she will not spare Ashwin. She sees someone outside her window and walks with knife. She opens window.

Man pushes her and enters in. She says she will stab him. They both fall down and he says he is ready to die again from her hand. Maya is surprised to see Arjun and says she thought it was Ashwin.
Ashwin in his live-in partner Shipra’s apartment gulps glasses of liquor. Shipra shouts alcohol will not change his fate. Jahnvi enters and says she warned him not to use his dirty trick, else she will call police. He will go to jail this time.

Shipra shouts why did she come here. Jahnvi pushes her aside. Ashwin acts as pleading to spare him and shows her a file and then says he is ready to go to jail for 5 years and may mend his ways or not, but with this proof

Maya will go to jail for 20-25 years. Jahnvi burns file. Ashwin tries to pick it, but Jahnvi stops him. Ashwin strangulates her neck and shouts.

Jahnvi picks vase and hits on his head and says she warned him not to harm her or Maya,else she will not spare him. She walks out and Shipra taunts Ashwin.
Vandana shows Arjun and Maya’s kundali and says earlier pandit took bribe and lied that kundalis match. Pandit says whoever told it is right, all 36 characteristics are matching. Maya loves Arjun so much that she can even harm Arjun to control him.

Vandana says she wants to stop this marriage. Pandit says nobody can stop this marriage and Arjun has to go through Maya’s love.
Arjun sees blood on Maya’s kurta cuff and sees his name’s tattoo inscribed on her hand. He asks why did she do this. She says she wants him to be only hers.

He says he is hers forever. She goes and locks door, gets tattoo inscriber and unbuttons his kurta. He holds her hand, but she pushes his hand and inscribes her name on his chest.

He feels pain and pleasure. Rasiya…badal si preet mori,..song…plays in the background. Their romance starts. Maya repeats song’s dialogues and continues inscribing her name on Arjun’s chest. Arjun then looks at her and smiles and says from today, between them, it will be only her. She asks to promise that from today, he will be only hers.

He takes her in front of god and says from today nobody can separate them and even god has to take his permission to separate her from him. She hugs him and gets emotional.
Arjun reaches home speaking to Maya over phone that he reached home. Vandana scolds him if he does not want to follow rituals, why he is marrying. He says he will marry at any cost. She sees blood on his kurta and asks what happened.

She forcefully checks his chest and sees Maya’s tattoo. Arjun says Maya inscribed it. Vandana reminisces pandit’s words that Maya can even end Arjun’s life to control him.
Precap: Vandana meets Saanjh outside apartment building and says Maya is not fit for Arjun, this marriage has to stop. Maya in her car thinks, Vandana should can die but cannot stop marriage. She speeds car towards Vandana and Saanjh.

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