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Till The End of Time Episode 85 Update on Monday 3rd November 2018


Vandana gets worried for Aryan seeing Maya’s obsession and Panditji’s warning that Maya can harm Aryan to control him. She waits for Saanjh outside apartment building. Saanjh comes. Vandana requests her to save her duffer from Saanjh. Saanjh says he is not her duffer now and she cannot save him.

Vandana says how can she tell that, Maya is marrying Arjun to show her possessiveness and control him, she will harm Arjun, so Saanjh should stop this marriage and save Arjun.

Maya in her car hears their conversation and thinks marriage will stop only if Vandana can reach marriage venue. She speeds car towards Saanjh and Vandana but stops seeing Arjun coming out.

Arjun asks Ayan to come fast and tells Vadana that he is going for a party with Ayan. Saanjh looks at him silently. Arjun fumes that Saanjh
is so egoistic and leaves in his jeep with Ayan. Vandana tells Saanjh that Arjun has changed, he did not even look at her. Saanjh asks her to relax, Arjun and Maya love each other and Arjun is safe, now she shold go and rest as she has her son’s marriage tomorrow.
In a club, foreign girls surround Arjun. Arjun starts his jokergiri and calls Ayan to save him. Ayan with friends says this is his bachelor party and he should enjoy.

Arjun starts dancing with them and sees Maya around. Ayan says it is his imagination and ask too continue partying. They all start partying again.
Jahnvi in her reminisces Ashwin trying to shoot Arjun, then telling he has proof against Maya, etc…She thinks it is time to become a mother and protect her daughter.

Ashwin gets ready. His Live-in partner asks if he is going for a marriage. Ashwin says as a bride’s father, he has to greet guests. Shipra says Maya and Jahnvi will not give him a penny. Ashwin says he knows how to get money from his wife and daughter.
Arjun continues dancing with dancers and his friends on song…Laila mai Laila….song…He repeatedly imagines Maya around and gets heavily inebriated. After dance, he boasts about himself that he is Fashion and the City CEO and climbed ladder within 6 months, they have to learn from him how to lure a rich girl and grab her wealth, now Maya revolves around her and is eager to marry him.

Ayan asks if he really loves Maya. Arjun says whatever is his is Maya’s and vice versa. He sees Maya again sitting in front of him.
Precap: Ashwin thinks tomorrow Maya’s truth will be out in front of whole world. Jahnvi picks gun and thinks if Ashwin tries to harm Maya, she will kill him.

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