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Who Killed Libia Episode 80--82 Update on Sunday 25th November 2018

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Gabriela goes to visit Sofia at the hospital and discloses to her that she’ll soon be married to Fernando and she has notified everyone about it and so she can go ahead and marry John if that’s what she prefers. Sofia then asks her to think twice about her decision and also relax because it’s not even up to a year when they lost their dad but Gabriela loudly states to her that their father Bernardo didn’t think twice when he cheated on her so she should let her be, and better recover soon to attend their wedding.
Sofia gets discharged from the hospital and everyone welcomes her back home with so much excitement.

Fernando sneaks into Franco’s ward at the hospital with the attempt of struggling him to death but to his surprise, Franco suddenly wake up from the bed and seeing Fernando by his side, he goes unconscious again due to a sharp pain he suffered from his head and quickly, Fernando leaves the ward. Right after he exits, the doctor goes to check on Franco and he realizes that his posture has changed and so he puts him back in a right position.

Armando rushes to see Raquel and upon his arrival, he sees that she’s in a haste to go out but he gets closer to talk to her and Raquel tells him that she has no time to waste because she’s in trouble and wants to go and consult Fernando for his advice and opinion. Armando giggles and informs her that, she better stop seeing Fernando because he’s busily making arrangements to marry Gabriela and the news really hits Raquel so much that she starts panicking.

Gabriela makes an account on the work being done at the hacienda and finds out that, the figures stated doesn’t tally and so she asks Fernando if he knows anything about it but Fernando suddenly goes mad and tells Gabriela that if she doesn’t trust her like Sofia, then he can’t continue being with her because it seems all his efforts isn’t appreciated. Gabriela then looks surprised at his reaction and pleads with him to take it easy because she didn’t understand and only wanted to know the reasons why the figures didn’t tally and Fernando tells her to ask Oscar as well because he also came to live in the hacienda.

John, Oscar and Peter go to see Franco at the hospital the next day and amazingly, Franco opens his eyes and for the first time, he speaks to his brothers and they become so overwhelmed as they hear him speak and right there, they start to jubilate. John then introduces Peter to Franco as their newly found brother and he becomes delighted to see him. After their jubilation, Franco tells them to pay attention because he has something to tell them and he goes ahead stating to them that, the very moment he became conscious, Fernando was sitting right beside him and they all looked startled.

Raquel wrathfully goes to the bar to confront Fernando for betraying her and she threatens to report their affair to Gabriela so that the wedding wouldn’t come on and also, make him pay every single cent she spent on him and Fernando drags her out of the bar into his car and drives her off.

Gabriela goes to see Oscar and she gets to meet Jemima doing the house chores and she gets really disappointed in her and tells her how filthy she looks but Jemima clarifies to her that, she can say whatever she wants but then she finds happiness at where she is, and doesn’t mind at all if she disgusts her. Oscar later approaches and tells Gabriela that with whatever she’ll say, he wouldn’t mind because the love they have for each other is strong and pure. Gabriela then asks Jemima to excuse her so that she can have a chat with Oscar and as she leaves, Gabriela gives a cheque to Oscar in exchange of having her daughter back but he rejects it and tears it up, saying that money can never buy the love he has for her daughter.

Eva gladly Informs Rosa that Franco is now conscious and will be discharged very soon and she becomes so thrilled and asks Eva when she’s also going to be discharged and the doctor comes in to notify her that, she’ll be discharged together with Franco.

Fernando convinces Raquel to be patient and not draw into conclusion because he knows what he’s doing and also, she should bear in mind that she’s the only woman he loves and he kisses her after calming her down. Suddenly, Fernando sees Gabriela approaching in her car and he quickly tells Raquel to hide in other to prevent Gabriela from seeing her.

Sarah breaks into tears as she expresses her feelings towards Franco to Sofia and Jemima. Oscar, John, Peter and Rosa get to hear their conversation and they leave without being noticed. Sadly, Peter tells John and Oscar that from Sarah’s expression, he can see Franco never loved her the way she did but it’s rather unfortunate that she’s head over heels in love with him and therefore can’t fall for any other man. John then asks Peter if he has feelings for Sarah and he replies that yes but then, it’s already too late.


John asks Peter if he has feelings for Sarah and he replies that yes but then, it’s already too late because Sarah will never love any other man aside Franco.

As Rosa returns to the bar, she weeps bitterly telling Ofelia that she never knew Sarah loved Franco that much and it hurts to see her suffer. She continues by telling Ofelia that, she’ll do her possible best for Sarah to be with Franco because she’s the reason for her suffering.

Sarah tearfully goes to seek Father Teddy’s opinion as to what do with her life and Father tells her that, nothing about her proves she’s ready to be a roman sister so she must put an end to that decision and have hope that she’ll find a man who will love her even if it happens not to be Franco. Also, he assures her that if she’s being questioned about her change of mind, she should boldly tell them that he asked her to do so.

