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Ashoka Samrat Episode 85--86 Update on Tuesday 4th December 2018


Scene 1
Ashok greets Helena, he says i am finding Chanakya, Nicator says you were listening to our talk, Ashok says i have more important work than that, Helena says i want you to have important place in Justin’s marriage, in Unani, a special kid is choosen who brings water from river then bride takes bath from it, Ashok says you cant select royal kid for this, Helena says a single drop should not fall from bowl and i dont think any royal kid can do it better than you, Agni says you should be proud that Helena has chosen, soldier comes and says Chanakya is coming to talk to Bindu, Ashok thanks Helena and says i will do it but i have some important work, he leaves. Raj says to Helena what if Chanakya tells about our plan to Bindu.
Khurasan says to Bindu that we have tight security for marriage. Chanakya thinks i have to tell truth to Bindu asap, i have to stop this marriage, Ashok thinks that i will find about my father, Bindu will ask Chanakya and i will know about my father.
Helena says to Raj that Chanakya is going to tell Bindu about our plan only if he meets him but he will not meet him.
Scene 2
Ashok is finding Chanakya. Sushim is in clinic and thinks i cant believe i have to treat poor patients here, Charu comes there and says to Sushim that if you want forgiveness then you have to prove to Bindu that you are following your punishment, you should not rest like this, Sushim says dont worry, all are praising me here, all will say to to Bindu that i work for patients here.
Bindu comes in clinic, soldiers are praising Sushim. Charu says to Sushim you got good way to handle everyone, Sushim says i have learned how to handle people for our own good, i will make sure that Bindu see what i want him to see, he turns to see Bindu standing there, Bindu says i didnt expect this from you, sushim is speechless, Bindu says the way you are working here with patience, i am feeling good to see that, chanakya would be happy seeing that, Sushim understands that he didnt listen anything and says i will justify this punishment, this punishment is like blessing for me, i feel good to work for injured soldiers here, Bindu says i believe that Chanakya will be impressed with you, he leaves, Charu says you are getting polished in politics of throne.
Scene 3
Siamak is practicing, Ashok comes there, he ask did you see Chanakya? Siamak says when i am practicing, i concentrate on it only, my destination is to make my father proud, Ashok says you wanna do all this for your father? Siamak says its my duty as son, Ashok says doesnt father have any duty for his son? Siamak says i am proud of my father, Ashok says i am talking about my father, i am finding him, he goes to find Chanakya.
Chanakya is waiting for Bindu, he thinks to go to palace to meet him, he leaves. dharma is finding Ashok and Ashok is finding Chanakya. Ashok finally finds Chanakya, he ask him to come, Chanakya says i am going to talk to Bindu abous something important, i dont have time, AShok says yes Bindu wanna talk to you, he is waiting for you, Chanakya ask is he in his room? Ashok says yes.
Helena says to Bindu that your father Chandragupt won all cities but Kalinga was left, dont you wanna attack them? Nicator says Unani forces have capabilities, we can help you out to attack Kalinga. Ashok and Chanakya are going to meet Bindu but Dhamra stops Ashok, Ashok ask Chanakya to stop but chanakya keeps moving towads Bindu’s room, some soldiers are standing there as mud statues, Ashok ask Chanakya to stop as bindu asked him to bring you alongwith him, Chanakya stops, Ashok says to Dharma that i asked you to not stop me today, i have come close to my destination today, dont stop me.
Bindu says its about our preparations, Helena says our forces are ready, send Unani forces there, why you are waiting? Bindu says i have to discuss it with Chanakya first, Helena nods.
Dharma says to Ashok that i have not come to stop you but wanna ask promise from you that whatever truth you get to know, you will think that i hided truth from you because of some valid reason, Ashok says you dont need to say this, no truth is above then my trust on you, Chanakya is waiting for Ashok, attacker of helena comes from behind, puts chloroform on his mouth and takes him from there silently. Ashok ends his talk with Dharma and thinks that Bindu didnt wait for him, he goes to talk to Bindu.
