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Who Killed Libia Episode 70 Update on Friday 2nd November 2018

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Peter goes to assist John as he works on the orphanage building and he discloses to him that he has met Sarah and it’s seems he has interest in her and heatedly, John restraints him to look elsewhere because Franco and Sarah are already hooked up and so he doesn’t want any destructions in their family all because of a woman.

Fernando and Armando engage in a conversation concerning Bongo (Rosa’s former lover) and Fernando mentions that Bongo used to trust people so much and he used that opportunity to betray him and that’s why he ended up and prison and as at now, he still doesn’t know he’s the one behind everything. Again, he states that, Rosa still believes Bongo is no more and so there’s no way what he did will be discovered and Armando warns him to be careful else if Bongo should find out later, he’s going to be in hot soup. 
Eva continues to sit by Rosa and she prays fervently for her recovery and suddenly Rosa makes a move after her prayer and she gets so excited to see that instant miracle.

Armando informs Fernando that one of the guards made a complain that Franco recognized one of them during the attack and so if he should recover, he might get back at them and Fernando tells him that it’s about time they eliminate those brothers and Franco will take the lead. Later that night, Fernando sneaks into where Franco is being admitted and he tries killing him by suffocating him with a pillow but fortunately enough, he over hears Father Teddy’s voice as he asks the doctor if he could go see the Franco and he quickly escapes.

After Fernando couldn’t succeed in eliminating Franco, he goes back to the bar and as he enters Rosa’s dressing room, he finds Bongo (Rosa’s former lover) in there and he becomes shocked. Ofelia also comes in and when she sets eyes on Bongo, she also gets shocked stating that it can’t be true and Bongo vigorously holds her and asks her to show him where Rosa is and she tells him in panic that she’s been admitted and right there, he confronts Fernando as to why he lied to him about her whereabout. 

Bongo couldn’t control his temper and heatedly, he asks Ofelia the reason why they betrayed him for so long and she explains that, they thought he died because that was the information Fernando gave them. He then attacks Fernando as to why he did that and he makes him to understand that he only did it for the good for his son Luis and Rosa and Bongo says to him that he escaped from prison just to be with Rosa and Luis but Fernando tells him not to get his hopes up because Rosa may not survive and suddenly, Eva arrives with so much excitement to inform Ofelia that Rosa is now conscious.

Calmly, Fernando questions Bongo as to why he doesn’t want to believe him after he sacrificed to cater for Rosa and Luis during his absence and Bongo apologizes that he should pardon him because the hardship in prison has really affected him. Fernando then mentions to him that he’s going to help him so that the police doesn’t locate his whereabout since he escaped and Bongo explains to him that he’ll need some amount of money so he can run away with Rosa and Luis for good and Fernando promises to help and he believes saying that, he’s a good friend indeed.

Don. Augustin visits Raquel to find out about a plot of land they bought from a family called the Ayoko family and how he can locate them because he doesn’t understand how that land became part of his. Raquel then tells him that she doesn’t know the whereabout of that family and if he needs any explanation, he should go and ask Gabriela because she and her husband compensated Gabriela with it for a favor she did for them some years back and he gets confused.

As Sofia does her house chores by cleaning, she finds a box with the symbol “FR” and she sees it to be familiar because she came across it one day but couldn’t figure out where precisely. John later joins her and she asks him the meaning of the symbol because she has seen it before and he answers that it’s their family’s symbol. 

Again, Sofia tells him if he remembers he once told her that some people murdered his parents and so she wants to know why and he explains that, his parents owned a very big land and he’s very sure that was the reason why they killed them in other to take over but very soon he’ll definitely find them for pay back. He bitterly starts to narrate the whole incident to her and also a belt he recognized which had a symbol of a snake by one of the murderers.

Benito hears Peter as he sings in the bakery and he goes to ask if he could hire him to sing in his bar because he enjoyed listening to him and Peter tells him he would love to but then John needs to approve of it before. Benito then consults John about the offer he wants to give to Peter and he agrees and so he takes Peter to his bar for a trial and he becomes so delighted so see him perform so wonderfully.

Oscar starts to complain about the way Gabriela treats him in the hacienda as a nobody and that he can’t bear with it any longer but Jemima pleads and persuades him to cope because it wouldn’t last forever and they start kissing. Suddenly, Gabriela arrives and shouts on them that they have no right to be kissing any how in the house and that should be their first and last.

Don. Augustin enters the hacienda to query Gabriela for her actions towards Sofia and that he needs to know the real reasons behind that and as he continues speaking, Raquel also arrives and she states to Gabriela that she needs to speak to her urgently. Immediately Augustin sets eyes on Raquel, he mentions that they should use the opportunity to clear up things concerning the Oyoko family and Gabriela should also tell him the kind of help she rendered to Raquel and her husband for her to have acquired that land as a compensation and Gabriela becomes confused and dumb.

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