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Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1149 Update on Friday 28th December 2018


The Episode starts with King coming to Pragya and sees Pragya seeing Abhi’s pic and asks if she is seeing promotional pic. Tarun says we have to see King’s promotional pics. Pragya says she was seeing pic. King and Tarun leave. Pragya reminisces Abhi and gets teary eyed.

She thinks you was with me like my reflection in the bank and thinks she has so much to talk and hear from him. They are still afar again and couldn’t tell about our helplessness. She thinks I am married in your eyes, and you got married.

Tanu thinks Mitali failed her plan and had chocolate. She thinks she has to drop this idea as well, but will do something to teach Kiara a lesson. She recalls of Aaliya spilling oil on the stairs to make Pragya fall and thinks last time it backfired. She spills oil on the stairs and thinks she
will see how Kiara goals on the stairs. She thinks she will break her attitude and her leg. Kiara tells Sunny that Abhi will not wake up for 3-4 hours now. Sunny asks Kiara to come to his room. Kiara says ok, lets go. Sunny comes first. Tanu gets tensed and thinks if Sunny fell down then Kiara will get alert. Kiara comes.

Tanu asks Sunny to get his book from Abhi’s room and asks Kiara to go downstairs. Kiara calls Pragya and falls from the stairs while calling her. Pragya gets worried for her and sees her missed calls. Tanu calls everyone there. Kiara cries.

Tanu cleans the oil from the stairs with a cloth. Disha gets doubtful on her. Tanu asks why is she staring at her. Sunny comes there and asks why Kiara shouted? Disha says you should have been with Kiara. Sunny tells that Tanu lied to him and sent him to get a book.

Dasi and others attend Kiara. Kiara asks if they are copying her treatment. Dasi says yes. Kiara cries and asks her to make her fine fast. Pragya calls Kiara. Kiara tells her that she fell down and is feeling pain in her foot.

Pragya says she is coming there and asks driver to tell other driver to tell Sunny’s address. Mitali brings pain killer to Kiara, but she refuses to eat. Sunny calls Abhi there. Abhi comes there running. Dasi says Kiara is hurt on her leg.
Kiara says she is feeling pain at many places. Abhi smiles. He hugs her so that she feels relieved. Everyone laughs. Sunny says I will bring strawberry milk shake for you. Abhi says we both will drink. Kiara says only I will drink. Abhi takes her to show something.

Dadi says she is like Abhi. Dadi jokes about him. He takes her to room and shows carrom board, bat etc. Kiara asks if I am a boy? Abhi says these games are played by everyone. Kiara says she doesn’t like them.

Abhi says I came to show you my guitar and says I will do Rap for you and asks her to clap. He plays music on his guitar and sings baba black sheep. Kiara asks him to stop and asks if this is RAP and asks him to have a gap between every word else it will not be a RAP.

She sings while he plays music. Abhi laughs and says I have won. Kiara asks how? Abhi says I have diverted your mind so that you forget your pain. Kiara says you made me fool. Abhi says sorry and says I can’t bear to see you crying.

Kiara says even I can’t see you crying that day and that’s why diverted your attention. They hug each other. Tu jo mila plays…..Sunny comes there and says he brought strawberry milk shake. He gets sad and is leaving. Abhi calls him near him. He hugs both of them. Sunny and Kiara get happy and smiles.
King calls Pragya and asks about file. Pragya tells him that she is outside and tells that Kiara fell down in her friend’s house. King says he will come there. Pragya asks him to go and attend his meeting. She says she will inform him about her. King says ok.

Driver stops the car and tells about traffic signal. Pragya asks him not to worry about signal and drive the car. Driver drives the car. Traffic Police takes his bike and rides on it to stop the car.
Precap: Abhi says let your mum come and talk. Kiara says how to make you understand if she comes here then she will be make no entry for me here. She says I love you. Abhi looks on. Pragya’s car stops somewhere. She gets down from the car and looks at Abhi.

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