Franco finally goes back home from the hospital and he’s being welcomed with a surprise party. Sarah also attends the party with Father Teddy and Franco welcomes her and asks her to sit beside him and everyone present cheers them up. On the other hand, Peter isolates himself from the party, looking very sad as he begins to think about her late mother, stating how much he misses her and also not knowing the whereabout of his father.

Gabriela decides to go and see Sarah at the sister’s home but she’s being informed that, Sarah has already packed her belongings out and she made to understand that it was Father Teddy who helped her to make that decision. Upon hearing this, Gabriela gets pissed and says to herself that she’ll teach that priest a lesson for meddling in her family’s affair once again.

Gabriela sends her wrath on Sarah and she smacks her on the face, telling her how much disappointed she is for her to leave the sister’s home. She goes ahead to tell her that, among her sisters, she was the one who won her love and affection but now she failed.

Sarah goes to cry to Mr. Augustin that her mother just threw her out of the hacienda and he consoles her and promises to accommodate her in his cottage.

Raquel searches through her house if she could find the documents that guides the land they purchased and she happens to find one of her husband’s belt with a symbol of a snake in one of the drawers and this belt used to be his husband’s favorite, and this was the same belt one of the murderers who killed the three brother’s parents had on. On the other hand, Gabriela massages Fernando and she also finds this same symbol in a form of a tattoo at the back of his waist and as she questions him about it, he asks if she finds it interesting and she says yes.

Fernando goes ahead and explains to Gabriela that a snake is an interesting animal whom he likes so much because of its smartness, but Gabriela tells him that snakes stand for evil and he clarifies to her that, only losers speak like that about that animal but it’s the opposite and their actions are just like that of a snake.

John and his brothers visit their parents land but suddenly, Gabriela and Fernando arrive and they order them to leave immediately because it’s a private property but they refuse to do so and John boldly tells them that, the land belongs to their late parents and so if they want to challenge, then they should be ready for a battle. Raquel also gets there and she asks Gabriela to help her out because she doesn’t understand where all these issues about the land are coming from and if she refuses to help, then she’s going to let the cat out of the bag for her to be exposed.

Tina picks Libia’s photo and places it in a basket with the idea of preventing either Sofia or Jemima from seeing but it’s rather unfortunate that Jemima gets to find it as she tries looking for thread and needle for Sofia to do some sewing and she stares at the photo in dismay.


Tina picks Libia’s photo and places it in a basket with the idea of preventing either Sofia or Jemima from seeing but it’s rather unfortunate that Jemima gets to find it as she tries looking for thread and needle for Sofia to do some sewing and she stares at the photo in dismay. Sofia then gets closer to Jemima and she asks what the matter is and she shows her the frame but it turns out that there was no picture in it and Tina gets excited for playing smart.

Franco speaks to his brothers as they go for swimming and he clarifies to them that he still can’t recollect what actually caused the accident and they reminds him that he planned to run away with Rosa and he looked confused. Peter also added that, when Sarah heard about their escape, she got really affected.
Gabriela furiously confronts Father Teddy as to why he made her daughter leave the sisters home and follow a man and he states it clear to her that, it’s about time she considered the feelings of her daughters but Gabriela cautions him to stay away from her family else he wouldn’t take it slightly with her if it should continue.

John meets up with Rosa and he tells her that it would be better if she stays away from Franco because, ever since they got to know each other, he encounters problems one after the other and it puts his life at risk. Sadly, Rosa confirms it that he’s right so for Franco’s own safety, she’ll try and stay away from hence forth.

Rosa sees Franco and she tells him to forget about her because she no longer loves him but he seems not to understand.

Sofia gets to see Rosa in tears and she draws near to find out what’s bothering her and she states to her that, she just broke up with Franco for Sarah’s sake because she deserves him more. Sofia then tells her not to have taken that decision in the first place but then if she has chosen to, she can reconcile with the father of her son and Rosa tells her not to ever mention that man to her hearing because he brought nothing but pain into their lives. Sofia becomes shocked at Rosa’s reaction when she made mention of Luis’ father and Rosa suddenly discloses to her that, the father of her son is no other than Fernando.
Father Teddy celebrates mass for the children as they receive their first communion. 

As the mass comes to an end, the Bishop intrudes and announces to the congregation that so far, Father Teddy has been a great servant but he’s going to be transferred to another branch. The news gets the congregation so confused and so they refuse to accept and protest for Father Teddy to remain in their parish due to his gentle soul and the enormous sacrifices he has been making for the church and every individual out there.

Fernando and Sofia meet each other and Sofia smacks him and states it clear that she’s aware of the pain he caused Rosa and her son and also, she already knows he’s the father of that little boy. Again, she cautions him to be very careful with what he’s planning to do with their family because she knows very well that he’s only interested in their wealth but nothing else. John also approaches them as they continue to argue and decides to attack him but Sofia stops him and John says to Fernando that, if it hadn’t been Sofia, he would have smashed the hell out of his face.

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