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Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 5 Update on Wednesday 28th November 2018

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Diana goes to see Cristobal at the hospital and he tells her not to accept Rafael as a son but she explains things to him that, Rafael isn’t to be blamed for anything and besides he happens to be his brother so there’s no need for them to choose sides yet Cristobal refuses to agree with Diana, telling her that there’s no way he’ll accept that stranger. 

Diana goes ahead to make it clear to him that, if she was able to accept Rafael, then why can’t he do same and he says to her mum that he still can’t do that at this point and she states to him that if that’s the case, then they will take it slow till they get used to it and he pleads with his mother to pardon him for ending up in an accident and promises never to repeat that again.

Monica receives some lovely flowers in the office from an anonymous person and after reading the note placed in those flowers, she realizes that she’s being appreciated for her kind gestures and so she thought it wise that Camilo sent them to her. 

Passionately, she begins to imagine having Camilo so close to her but suddenly, Camilo enters her office and her imagination gets interrupted and he delivers some files to her and Monica starts to show appreciation for the flowers he sent but he tells him he wasn’t the one so maybe, it might come from that boyfriend of hers.

Monica then calls Ximena and informs her about how embarrassed she is for showing appreciation to his boss Camilo, thinking he was the one who sent her flowers and Ximena gladly discloses to her that, she’s happy she got those flowers at last because they were very expensive and she sent them to her with the idea of getting Camilo jealous. Monica gets so shocked at Ximena’s idea and she tells her that Camilo might find out she’s in love with him due to the way she reacted and suddenly, Rafael hears their conversation but he quickly leaves in other to prevent Monica from notifying his presence.

Mauricio visits Barbara at home and he mentions to her that, since her parents aren’t home and her siblings are upstairs, they should take the advantage and do something and he gets all over her with kisses but Barbara stops him at a point and tells him to be careful because she still wants to hold on to her decision of remaining a virgin until marriage.

Camilo and Diana go on a dinner date and upon their arrival back home, Camilo gets so much into his love mood and he kisses Diana right from the car till they entered home and there, they get to see Rafael and Monica seated in their home. Camilo finds it so strange to see Monica in his home at that hour and Rafael explains that he came with her.

Diana explains to Monica that if she wants their plan of getting Camilo attracted to her to work, then she need not to be seen with Rafael and Monica also states to Diana that, if she wants that to happen, then she need not to be seen in that manner looking very much in love with Camilo like they just did. Diana then begs her to forgive her because it was just a moment of weakness and it won’t happen again for the sake of their deal.

Camilo finds a photo of Regina’s ultra sound in the hall way and he walks directly to his children with the absence of Regina and informs them that, he thinks their mother is pregnant and that’s what she’s been hiding but then they will all wait till she opens up herself. Barbara gets worried about her mother’s pregnancy after what their father disclosed to them because she thinks she’s too old to give birth and she may suffer some complications.

Diana wakes up from bed and she finds her family acting strange all of a sudden with some sort of excitement and she asks why and Camilo, Barbara, Cristobal and Nico finally tell her that, they found out she’s soon going to have a baby and they showed her a photo of the ultrasound but to their surprise, she mentions that it’s not hers. Confusedly, Barbara makes them to understand that she’s still a virgin so if that Ultra sound doesn’t belong to their mother, then who will it be and Regina come up to spill it out that, she’s the one pregnant and this gets all of them looking stunned.

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