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Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 1--2 Update on Wednesday 21st November 2018

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Camilo has a case study or research firm and after a research conducted, Study has it that about 54% pregnant teenagers are willing to give up their babies for adoption and another study shows that 85% mothers diagnosed of breast cancer have this priority on their minds and that is to look for somebody who will replace them and take care of their kids and their husbands after death. This shows that 73% of secretaries or personal assistants then turns out to having an affair with their bosses.

Monica is a secretary dedicated to her work and secretly in love with Camilo, her boss, to the point that she imagines that he loves her back every day. At exactly 7:00am each day, she expects a call from Camilo and the time has never miss before and this sometimes worries Monica’s friend Ximena.
Monica is not only responsible for the daily routines of her boss but he also handles Camilo and his family’s personal life. Diana pleads with Monica to continue doing well and see to it that her husband never smokes again since he’s not done that in 48hours and Monica assures her. 

Ximena Asks Monica when she is going to tell her boss that she is in love with him and Monica replies her to please not start again with that issue and Ximena tells her if that is so, then Monica should tell her boss not to be waking her up early morning like that. 

Camilo reads a study to Monica that 59% of men declared to them in another case study that the woman they are living with are not ideal women at all but as for him, he is very lucky to have a perfect woman as Diana at his side and this changes Monica’s face. 

Diana goes to see his doctor and Doctor Juan gives Diana the bad news that she has breast cancer and they have to run more test to know that the cancer hasn’t spread to the various parts of her body. Diana becomes so depressed because she never smokes and has a healthy life that is why she never paid attention to the fact that she could also get cancer since her mum never had one as her great-grandparents did and never survived and asks her to bring Camilo with her to let him know what her situation is for them to know how to go about the solution but Diana wants to be alone now. 

17years Regina is the daughter of Camilo and she decides to have pregnancy test and in all three tests, it came out positive. Looking so afraid, she rather tells her grandma Eugenia becomes surprises when Regina tells her that she is pregnant, Eugenia tells her that she is an irresponsible teenager and it is her mother Diana’s fault for not watching her closely but Regina tells her that it isn’t anybody’s fault, but hers and she refuses to also have an abortion, so she needs her help to find a family who wants to adopt her baby. She asks her grandma to keep it a secret and not tell her parents.

Diana arrives at Camilo’s office and there was another study going but this time among the male employers and it was about the differences between men and women if it comes to the one who is able to stay single after their partners death or divorce and the men said men cannot live alone without a woman because when that happens they will go nuts but women can stay all they can without any man by their side. 

Diana was all along with Monica listening to the conversation and she becomes very hurt with the information and reveals to Monica that she has cancer and needs her help to look for the right woman to replace her after she dies, so Camilo and her children won’t be alone and her kids will have a good woman to take care them and she agrees to help her though she encourages Diana that she will surely be cured but Diana thinks otherwise. 

Monica tells Ximena about what Diana told her and her response to help her find a woman for her husband and Ximena tells Monica that if there is anyone who should keep Camilo it’s her because she adores him but Monica tells her that she can’t take advantage of a wife’s tragedy; Ximena tells her that she deserves to be Camilo’s wife. 

Diana goes to Monica’s house and she asks Monica to organize a focus group of candidates to find the right one for Camilo.

A guy called Rafael arrives in Camilo’s office and Camilo gets surprise when Rafael tells him that he is his son and that his mother is Aalmudena Cervantes; a long-time woman Camilo had an affair with before way back in his youthful age. 
In a moment, Diana arrives and she gets surprise after Camilo introduces Rafael to him as his son.


A guy called Rafael arrives in Camilo’s office and Camilo gets surprise when Rafael tells him that he is his son and that his mother is Aalmudena Cervantes; a long-time woman Camilo had an affair with before way back in his youthful age. 

In a moment, Diana arrives and she gets surprise after Camilo introduces Rafael to him as his son and she asks him how old he is and Rafael says 27 years old. Camilo then explains to Diana that he met his mum long ago and broke up with her before meeting her and that he just found out the truth few minutes ago. Diana reveals to him that she is the wife of Camilo and they have 4children and Rafael tells Diana that he can tell they have a nice family.

