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Ashoka Samrat Episode 125 Update on Wednesday 2nd January 2019

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Scene 1
Helena says to Bindu that Niharika is saying, if you had married then you would have told me, Bindu says its true i married Dharma 14 years back, when i was injured, Dharma protected me and saved me but she is not in world anymore then how can she plan anything, Niharika says the way she planned to show her death, Bindu says her house got burned, Khurasan have seen her dead, Niharika says i can give proof that she was not Dharma who died in that hut, she shows a bangle, Khurasan smriks, flashback shows Khurasan following Dharma, she hides, Khurasan found her bangle which she dropped there while running, he then brings that bangle to Niharika and says by seeing it Bindu will agree that she is alive, maybe he will not accept that she is betrayer but we will plant a seed of doubt and that will be our first step, fb ends, Niharika ask Bindu do you recognize it? its Dharma’s Bindu sees it and flashback shows he gifting it to her 14 years back, Bindu ask Khurasan why did you lie to me? you said that you had seen her dead face, i told you i saw her face in palace but you said its my doubt only, Khurasan says maybe i got confused and thought it was Dharma’s body, then she didnt meet you for years so i believed that she is dead thats why i said she is dead, i also felt that she is in palace, i saw her in Justin’s marriage, i tried to find her but that palace incident happened and i forgot about her, i thought to not tell about you as you were already tensed, he gets angry on her, Helena says whatever he did was just for you, thing is why she is not coming infront of you if she is alive, Niharika says she is not coming as she want to take revenge, she wants to take revenge as Bindu made her wait for him but he didnt return to her, Bindu says I wont like to listen a single word against Dharma from betrayer’s wife.
Scene 2
Charu says dont know whose name Niharika took in court, Noor says i have sent dasi to find it out, Subhrasi says dont know why problems keep coming in Bindu’s life, plate falls from Dharma’s hands, Charu says i dont know why you keep this dasi around, her face is seen now we wont get any good news, she scolds Dharma, dasi comes and tells wives that Niharika took Dharma’s name, Subhrasi says Bindu will die listening it.
Niharika says to Bindu that I maybe wife of betrayer but bitter truth is that you are husband of betrayer wife, you do justice? do justice now, its easy to give punishment to others son or husband, now find her and kill her with your hands and prove that not love but duty of land come to you first, Ashok thinks why Chanakya is silent, Helena ask her to calm down, dont think that if sent peace proposal so we will accept anything you say, Bindu says justice happen on basis of proofs, if you have them then show it, Niharika says i have proofs but will you accept them? Helena says dont think about it, when it comes to justice then Mauryas dont think about anyone, Niharika says so much unity in family, ok let me show first proof, she says one dasi died in this palace, she fell from 1st floor, Bindu was in Vann at that time, Khalatak recalls it and says yes one dasi died, she was Subhasi’s dasi, her death is still mystery, Helena says how its linked to Dharma? Niharika says Dharma came here in palace for first time, she came here to talk with justin, dasi saw her so Dharma killed her, flashback shows Khurasan tells Niharika that Charu killed that dasi and if you blame Dharma for it then Charu will not disagree, she will feel safe and will agree with us, fb ends, Bindu says this is not true, my Dharma can never take life of anyone, Khalatak also told that it was suicide, Khalatak says but we had doubt, even Chanakya felt it was murder, Chanakya says yes i felt it was murder but i know Dharma can never do this, Khurasan says you are saying as if you know Dharma, Chanakya says meeting is not necessary to believe someone, if Bindu had married then she must be good person, i cant trust a person who is wife of betrayer, Chanakya says i trust my Samrat fully, Niharika says if you trust him then why dont you accept that he saw Dharma in palace, and if Dharma is alive then why is not coming out? why hiding? this is all planned, she showed her face once so that Bindu is distracted from that new palace construction and she can make flammable palace easily, but you ordered your army head to find her, she was stuck in new palace so she stole Agnishika’s clothes to wear them and go out of palace, she shows those clothes, Helena says they are Agni’s dress, Khurasan says my soldier saw a girl running out of palace that night, he calls soldier there and ask him to tell, Bindu ask to tell her outlook, he says she had long hairs and long height, Bindu says there can be many dasies like that, we should make her portrait, Niharika says one more proof, she went to meet Justin in jail, soldier comes and says one girl( it was actually Noor) blew light lamps and went to met Justin but i couldnt see her face and she ran away, Niharika says it is proved that she is alive, the reason for all this was to take revenge from you and the plan was to make justin marry Agni and take revenge, everything is clear and you have to decide if you love your wife or magdh more, Bindu gets angry, he gets up from throne and storms off from court without saying anything, Niharika smirks, Khurasan, Helena smiles evilly.
PRECAP- Bindu comes in room and says to dharma’s statue that how can you do this, he breaks her statue in pieces. Ashok brings statue’s half broken piece of face, he shows it to Chanakya and Dharma and says i got it from Bindu’s room, they are stunned.

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