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Who Killed Libia Episode 72 Update on Sunday 4th November 2018

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Sofia and her grandfather go to the hacienda to ask Gabriela to explain to them about how she acquired the Oyoko family’s land for it to have become a part of theirs because it has turned out that the parents of the three brothers are the rightful owners and they were murdered purposely for it and Gabriela looked shocked. She later states that, Raquel only dashed it to her and Sofia asked why she gave it to her but Gabriela refuses to talk and walks away.

Rosa informs Ofelia that she has confessed the truth to Bongo about Luis not being his son and how furious he got when she told him. As their conversation goes on, Eva comes to break the news to them that Fernando just shot Bongo to death and they become frightened and astonished.

Benito makes some explanations to John and Oscar that he and Oduro lost their parents in an accident at a very tender age and Raquel and her husband Rekado are the ones who catered for them till now. He added that, since they were kids at that time, they handed over their parents’ fortune to them and they will only take possession of it when they get married and settle down but if Raquel and Rekado doesn’t approve of that marriage, they will lose those properties.

Rosa starts to blame herself for Bongo’s death because she thinks if she hadn’t informed him that Luis isn’t his son but Fernando’s, he wouldn’t have fought with him to end up dead and Ofelia tells her not to blame herself for anything and also, now that Fernando knows he’s Luis’ father, he might change his attitude towards them.

The police officer goes to interrogate Rosa by telling her that Fernando gave a statement that he defended himself from Bongo and also, he even came to threaten her that he’ll kill her and Luis and so he wants to know if it’s true and Rosa becomes quiet for a while but Ofelia interferes and concludes that it’s true. Rosa then gets surprised by Ofelia’s reaction and not knowing what to say, she also testifies to it that it’s true.

John and Sofia engage in a conversation and he tells her that Raquel’s husband Rekado may know something about the death of his parents and so he’ll have to go and look for him but if he doesn’t find him, he’ll go and speak to Gabriela. Again, he mentions to her that, when he went into Raquel’s house, he had a feeling that the house was the one they lived in before their parents died and Sofia looked happy.

Oscar notifies Jemima that they have come across the land their parents left behind and excitedly Jemima decides to go and inform her mother about it because with that she’ll easily accept him as an in-law but Oscar tells her to calm down because they need to clear certain things up before they can make any move.

John informs Father Teddy that he has found his parents land and though it might be difficult for him to attain it, he’ll fight hard until it gets back to them. Father Teddy then asks if he suspects anybody and he tells him that he suspects Gabriela because she acquired the land but has refused to talk and probably, Fernando may also know about it and he goes ahead to tell Father that Fernando has been arrested for shooting someone to death.

Peter questions Sarah about what Franco did to her for her to decide on becoming a roman sister and she tells him not to bother her with unnecessary questions. Peter then tells her that he knows Franco isn’t capable of hurting her feelings and so very soon things will be fine and she’ll smile again.

Again, Gabriela walks to the police cells and apologizes to Fernando to pardon her and come back home and he states to her that he’s overwhelmed because he never thought she thinks about him that much but there’s no way he’ll reconcile with her due to the kind of treatment she gave him. Gabriela then promises that it won’t happen again and if he comes back, she’ll give him anything he needs.

Sarah seriously argues with Sofia as to why she is supporting those brothers in acquiring a land that isn’t theirs and also those brothers are full of lies and there’s no way she’s going to believe them. Sofia then points it straight to Sarah that she’s indeed heartless just like their mother and she can’t serve God with such an attitude and that she should make a better decision for herself.

A car nearly knocks Gabriela down after Fernando rejects her by making her so confused as she walks along the road and John quickly comes to her rescue. Ungratefully, she gets up and yells at him not to ever touch her again and that she prefers to die than to see him save her and Sofia tells her to at least appreciate John’s effort because if it hadn’t been him, she would have been dead.

Gabriela then furiously tells her that she doesn’t need their help and she begins to curse Sofia and her unborn child. Father Teddy also arrives and she warns Gabriela to stop that behavior of hers because she’s blind and has stooped so low for Fernando to manipulate her and it’s about time she comes to her senses and stay away from him but she pays no heed.

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