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Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1148 Update on Sunday 23rd December 2018


The Episode starts with Disha telling Abhi that she will make strawberry shake for Kiara. Abhi says he will help her. Disha asks him to rest. Purab and Disha think that if Abhi had a daughter then she would be like Kiara. Tanu keeps boiling water in her room with electric heater in it.

Disha comes there and asks what is she doing? She tells that it is unsafe to keep water heater in the room. Tanu scolds her for coming to her room. She thinks to do something else.

Kiara comes to Mehra Mansion. Disha meets her. Kiara says she will go to meet Abhi. Abhi looks at Pragya’s pic and thinks he would have been happy if she was with him.

He says I was missing you when Purab insisted to go. He says if you would have been here then this wouldn’t happen. He says I am upset that you didn’t come to meet me
in the hospital and haven’t hugged me. He says you hugged King infront of me. He says he would have bring her home, but she wouldn’t have come. He thinks he has troubled her and is crying now. He thinks he deserves this and is wrong.

He thinks you are not right either. He says everything was scary in bank, but I was worried about you. Humnava mere….plays…

He says Pragya I want to hug you and cry a lot just once. Kiara comes and says caught you. She asks how is he? Abhi says good. Kiara asks to whom he is talking to?

Abhi says past girlfriend. Kiara asks if he wants to cheat his wife. Abhi says no and tells that he was talking to her.

He says he would be thinking how life would be. She says so much big talks and asks him to show his girlfriend? Abhi asks why? Kiara says I want to see who is more beautiful girlfriend or wife. She asks him to show the pic. Abhi says no.
Kiara emotionally blackmails him and says Sunny is her best friend and never hide anything from her. Abhi is about to show pic, but it flies and falls near Sunny. Sunny picks it up and asks Kiara if she came to see chucks or pic. Abhi says he is feeling pain.

Kiara asks him to rest and come to her lap. Abhi says I am fine. Kiara asks him to lie down on her lap. Abhi rests his head on her lap.

Kiara asks him to be silent and massages his head. Abhi recalls pragya doing the same thing. Pragya sees Abhi’s pic on her laptop and thinks how to tell him that we have a daughter.
Tanu adds chilli inplace of Caramel and does rehearsal to make them taste. She thinks this idea is not that bad and thinks what to tell when they ask how the mirchi came in the chocolate, she thinks of an excuse. Mitali comes and says she wants chocolate.

Tan doesn’t give her. Mitali lies and takes chocolate. She feels chilli powder and eats sugar. Tanu asks her not to tell anyone and says she will give her gold necklace.

Mitali asks her to give. Disha comes there. Mitali says joke. Tanu says she will give her necklace tomorrow. Disha asks what they are speaking.

Mitali tells that the chocolate made by Tanu is bad. Disha says she will taste and make it fine. Tanu takes it. Mitali says it was spicy then says sweet. Disha thinks what happened to Tanu.
Tanu makes Kiara falls down. Disha cares for her. Kiara calls Pragya. Pragya says she is coming.

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