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Till The End of Time Episode Update on Wednesday 14th November 2018

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Saanjh thinks why Maya’s medical insurance was rejected thrice, what must be the reason. She gets e-mail from unknown admirer again and reads that she is going on a right path, Maya’s past is hidden in her present and she should find out truth.

She thinks if Arjun knows anything and walks towards Arjun’s cabin. She hears peon and colleagues badmouthing about Arjun that they wasted time by studying, if they had known they can become rich by falling in love. She does not find Arjun in his cabin and then walks into Maya’s cabin and searches for evidence. Peon walks in and she hides under table.

Peon sees items on floor and bends to repick them. Riya comes and asks to hurry up. Peon says Maya’s medicines are missing, if he does not find, Maya will dismiss him.
Saanjh finds medicine strip and pushes aside. Peon picks and keeps it on table and leaves.
Arjun asks Maya if she cannot change her decision. She says he has to trust her. She burns match stick again and says let us take second oath, he has to trust more than self. He takes oath and sets off match stick with his bare hand.
Saanjh clicks medicine strip pic and takes it to pharmacist who checks and says it is a heavy antidepressant and cannot be given without prescription. Saanjh calls insurance company and tells manager that she is Fashion and the City’s chief legal advisor and wants to know reason for rejecting Maya’s medical insurance.

He says he cannot disclose details. She says if he does not, she can sue his company and he will lose job. He nervously tells that Maya has psychiatric problem and is taking psychiatrist help since she is 9 years old. Saanjh is surprised and thinks of informing this to Arjun.
Maya looks at Arjun’s hand and asks why did he blow fire with his hand. He says she will test him often and he will burn his hand often. He gets romantic. Saanjh enters and tells Arjun she needs to talk something important.

Maya says she will leave. Arjun holds her hand and asks Saanjh to tell in front of Saanjh. Saanjh nervously says how will she get her salary. Arjun says in that case, he will tell her tomorrow and today it is pack up. Maya says she needs to talk to Saanjh and takes her to cabin.

Saanjh walks behind. Maya gives her pendrive and asks to check legal documents stored in it. Saanjh sees scar on Maya’s hand and asks how did she get it. Maya says she got it in childhood when she got injured. Saanjh walks looking at scar again and thinking to find out truth.
Saanjh walks down reminiscing insurance company manager’s words and scar. She sees Ashwin walking and thinks Maya’s papa may know about it.
Arjun is busy romancing Maya. Peon knocks door. Maya says someone wants to take his permission to enter. Arjun says come in. Peon brings wedding car. Arjun says he should get first card, he will not enter mantap. Maya angrily holds his collar and says this marriage will happen at any cost, if he does not come, she will bring mantap to him.
Precap: Saanjh informs Arjun that Maya takes antidepressant and doc told Maya’s mental condition is not good. Maya enters and asks what Maya…

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