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Tomorrow is A New Day Episode 3 Update on Thursday 22nd November 2018

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Diana goes to Monica’s apartment to have a talk with her and there she reveals to Diana that indeed she’s been in love with Camilo ever since she worked with him and Diana looks excited.
She tells Monica that if she accepts her proposal, she will help her to turn into the new love of Camilo and so Monica agrees. 

Ximena tells Diana that for a start Monica has to stop being so available for Camilo because get tired of desperate and easy women but likes mysterious women instead and Diana answers that she is right and so they agree that Monica shouldn’t answer calls coming from Camilo so to make him look for her and again decides to her to go to work late to see the reaction of Camilo and that is exactly what she does. 

Following the instructions of Diana, upon Monica’s arrival at the office she tells Camilo that she was late to work because she went to celebrate with a very special friend and that she didn’t answer his call because she was busy. Camilo then replies that if she’s going to stay celebrating all night, she should make sure that it doesn’t affect her coming to work. 

Regina and Eugenia go to Manuel and Margarita’s house to talk about the adoption of her baby, and Eugenia tells them that if they are going to adopt the baby, they should let them know the rules involve before they approach her granddaughter who is still a minor, hoping that she’ll give them her baby, because she doesn’t know if she and her granddaughter should even trust them. Manuel then answers that they want to make things well and that they have a lawyer. Regina tells Manuel and Margarita that they will be the parents of her baby. 

Eugenia tells them that they have to make the paperwork because giving a child is not easy as Regina sees it. Eugenia tells Regina that there is something in Manuel and Margarita that she doesn’t like and so Regina should think about her decision again. 

Diana’s doctor advices her to make sure to try and do all the test so she can have her treatment as soon as possible if not the longer she takes the more the disease spread in areas. Diana assures him that she will make that her priority. She on the other hand can’t think that she is being consumed by this hopeless sickness.

Paloma and her mum Laura arrive at Camilo’s house and she is also a sister to Diana. Her reason and that her husband left her and flee out of Brazil with a young girlfriend of his who is in the age group like his daughter Paloma and since she has no body to pay off all the debt her husband left behind, they lost their house and became homeless and they also lost their money and they have to pack and come back home to Mexico but they have no place to live so they have to come to her sister’s house.

Monica tells Ximena that she cannot make her boss fall in love with her, if his wife is still alive, but Ximena tells her that Diana herself asked her to do it, so she shouldn’t feel guilty like she is doing something wrong.

Eugenia calls Fernando (her lawyer) on phone to ask for his advice about her granddaughter’s decision to give up her child for adoption and he seems not to understand the conversation and so Eugenia spills the truth to him that Regina is pregnant, and she wants to give her baby for adoption. Chabela eavesdrop the conversation and she confront Regina to let her parents know and not keep it a secret because her mum Diana can even help her through her pregnancy and in the middle of the argument, Monica also now know the secret but she warns Monica and Chabela to not try telling her parents anything.

It’s a tough moment for Camilo because he wants to follow Diana’s advice suggested to him to try and introduce his son Rafael to their children and Camilo takes the bull by the horn and introduces Rafael to his siblings but his son Cristóbal go nuts and tells his father that he will never recognize Rafael as his brother and he walks out on them looking very furious and some of the children looks disappointed in their father.

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