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Who Killed Libia Episode 74 Update on Saturday 10th November 2018

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Fernando picks Libia’s chain from his private locker and says to himself that, ever since he got rid of that young girl, things are really going on well and as he continues speaking to himself, Oscar sneaks into his room but couldn’t figure out the exact thing he was doing and so he turned back. 

To his surprise, Gabriela sees him and queries him as to why he’s going around peeping into other people’s room and that indeed, his actions proves very well that he’s a villager who lacks manners and Oscar gets so offended as he stares into Gabriela’s eyes but that didn’t stop her from saying hurtful words to him. 

Fernando later comes out of his room and tells Gabriela to calm down because he’s now back and ready to take charge of everything in the hacienda and all he expects from Oscar is for him to cooperate with him.

Eva goes to see Rosa at the hospital and she consoles her not to worry about anything because she’s ever ready to make sacrifices for her and also offer her what she couldn’t give during the past years but to her surprise, Gabriela walks in and asks what she’s going to offer to Rosa when she has nothing. 

Eva then walks Gabriela out, asking her what she has come to do and she boldly tells her that Rosa isn’t the daughter she’s been looking for so she should stop bothering herself.

Sofia goes to see Sarah and states to her that she came to continue with the conversation they had the other time concerning her idea of becoming a Roman sister all because she felt betrayed by Franco. She tells her to have a second thought about it because she’s pretty and intelligent and so, any man will love to have her as a wife but Sarah tells her that, it’s either she gets married to Benito or become a Roman sister because those are the only options given to her by their mother to choose from and Sofia becomes shocked.

Eva painfully tells Gabriela that there’s no way she’s going to accept what she just told her because she has been lying to her all her life and even if it’s true that Rosa isn’t her biological daughter, she has come to love her and on top of it all, Rosa loves her back and Gabriela tells her that it’s up to her because what she’s saying is the truth. 

Eva then tells her that whether she’s her daughter or not, she’s glad that she now has a family and isn’t like her who has been abandoned by her daughters and Gabriela mentions to her that Fernando is back again and his presence is more than enough for her. There, Eva begins to wonder if what Don. Augustin said about Gabriela and Fernando could be true.

Rosa asks Eva the reason why Gabriela came to see her and she tells her not to bother or worry herself about that woman because she’s only good in harming and causing pain to others.

Oscar starts to complain to Jemima that he’s sick and tired of working all day in the hacienda just because of the love he has for her. Also, he added that Gabriela doesn’t respect him one bit due to the fact that he’s poor and so she needs to talk to her mother on his behalf and Jemima pleads with him to calm down because her mum is only testing him to see if he truly loves her but soon it shall all pass.

Gabriela and Fernando engage in a conversation at the study and Gabriela tells Fernando that they’re going to trouble Oscar till he gets fed up and sends himself packing and he tells her that there’s no way he can stand the treatment they are giving him so he’ll by all means leave. Also, she tells him that she went to say something to Eva and she believes that will make Sofia rush to the hacienda very soon so they should think of how to get rid of her and the unborn child immediately she arrives because they can’t sit and watch her give birth in such a retched family. In the same vein, Sofia goes to ask Eva to tell her what her mother came to say to her and she states to her that her mother told her Rosa isn’t the daughter she has been looking for and Sofia gets really mad and insist on going to face her mother because they’ve had enough and Eva tries to stop her but she pays no heed.

Don. Augustin goes to see John with his friends who helped him to carry some investigations about the land and it legally turned out that their land wasn’t purchased by any other person and all the documents are stated in his father’s name as the rightful owner and John gets really excited as he reads the documents. 

One of Augustin’s friends who helped in the investigations then states that it doesn’t end there because they need to prove that John and his brothers are the biological children of the owner before they can take possession of it and Augustin promises to help them out.

Sofia arrives at the hacienda and walks straight to Gabriela’s room to confront her as to why she intends to make Eva suffer just because she’s desperately in search of her daughter and Gabriela asks her if she really wants to know who Eva’s daughter is and she answers yes. Amazingly, Gabriela states it clear that she Sofia is the real daughter of Eva and she suddenly gets shocked and walks out of the room looking confused.

In confusion and astonishment, Sofia falls into the trap which has been set for her on the staircase and she falls and hits her tummy on it but quickly, John arrives and rushes her to the hospital. 

Fernando tells Gabriela that she may not like the idea of going to check on Sofia at the hospital but it’s necessary for them to be there else they will blame them for causing her that accident and she agrees to go and not keep long over there because she can’t stand the presence of those poor people.

The doctor attends to Sofia and he comes to inform John that, the rate at which Sofia fell has affected the baby and if care isn’t taken, they might lose it and John breaks down as he listens to the doctor.

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