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Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 6 Update on Thursday 29th November 2018

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Camilo and Diana tell Regina to cut that joke but she boldly tells them it’s not a joke and that she’s serious but then she was thinking of how they were going to react if she should have informed them earlier because she knew the mess she has gotten herself into. Again, she tells them not to worry because according to what they thought her, you only tell a problem once you’ve found a solution to it and also, she’s going to follow her father’s statistics of giving her child for an adoption since she’s a teenager but Diana tells her that her family isn’t going to be part of those statistics.

Regina still stands by her decision and introduces Manuel and Margarita to her parents as the couple she already chose to keep her child and her grandmother even is aware.

Monica agrees to Ximena’s idea of accepting Rafael’s invitation just to get her boss Camilo jealous when he comes to find out and Monica also states that since Rafael has no interest in her apart from mere friendship, she’ll carry on with the idea and Ximena excitedly backs her up for taking such a bold step.
Camilo and Diana totally break down after the notice of Regina’s pregnancy and they feel so bad to know that their own daughter doesn’t want to give them their grandchild to raise but instead chooses to give it to some strangers. 

Diana furiously goes to confront her mother Eugenia if it was her idea of encouraging Regina to give up her child for adoption but she explains to her that it wasn’t her idea but she decided to keep it from her because it was a promise she made to Regina and also, the day she attempted to inform her was when she got to know about her cancer. Unexpectedly, Laura hears Eugenia when she made mention of Diana having cancer and she walks towards them to find out if her ears were serving her right and Diana tearfully confirms it. Sorrowfully, Laura assures Diana that she’s going to give her all the support she may need and she cautions her to respect her silence until she finds the right time to notify her family and she excuses herself. Laura breaks down into tears as Diana exits and she asks her mum if she’s going to lose her sister.

In the same manner, Diana meets Chabela (Eugenia’s house help) who happens to be their nanny in the kitchen and she sadly tells Diana not to tell her what she heard about her illness is true and Diana painfully tells her she’s sorry.

Camilo asks Diana to promise her that she’s going to be by his side throughout to be able to stand and see to the family’s wellbeing and she gives him the assurance but later breaks into tears when she was left alone due to his husband’s earlier statement of being by his side till the end. In the same manner, Monica says to Ximena that she can’t really accept the proposal of Diana anymore.

Barbara states to Mauricio that she can’t take it any longer with the kind of things that are happening in her family and she wish they could hasten with their marriage and Mauricio clarifies to her that, there will be a need for them to postpone the wedding because his father is planning of putting Rafael in charge of the company instead of him and if that should happen, he’s afraid he wouldn’t be able to give her the kind of life she deserves.

Camilo asks Rafael about what’s between him and Monica and he answers that she’s only a good friend and nothing else and Camilo explains to him that, Monica happens to be a fundamental part of the company and he doesn’t want them to meddle their private affair with the business because it can affect her performance and Rafael states it clear that, they’re nothing more than friends so he need not to worry

Barbara angrily attacks Camilo for planning to make Rafael the executive manager of his company when Mauricio has putting all his efforts just to earn that position and now their wedding is at stake. Camilo then calms her down and he tells her she’s mistaking and so he’s going to speak with Mauricio and there’s no way he’s going to be jobless.

Camilo and his Family organize a get together in their garden and Camilo tells Cristobal to connect his favorite music to the speaker and as the music play, he asks Diana for a dance and their children watch them in admiration. Camilo gets moved by the music whiles enjoying the dance with his lovely wife Diana and out of the blue, Diana whispers into his ears that, she has Cancer. 

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