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Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 3 Update on Monday 26th November 2018

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It’s a tough moment for Camilo because he wants to follow Diana’s advice suggested to him to try and introduce his son Rafael to their children and Camilo takes the bull by the horn and introduces Rafael to his siblings but his son Cristóbal go nuts and tells his father that he will never recognize Rafael as his brother and he walks out on them looking very furious and some of the children looks disappointed in their father.

In the same manner, as Laura (Diana’s sister) and her daughter Paloma remains in Diana and Camilo’s room upstairs, they try to figure out what’s really happening downstairs. 

Monica picks her bag and asks for her leave and Rafael questions why she’s leaving and she replies that she needs to because, there’s no reason for her to be there and he asks if he can join her leave because he doesn’t want to cause more trouble but she advices he stays and finish with what he just started. 

Barbara expresses to Camilo how much disappointed she is in him and also, she asks him to swear if he never knew Rafael all this while and he states to her that, there’s no way he could have kept that as a secret for almost three decades and also, he never cheated on their mother as well. Camilo then goes to say goodnight to Regina but she gives him an attitude, asking if having a child out of Wedlock is hard and he nods his head.

The next morning, Diana really gets so worried, not knowing where Cristobal could have spent the night and she keeps making calls for his whereabout but Camilo tells her to calm down and relax because the boy will be fine. In same vein, Cristobal keeps driving on a top speed and only God knew where he was heading to but suddenly, he starts to doze off and unfortunately ends up in an accident.

Camilo arrives at the company and introduces Rafael to Mauricio as his son and urges him to take Rafael through all the processes in the company. Rafael then asks why Camilo is suggesting such a thing and he proposes to him that, he wants him to work with them in the company and also become his righthand man even if it’s for a short period and Mauricio looked shocked.

Diana goes to see Camilo at his office and as she makes an attempt to inform him about her cancer, Camilo receives a call that Cristobal has been rushed to the hospital as a result of an accident. Diana really goes mad as she hears the incident about her son and tearfully, she blames Camilo for not letting them follow him when he left home but he calms her down and decides to rush to the hospital and Monica insists on going with him.

Diana’s mother Eugenia gets to know about Cristobal’s condition and she rushes into Diana’s room to query her as to why she’s lying in bed when his son is in danger and Diana painfully mentions to her that she’s not well because she’s been diagnosed of cancer and Eugenia gets stunned.

Camilo and Monica arrive at the hospital and he’s being informed that his son Cristobal is out of danger and that he only suffered from some bruises but nothing serious and with so much relief, Camilo embraces Monica

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