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Who Killed Libia Update on Friday 30th November 2018

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Fernando and Sofia meet each other and Sofia smacks him and states it clear that she’s aware of the pain he caused Rosa and her son and also, she already knows he’s the father of that little boy. Again, she cautions him to be very careful with what he’s planning to do with their family because she knows very well that he’s only interested in their wealth but nothing else. 

John also approaches them as they continue to argue and decides to attack him but Sofia stops him and John says to Fernando that, if it hadn’t been Sofia, he would have smashed the hell out of his face.

Franco still insists on seeing Rosa but she states it clear to him that, she loves him no more and leaves. Sarah then draws nearer to Franco and asks what’s bothering him and he explains to her that, he’s really going through tough times and she asks him to come along and talk things over and from afar, Rosa watches them and says to herself that, she prays her sacrifice will be of great help to Sarah.

Armando tries to force Rosa and take her to Fernando but Peter comes to her rescue and orders him to let go off the lady and before Armando attempts to attack Peter with his guards, Otafrigya suddenly arrives with his as well and he yells at Armando not to dare lay a finger on the gentleman (Peter).

The entire township celebrates their “Pepper” festival and once again, John partakes in a horse race and comes up as the winner with a cool cash price. Fernando then makes a request to John to gamble with him with his cash price and if he Fernando happens to win, he’ll take that money but if he John happens to win, then he’ll double the amount for him. John thought it wise not to agree to Fernando’s suggestion but his brothers convince him to give it a try and he agrees. The game begins and gradually, Fernando loses all his money to John.

Sofia finds out from Rosa to see why she has decided to sacrifice her love for Sarah and she clarifies to her that, she’s not doing it for Sarah’s sake only but Franco as well because anytime he draws closer to her, his life is at risk. Sofia then tells her she has a big heart and thinks of others before her own self. Again, Rosa added that she needs to keep silent about what she told her concerning Fernando but Sofia makes her to understand that she can’t keep mute because everyone deserves to know what Fernando did to her yet, she still insists that she keep silent until the right time is due.

Fernando confronts Rosa as to who gave her the permission to perform at the festival and furiously, Rosa states it clear to him that she’s no more the Rosa he used to dictate for and order around so if he dares attack her in that manner again, she’ll report him to Gabriela. Fernando gets so shocked at her attitude and he also threatens to bring to the notice of her loved ones about what she planned to do some years back which caused her to end up in prison but Rosa says to him that, she’s ready for anything.

Sofia feels very worried, knowing that Fernando and her mother will soon be married but she becomes glad afterwards knowing that it will create a path for her to marry John at last. This excites John so much that he tells Sofia they need to plan for a very big wedding and invite all their loved ones to come and witness in joy. 

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