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Who Killed Libia Episode 75 Update on Sunday 11th November 2018

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The doctor attends to Sofia and he comes to inform John that the rate at which Sofia fell has affected the baby and if care isn’t taken, they might lose it and John becomes so furious and he tells the doctor that he’s not going to accept it at all but Oscar consoles him that he should have faith and be strong to face any obstacle.

Eva goes to pray for Sofia’s recovery and she states that for Sofia to lose her life, then she’s ready to sacrifice hers for her and immediately she says that, Rosa approaches with Ofelia and sadly, she begs Eva not to die and leave her behind because she really needs her to be by her side always.

Eva goes to check on Sofia and as she enters, Sofia smiles at her and tells her that she has always been by her side in good and bad situations and it makes her feel at ease because her own mother never showed her that kind of love. 

Eva becomes glad as she listens to Sofia and she makes her to understand that, they might not be of the same blood but she sees her as a daughter and will continue to love her and her statement reminds Sofia about what Gabriela mentioned to her earlier that she’s Eva’s daughter and she also tells Eva that she sees her as a mother as well and warmly, they hug each other with smiles.

John weeps bitterly as he stands beside Franco on his sick bed and pleads with him to recover fast because things are turning bad and they need him to come back to life so that they can all join forces and face the challenges they’re going through.

Benito tells her aunt Raquel that they need to pay a visit to Sofia at the hospital and she states to him that he’s right but then she doesn’t want to go and meet Gabriela over there. Benito gets surprised at her aunt’s statement and mentions to her that, ever since they saw Gabriela and Fernando kissing at the restaurant, her attitude has changed and she now sees her as an enemy and Raquel smiles.

Fernando asks Gabriela if what she said to Sofia as the daughter of Eva is true and she tells him that she can’t say anything to him at the moment because it’s a delicate issue and if care isn’t taken, she might even lose some amount of money but then she promises to explain things to him when everything is settled and she tells him to relax.

Father Teddy goes to see Sofia and he says to her that, ever since her mother lost their father Bernardo, all she does is to do evil and she has taken it far. Sofia also says to Father that, anytime her mother tells her that she isn’t her daughter, she gets really affected but then she’s not going to allow it to overcome her and even if it’s true that she’s Eva’s daughter, then she’ll have to rejoice because a woman so caring and loving like Eva is what everyone yearns for and so she’ll put Gabriela aside and move on.

Gabriela walks in to see Sofia and when Sofia sees her, she asks why she came and this time around, Sofia didn’t call Gabriela as a mother but rather madam.

 Gabriela then to fakes tears, pleading with Sofia not to say that because what she told her was lies and she did it because she was sick and tired of the pressure she was giving her about who Eva’s daughter is. 

She continues to ask for her forgiveness, telling her that she can never be Eva’s daughter and Sofia tells her that if Eva was to be her real mother, she would have been happy but Gabriela goes on her knees and plead with her by saying that she didn’t know it could have resulted her in this situation.

Fernando meets Raquel at the hospital and she informs her that he needs to go back and stay at Gabriela’s house due to some reasons and as he continues to speak, Gabriela gets closer to them and he tells Fernando that she’s done and so they can go and they leave Raquel behind. 

Gabriela later confronts Fernando as to what he was doing with Raquel and he makes her to understand that there’s no way he’s going to cheat on her so she should relax and Gabriela tells him that she only said it out of jealousy so she’s sorry and they cuddle each other but surprisingly, Jemima gets to see them and she gets shocked. 

She then moves towards them and asks Fernando why he held her mother in that manner and hypocritically, Gabriela explains to her that she was felling ill and needed someone to hold her that’s why and Jemima gets worried and calms her down. 

Again, she pretends to cry and tells Jemima that she needs to be by her side always else she will die. Oscar also approaches and asks Jemima to go with him to his house but she refuses by saying that she can’t because she needs to be with her mother and Oscar tells her that then he’s leaving because he can’t stay and Jemima cries as Gabriela becomes happy.

Sofia gets so nervous and worried and she begs her grandpa and Sarah to tell her what the doctor really said about her condition because she deserves to know everything and her grandpa tells her to be brave and sadly, he informs her that the doctor said she might lose her baby and Sofia weeps bitterly.

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