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Twist of Fate Update on Tuesday 27th November 2018

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Abhi going inside the hotel and sees a different woman instead of Pragya. He gets sad. Shraddha Kapoor sings song from her film Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahungi…Abhi reminisces Pragya and thinks she reveals his feelings in her song. She comes to him and says it seems you likes music. Abhi says although words was yours, but emotions was mine. He says music was my profession, later it became my life after meeting someone. Shraddha asks girlfriend. Abhi says he couldn’t define this relation. Shraddha says love is important and it keeps the person alive. She tells that she met someone, who loved her very much, but he did many mistakes. She says she is going to America to sing in bar. Abhi asks why she is going far from her lover. She asks him to live life fully and do not let her
go. Abhi asks if you loves him. She says she is going for Madhav’s betterment. Abhi asks what is your name. She says Jiah Sumani. Abhi thinks why loves stories are always sad and thinks to search pragya anyhow. Inspector says they will check if the girl is same, else will file the FIR. Abhi thinks to marry pragya once he finds her. He thinks why did Purab haven’t called me. Purab is shocked and thinks how to give this news at home. I don’t have strength to face them.

Abhi calls Purab and asks him to tell if there is any tension. Abhi asks her to tell clearly. Purab says nothing is confirmed and says he came to Police station. He tells that Police got a dead body in the tempo. Abhi says pragya can’t die, tell that it is a lie. He drops the phone. He sees a man (Arjun Kapoor) standing on the road and turns and stops his car. He apologizes to the man. He tells that he is lovestuck. He is holding Ria Sumani’s pic. Abhi also shares his pain and prays that God don’t play with anyone else. Madhav says I don’t know where is my love, but I will not lose hope. Abhi says if I couldn’t find her. Madhav says his Amma always says to defeat the failure. Abhi asks what is her name. Madhav says Ria Sumani and goes. Abhi calls him realizing he met Ria. He prays to God to unite Madhav and Ria. Purab calls Abhi and tells that the dead girl was someone else. Abhi thinks Madhav was right and he will continue searching her. Pragya runs and falls down. She sees Damru coming from outside. He asks what you are doing here? Pragya says she was going to bathroom. Damru holds her hand and says I knew you would try to elope. He says I won’t let you escape. He takes her back and calls her goons.
He looks at his sleeping goons and asks them to wake up. He beats them and says she was trying to escape. They find their hands tied and asks who tied this. Damru beats them and says she was trying to escape. He takes Pragya and ties her hands tightly. He asks her not to try to escape else…Mitali is drinking water. Aaliya asks her to keep eye on the enemy gang. Mitali says she will spy freely. Aaliya asks her to find out about their plan. Mitali says I am going. Mrs. Mehta come there and sees her. She says I want to tell. Aaliya sasys she is in our team. Mrs. Mehta tells that Sarla insulted her very much and raised question on her upbringing. Mitali tells the further dialogues. Tanu gets angry. Aaliya asks her not to do anything and asks her to understand her situation. Tanu asks if you would have stopped if this happens with your mum and asks her not to stop her. She goes to insult Sarla. Purab gets the address and thanks the guy. He calls Abhi and tells that he got the address and says it is some Lalu ka tabela. He reads the address sent by Purab.

Dadi telling Sarla that Purab got the address of the tempo and he is reaching there with Police and Abhi. Sarla says it is a good news. Tanu comes there and asks how dare you to insult my mom and questioned her upbringing. She says you are standing in Abhi’s house else I wouldn’t have left you for insulting my mum. Dadi asks her to be mind her language. Sarla says I don’t need to say anything as her upbringing is seen with her mannerisms. Tanu asks her to see her daughter and says your daughter is a secretary and attracting her boss, wants to become bahu of this house being a naukrani.
Sarla questions Mrs. Mehta for not giving her some mind, and says Pragya is bahu of this house and didn’t flirt or attracted him as she is his dharma patni and you are the second
woman. She says you came home to get her mangalsutra. She says you said that marriage will happen in few hours, but you didn’t marry. She says you said that world is round and Pragya will be there where she is standing now, and says Abhi went there and will bring her to the place which is hers. She says you will always be second woman and says Pragya’s bhagya is connected with her kumkum and that’s why Abhi is with her, and says he left you and went to search Pragya.
She asks her not to open her mouth and says if you tell anything then I will slap their marriage pic on your face. She says you are a black spot on womanhood and tells that you carried someone else baby and tried to give someone else name. She says you will never get a husband and asks her never to challenge God. Aaliya gets angry. Mitali asks her to stop. Sarla asks her to leave her parents and asks why do you want them to see police station and court in this age and says I know you got Pragya kidnapped, as you don’t want her to be here at the time of marriage, and you knew that Abhi can change his heart seeing her.
Tanu is shocked and tells that why she will get her kidnapped and says how can I get her kidnapped when I was in the mandap. She says she is innocent. She asks her parents not to worry and says I will see who will tell you anything. She goes to room. Abhi comes to the address Lalu Ka tabela and thinks nobody is here. Purab is on the way and tells that he is reaching there with Police. Abhi says he can’t wait and is going inside. Purab asks him not to go. Abhi says I can’t wait and goes inside. He asks him to come fast. Abhi thinks don’t know where is Pragya? Damru’s goons gets beaten by him. Damru says I thought to become master ji and beat everyone, but now I feel like my half dream is fulfilled. Nikhil comes there and asks Sir..may be I come in. Damru asks him to come. Goon says principal sahib. Nikhil asks what happened to them.
Damru says they were asking for wine, and that’s why I have beaten them. Nikhil asks about Pragya and says she shall not be fine for much time else we will be in problem. He says Pragya’s husband is searching her and we have to shift her for forever to God. They are shocked. Damru says it will be done. Goon asks what is her mistake and asks him to let her go, and says when she was telling her love story, I was crying. Nikhil asks if she is your sister and slaps him. He asks Damru how can he work with such emotional people. Nikhil asks who knows to murder. He sees a wine bottle and drops it on ground. He sees a man there. Man comes infront of him holding stick. Abhi pushes him and asks where is my Pragya/fuggi? Man says I don’t know any fuggi and promises that he don’t know any Pragya or kidnapper. He shows the report and says tempo is stolen. Abhi thinks they are professional kidnappers and apologises to him. Man prays that Abhi gets Pragya and he gets his tempo.

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