Bindu says to Helena that we will discuss about force to Khurasan, Chanakya is coming with Ashok, i will talk to him, Ashok comes there, Bindu ask where is Chanakya? Ashok says if he didnt come here then where did he go? soldier comes and says Chanakya have sent message for Bindu, Bindu reads it and says its written that Chanakya is leaving Patliputra for some work for some days, Bindu says this is impossible, he was in hurry to talk to you that he didnt wait for me, i dont believe that he left without talking to you, Bindu says dont worry, let him return, i will talk about your father, Helena says we should train our soldiers for Kalinga war and when Chanakya comes then he will take decision, Bindu agrees, Helena thinks nobody will know where is Chanakya, now no one can stop this marriage and our plan.
PRECAP- Radhagupt sees the message which was given to Bindu as message of Chanakya, he says there is not secret writing in this letter which means this letter is not written by Chanakya. otherside Ashok finds Chanakya’s bracelet in corridor and says this means Chanakya didnt go anywhere, i have to find him at any cost. 
Scene 1
Ashok is leaving palace and thinks that i know Chanakya didnt go anywhere, he must have known that Bindu will ask about my father so he left from here, i will find him at any cost, he finds Chanakya’s bangle in corridor and thinks how it came here?
Radhagupt says to his agents that Chanakya never leave Patliputra without informing, he checks letter which was given to Bindu, he says there is no secret line in hits letter this means its not written by Chanakya, he ask them to be alert and says i will go to Vrahmir, Chanakya met him last, Bindu calls Radha.
Dharma comes to Ashok and says its impossible that Chanakya leave just to avoid your question, Ashok says he was in hurry to tell something to Bindu then why did he leave? Dharma says if he has gone from here then he must have some important work, i am responsible for not telling you about your father, Ashok says i have accepted offer to become army head, i will start training from today, bless me, Dharma blesses him, Ashok says Helena has invited me in Justin’s marriage, she asked me to bring river water for bride, i thought she is melted towards me but then realized she didnt want any royal kid to do it, Dharma ask him to be careful, he nods and leaves, Dharma thinks why Helena is interested in Ashok? only Chanakya could help me but he is not here.
Scene 2
all royal ladies are sitting in room, Charu selects dress for Justin’s marriage, she ask Noor why are you silent and worried? Justin is just getting married nit snatched, i mean he can still make Siamak learn, he will guide him after marriage too then why are tensed? Noor says nothing like that, i am just tired, Subhrasi says you must be fasting as its Vatsavitri fast today, Ahenkara ask about it, Charu says wife fast for husband’s protecting, Agni ask so can i fast too for Justin? as he has accepted me and i have accepted him too, Charu says yes you can fast too for his protection, Agni says i will fast then, Dharma thinks that after years, i am close to Bindu on fast day, maybe i will get his blessing too today, Subhrasi ask ladies to select dresses for fast occasion, Agni and Noor likes on dress, Agni ask why you always like what i like? Noor says i liked it first, you are snatching it from me, Charu says you are forgetting Noor that Bindu will select dresses for us.
Siamak ask Ashok how will know about your father now? Ashok says dont know but i will trying.
Bindu calls all soldiers and royal kids and Ashok, Bindu says Nicator have offered us weapon and army training, i have taken decision that our soldiers will go to Greece to take education from Nicator’s army, Khurasan says we should not send all soldiers in one go as it will be dangerous, Aakramak says that chanakya have left Patliputra too suddenly, so i agree with Khurasan,
Radhagupt gives lecture to Sushim, Siamak and Ashok, he says king do war only for goodness of people, he says that years back Chanakya said to me that the more we do hardwork to bring peace, the less bloodshed will happen in war, Ashok thinks why Radha seems worried? he looks at chanakya’s bangle, Ashok thinks that iam angry with Chanakya but why i am feeling something is wrong with him leaving like this suddenly.

PRECAP- Raj comes to place where Chanakya is kidnapped, he is tied and in dark room, Raj says with time, Chanakya will lose sanity in this darkness. otherside Ashok thinks that Chanakya have spent his whole to serve Magdh and now when he need Magdh’s help so i have to help him as i am future army head.

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