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Who Killed Libia Episode 79 Update on Sunday 18th November 2018

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Sofia finally wakes up from her sleep after a long sleep from the surgery and she sees John siting right beside her. She then asks him to tell her how far her condition is and John gladly notifies her that she and the baby are in good condition and she gets so overwhelmed, thanking Joh for his support and showing her love in their tough times.

Jemima asks Sarah to forgive her for leaving the hacienda to Oscar’s house because she had no option since they’re married and Sarah tells her not to worry but then her only problem is their mother and Jemima informs her that her hospital results are even in and it stated that she’s very sick. 

Immediately Sarah hears about the results she tells her that then she needs to resign and leave the sister’s home so that she can go and look after her, but Oscar intrudes and clarifies to them that, they need not to worry themselves over their mother because she doesn’t need neither of them by her side and that very soon, they’ll understand what he’s saying and they get so confused by his words.

Armando finds out from Fernando if he’s serious about divorcing Sofia for Gabriela and he tells him that’s exactly what he’s going to do because there are numerous benefits in Gabriela than Sofia because very soon Gabriela is going to be the overall boss of all the properties in the hacienda and they will throw Augustin out on the streets. 

He added that desperate women are really cheap and example is Raquel whom he’s going to manipulate very soon. Immediately Fernando leaves, Armando plans to sell out Fernando to Raquel for a handsome reward.

Gabriela calls for her daughters, Jemima and Sarah and notifies them that sooner or later, she and Fernando will be getting married because they’re so much in love with each other and this takes them by surprise but they refuse to accept it and she tells them that the earlier they accept, the better. 

Sarah then states to her mother that it’s abominable because he’s Sofia’s husband and besides their age difference is too huge and Fernando explains to Sarah that the age difference doesn’t matter to him and also, he’s going to seek for a divorce very soon.

Eva visits Sofia and as they talk, Sofia informs her that the cause of her accident was because, Gabriela made her to understand that she’s her mother and tears begins to run down Eva’s eyes in astonishment. She continues by saying that she would have loved to have her as a mother but then, Gabriela later came to plead with her that what she said was a lie and so she forgave her and Eva tells her that, she may not be her biological mother but then the love she has for her is greater just like that of a mother’s.

Eladio decides to travel abroad through illegal means in other to work and make his life better that it is but Hortensia advices and pleads with him not to go because those who travel through that means either loses their lives or get arrested but he still insists on going. 

Ofelia questions Rosa about what she’ll do if Eva turns out not to be her biological mother and she answers that, she has no other option than to love her because the bond created between them is stronger than blood.

Sarah goes in to see Franco and she shows how glad she is to see him recover and there, she begins to narrate to him about how they first met each other and instantly fell in love. She continues by narrating how Rosa also came into their way for him to get a divided attention, not knowing whom to choose and as a result of escaping with Rosa, he now finds himself lying helplessly on a sick bed. Lastly, she expresses how much she loves him despite all that happened in the past and kisses him.

Tina tells Jemima about how to carry her duties as a wife because it’s very necessary and also, she shouldn’t expect someone to do it for her because ever since Sofia came to live with them, she has learned all those duties and she does it best and so, she takes Jemima through that same training to be a better wife.

Fernando goes to inform Father Teddy that he’s getting married to Gabriela and Father looked stunned. He continues by asking Father as to why he has stopped him from coming for confession and Father explains it to him that his reasons for stopping him was because he doesn’t want to keep mute over his confessions again so therefore, if he has something to say, then he’ll have to come to him personally rather than doing it in the chapel.

Gabriela also walks in to see Sofia at the hospital and she asks Eva to excuse her so that she speaks to her daughter alone but Sofia tells Eva not to leave and Eva tells her not to worry and that she’ll leave for her to have their privacy and she exists. Sofia then asks her mother what she has to tell her and to her surprise, she discloses to her that soon, she’ll be married to Fernando. 

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