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Kuch Rang Episode 387--388 Update on Friday 28th December 2018


Sonakshi asks Dev what they are doing here? Dev says that’s what we are asking you, what you are doing here. Sonakshi says she came to do office work with Saurabh and says you both shall sleep. She asks why did you bring Soha. Soha says papa didn’t bring me. He couldn’t refuse as I was not getting sleep. She says we shall go out. Sonakshi says tomorrow is school. Dev says everything is closed now. Soha says I know a place where you both go and asks them to take her. Sonakshi says ok and asks her to keep this secret.
They get down the car and go to the coffee shop. Soha sleeps by then. They order coffee. Sonakshi says she don’t want to have coffee. He asks what happened? She tells that she has two tub of icecream as was feeling uneasy. He asks if she is nutritionalist
or what? She gets up and feels drowsy. She thinks when did she have much icecream and thinks about her craving. She recalls craving for icecream when pregnant with Soha. She smiles and thinks of Dev’s words that he wants to live those moments which he lost when she was pregnant.
Bijoy asks Saurabh if he completed the work. Saurabh says yes. Asha says he is saying that he did. Bijoy says all work is done. Asha tells him that he will not get fat with one credit. She asks if he had all icecream. He says Sonakshi had it. Asha smiles.
Radha tells Mama ji that she is excited because of Vicky and says he is becoming big businessman. Ishwari asks for water. Sonakshi comes. Radha says she wants to tell her something. Sonakshi seems to be lost. Dev comes infront of her and asks what happened as she collides with him. Sonakshi says she is feeling unwell and went to doctor. Ishwari says why did you go alone? Sonakshi says I am fine. Radha says she has ordered her favorite pizza. Sonakshi says she can’t have. Ishwari asks Dev to feed her and says she will makes something for her. Ishwari recalls Sonakshi keeping hand on her stomach when she collides with Dev, and thinks she is not having pineapple too. She goes to kitchen and calls Sonakshi asking her to tell how to make kadi. Sonakshi comes to kitchen. Ishwari asks her to tell.
Sonakshi asks what happened? Ishwari says she has a feeling that she wants to tell her something. Sonakshi smiles. Ishwari says you are going to make me Dadi again. Sonakshi nods. Ishwari hugs her. Sonakshi asks how do you know? Ishwari says I am your mother and says we shall tell Dev. Sonakshi says I have to tell you something. A fb is shown, Sonakshi thinks why Doctor is taking time and imagines herself keeping pillow on her stomach. Doctor comes and tells Sonakshi that she is pregnant as reports are positive. Sonakshi hugs her happily and says she is worried about her weight. Fb ends.
Ishwari says I won’t let Dev tease you. Fb starts. She asks Doctor to tell about her pregnancy. Doctor tells Sonakshi that there is some complications in the pregnancy. Sonakshi says even she had complications in her first pregnancy. Fb ends. Sonakshi tells Ishwari that the first 3 months are weak for baby. Ishwari says we will take care of you. Sonakshi tells her that Doctor suggested her to terminate the pregnancy. Ishwari asks her not to get scared and says Doctor said this so that you takes care of yourself. She says dev will take you to good doctor. Sonakshi says that Doctor is Delhi’s world best doctor and she told…..Radha comes there and asks Ishwari to come as Vicky sent some pics. She takes her forcibly.
Ishwari asks Soha to tie rakhi to Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks why did I tie rakhi to Mamma. Ishwari says you tied rakhi to your little brother who is with your Mamma now. Dev is surprised.
Ishwari prays god not to let Sona break this time, let her child see the world this time, she could not support Sona last time, but wants to now. Soha comes and complains that Golu wants to tie rakhi to Arohi first and then her, she is elder. Golu says it is his wish. Soha says she needs an younger brother. Ishwari hugs her and says brothers like taunting, don’t worry.
Ishwari pampers Nikki next and oil massages her scalp. Riya complains that she loves Nikki more. Ishwari says Nikki was born premature and doc’s told she will not survive, but as a mother she did not lose hope. Sona joins them, Nikki and Riya leave. Ishwari asks Sona to think about keeping child this time. Sona says she also wants to. Ishwari gets happy and asks how will she tell Dev. Sona says she
has planned something. She goes to room and asks Dev if she is looking fat. He says she cannot. Sona says she is looking pregnant. He asks what happened to her. Ishwari standing near door signals her son is impossible. Family plays puzzle game next and Sona gives hints via words, but Dev does not understand. She tells Ishwari that her son is a fool. Iswhwari says Sona’s husband. They both laugh.
Next morning, Vicky gets ready in formal suit. Golu says he is dressing like before. Vicky says now everything will be back to normal. Elena brings roti sabji for Golu and asks to finish it. Golu says he likes jam roti. Vicky says he will build body with it. Elena asks him how did he get investor so soon. He says he managed and says he will tie rakhi to his sisters and show them what he can do. Elena thinks she knows who helped him.
Soha gets ready to tie rakhi and waits for Golu. Riya comes with Arohi. Ishwari gets happy. Riya says maami had kidnapped her, else she would have come early. GKB enters with Elena and Golu. Ishwari says Elena that she was waiting for her and asks GKB where did she take Riya. GKB says Vicky cannot come here, so she took Riya to his office, his office is very big and shows pics. Dev comes and asks Riya where was she. Riya says it is a big story and hugs him. Soha complains Ishwari that Golu got many rakhis tied before her and she will not tie her rakhi. Golu says area’s sisters tied him rakhi before. Dev jokes. Ishwari asks Riya to call Nikki and Neha. They all 3 come down. Sona asks them to decide who will tie rakhi. Mamaji says let them decide, he will get rakhi tied by his sister first. Ishwari ties him rakhi and prays for his long life. He gifts her kachoris. Neha, Riya, Nikki tie rakhi to Dev followed by Elena. Elena reminisces fighting with Elena. Dev tells he does not have gift for her. She says he gave him big gift already. Dev says he has and gives gift.
Ishwari fans Sona. Mamaji comments Ishwari is pampering her bahu. Ishwari says her gift. Bose family enters. Mamaji greets them. Sona asks Sourav where is her gift. Sourav gives. Bejoy says he gave a big gift already by solving all legal issues last night. Sona ties Sourav rakhi followed by Elena. Dev tells Golu it is his turn now. Golu says nobody is insisting. Dev asks everyone to insists him. Soha ties rakhi to Golu and asks Ishwari why she gave another rakhi. Ishwari asks to tie it to Sona. Soha obeys and asks why she tied rakhi to mamma. Ishwari says she tied rakhi to her would be brother. Dev is surprised hearing that.

Precap: Mamaji tells everyone that our family was waiting for happiness and asks to click family selfie. Sona looks sad.

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