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Kuch Rang Episode 377--378 Update on Friday 21st December 2018


Dev greets Sona’s employees in and asks them to sit. Sona comes. Dev says it is a lovely day. Sona scolds employees that she told them work from office, why did they come here. They say Dev sir called them. Sona scolds them to obey her order and sends them away.
Ishwari goes to Soha’s room with food and asks her to have it. Soha says she has to finish homework and had double lunch in her friend’s birthday party. Ishwari says she should have it later then and asks if she is fine. Soha says yes. Ishwari leaves. Soha guilty for lying daadi.
Sona confronts Dev that he cannot detain her in house like this. He says he loves her and wants to see her in front of his eyes always. She says she needs space. Dev says big room and asks how much space she needs. She
says she needs freedom to take her decisions and he is stopping her. He says he is not stopping her, it is his way of loving her, Soha and maa and everyone at home would agree to it. She continues arguing and says her love and his mom’s love are diffent. Ishwari enters and hears their conversation. Dev asks her to explain that his love is pure and how much he loves Sona. Sona walks away.
Golu informs GKB that he met papa and how much they enjoyed. GKB says papa loves him and he should meet papa often. Golu says papa also said same and says Soha lied that she went to her friend’s party and then special class to badi daadi. GKB asks is it. Elena enters and asks Golu why did not he finish homework yet. GKB asks him to go and finish homework first. They chat next.
Ishwari goes to Sona and asks her to explain what she is going through. Sona says she herself is confused. Ishwari says why did she say her love and my love is different for Dev. Sona explains that the way she loves Soha, she cannot love Dev similarly, each love is different. If each color mixes in water, water becomes dirty, similarly with love. She is Dev’s wife and has her own reservations and freedom, he cannot snatch it from her. She does not want Dev to hold her, her love did not hold him, then why is he holding her. She continues. Ishwari leaves.
Asha shows Soha’s childhood clothes to Ronita and describes how Sourav brought frock for the first time and Bejoy’s frock Soha never liked and did not wear. Bejoy enters with Sourav and asks if she is sending them to Sona, then she should keep them back. Asha says she took them for Sourav’s child. Sourav says he wants new clothes for his child. Asha says old cothes are more comfortable. Sourav says he wants to design new wardrobe for his child and walks away angrily. Bejoy says he has gone mad. Asha says he has gone on his father.
Ishwari walks towards Dev’s room and returns back. Mamaji stops her and says she has to explain Dev that he is doing wrong. Ishwari says how can she interfere between husband and wife. Mamaji says Dev lost Sona once and got her back and now he will lose her again because of himself, he cannot control her like that and she should explain her son before it is too late.
Ishwari enters Dev’s room and reminisces Sona’s words. Dev asks why is she looking at her as if he is a ghost. She says sometimes their past pass through their eyes and they feel horrified. She explains Dev what wrong he is doing. She continues explaining and says a wife needs husband’s love and his support, not his overpossessiveness. She asks him to assure his support to Sona and make her feel comfortable with him. She continues her moral gyaan.
Precap: Sona walks in rain. Dev stops car, gets out and opens umbrella for her. Sona throws umbrella and says she has something for him. He asks what. She says Mr. Dixit, will you go on a date with me.

Sona gets out of her office and rain starts. Dev reaches in his car, walks to her, opens umbrella and says let us go. She looks at him. He says her office files are getting wet and they must be important. She throws file and says files can be remade, he is more important than files. She wants to surprise him. Their romantic chat continues. She asks will go on a date with her. He says only her. She says what about his jackets, did he forget his swag. He asks if she remembers their rain dates. Sona says she remembers everything. They both reminisce dancing in air before and dance on Tu mujme mujse zyada hai…song..
Elena scolds Golu for lying. Mamaji supports Golu and says he is a kid and will change. Elena asks Soha if she did her homework. Soha says yes. Elena
asks her to give her home work to her brother. Soha says no.. Mamaji says he is sure Soha must have good marks. Soha shows marks sheet to Mamaji. Mamaji is surprised seeing so low marks and failing in Math. Elena asks if she showed marks card to her mamma. Soha angrily says no, when she wants to she will. Mamaji says if she gets low or high marks, she should inform her parents. Elena then goes to Ishwari. Ishwari shows her first power point presentation with family pics and says she has even written her relationship with each family member and smiles seeing Soha. Elena says Sona failed in math. Ishwari says that is fine, she will improve, even Nikki failed in 4th standard. Elena says if Golu had failed, she would have understood, Soha failed, she was a topper and sudden drastic change. She even lied and did not inform Sona about her marks. Ishwari reminisces Soha coming late and lying that she had a special class. Elena says she feels Dev and Sona got so busy that they are ignoring Soha.
Dev and Sona get into car and shiver. Dev says he did not feel so cold till now. Sona asks if they are becoming old. Dev says she may, he has not yet. She smiles. He asks to open dashboard and get his mobile. She opens and gets happy seeing rose, asks if he brought it for her. He says he does not know. She turns back and gets more surprised seeing rose bouquet, asks him if he brought them to her. He says he does not know. Their romance continues. They reach restaurant. Dev says he will have what Sona orders. She orders his favorite jalebi and rabri and asks to make jalebi crispy but not burnt and rabri thick. Sweet comes. Dev tastes it and says it is like uncooked pasta and cream. Sona says same with their relationship, he should let things go on their own and not restrict, she wants to see in his eyes and feel good. A small girl comes to Dev and says his smile is cute and he looks like a hero. Dev gifts he rose and says even she is cute. Girl thanks him and leaves. Dev and Sona both remember Soha and think they did not take her out since long and should today. Dev asks bill. Vicky as waiter gives bill. Dev angrily leaves. Vicky gives feedback sheet to Sona and asks her to fill it as he is new to this job. Soha gives feedback. Vicky says he is less qualified and got only this job, she insisted him to do internship, but he did not and was wrong.
Dev and Soha reach home. Dev tells Soha he will take her for an ice cream. Soha gets happy. Sona asks Golu how was his exam. Golu says he failed. Sona asks Soha how was her exam. She says even she failed. Soha gets angry and says she will not get ice cream. Dev says Sona is right, she will not until she improves. Sona says she will not get any choc or icecream here on. Soha shouts she does not need their ice cream now or ever and don’t need even them and angrily walks away. Golu walks behind him scolding them that they made his sister angry. Dev and Sona are shocked to see that.
After sometime, Ishwari comes to Dev’s room and asks where is Sona. He says she went to make Soha sleep. Ishwari says people say each child has its own personality, sometimes we don’t notice children, but they notice use carefully. She feels he and Sona are ignoring Soha and their problems are having a bad effect on Soha. Dev says she is right, he will do whatever he has promised Soha and thanks her.

Precap: Vicky plays with Golu in school. Dev slaps Vicky and shouts how dare he is to touch his wife. GKB scolds Dev how can he slap her son, if he did right. Dev says yes, he did it today and will continue in the future. Ishwari is shocked to see changing Dev.

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