Rafael then leaves his business card behind for Camilo and tells him that it took him many years to come to meet him, but that he hopes that he (Camilo) will not take so long to call him. 

Camilo looking so burdened up leaves his office though Diana wanted them to talk. Diana then confess to Monica that, there is no doubt that Rafael is Camilo’s son because he is his carbon copy of Camilo’s youthful age and quickly Diana thinks about how Rafael’s mum could be now that she’s looking for a candidate to marry her husband.

Eugenia and Regina go to an adoption center to know about the adoption process and Regina tells the counselor that she wants to choose the couple who will adopt her baby but the counselor replies that the institution after an exhaustive investigation; is the one who choose the best candidates and Regina answers that in that case, she has nothing to do at the center. 

Stepping out of the adoption center, some couple bumps into Regina and the man hearing Regina’s conversation with her grandma about how she wants to have a good adopted parent for her child, Manuel tells Regina that he and his wife want to adopt a baby and as they heard she wants to choose the parents of her baby, they would like that she considers them. 

Camilo asks Monica to make a reservation for him at 8pm at a restaurant. Monica calls her friend Ximena to let her know that she is sure that Camilo asks her to make that reservation for him because of a woman and he never wants anyone to know about it. This is something Camilo will never do and that is why she thinks Camilo will be meeting up with his turned-out son’s mother. Ximena now tells Monica that she can see how jealous she is.

Ximena then suggests to her to come over home and upon Monica’s arrival, Ximena gives her a nice new dress and asks her to dress up and go straight to the same restaurant to intrude Camilo’s dinner with which ever woman. Monica refuse to do so but Ximena encourages her to. 

Camilo leaves an inscription for Diana that he has a lot to talk about with Rafael and he wants her to be present at that restaurant. Diana thinking that her doctor has informed Camilo about her cancer, she calls to tell him her mind for betraying her and she never even gave him that opportunity to tell her that he never said anything to Camilo. 

Diana then goes to meet with Camilo and she starts apologizing to him for not letting him know and since she never mentioned anything of her cancer, Camilo misunderstood it to be that she is talking about Rafael’s popping up. Rafael arrives and Camilo tells Diana that Rafael is the reason for their meeting though he can’t tell what else Diana thought they were going to talk about and quickly, Diana tells him “nothing” because she also wants to know all about Rafael.

Monica arrives in a moment looking all splashy and she becomes shocked to know that Camilo actually was with his wife and son. Camilo then compliments her for her outstanding look She tries excusing herself but Diana asks her to stay with the so they can all celebrate her (Monica) birthday together. 

Meanwhile, Ximena was also praying for her friend Monica so a miracle could happen so Camilo in his first time to see her as a woman. Monica later excuses them and says she came there because a friend asked her to meet him there and she even forgot that was the same place she reserved for him. 

Monica calls Ximena to tell her about the unfortunate situation and she decides to go pick her up because she can’t leave her alone in that mess. Monica tells her that Camilo complimented her beauty though.

Diana goes to speak with Monica in the washroom to inform her that Rafael’s mother isn’t coming over to meet Camilo and so there is no need thinking about her as the best candidate for her husband but she thinks that person can be her (Monica) considering the way Camilo looked at her when she appeared, Monica replies that she didn’t notice anything.

Diana then tells her that as a woman she must have noticed how Camilo looked at her and that she has no doubt that she is the woman she needs because her children know her well and they love her too and since Camilo trusts her, she (Diana) is going to help her to win Camilo’s heart, but Monica tells her that Camilo would never set eyes on her and she could never replace her. That statement opens Diana’s eyes and she realized that Monica loves her husband and that makes things easier for her and she starts complimenting Monica a lot before Camilo. 

Diana advises Camilo that they have to invite Rafael to their house and introduce him to his siblings. 
Diana goes to Monica’s apartment to have a talk with her and there she reveals to Diana that indeed she’s been in love with Camilo ever since she worked with him and Diana looks excited.

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