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Kundali Bhagya Episode 202--203 Update on Sunday 30th December 2018

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Karan thinks that Preeta is really innocent, he must protect her anyway. He tells Preeta he values her wish, and will get her what she wants. He holds her hand to take her to Pandit. While walking, he thinks he should break Preeta’s heart for a while to save her from that Prithvi.
Prithvi trembled in the room and tries to wake Tapsi again. She doesn’t move.
Kareena calls the decoration as third class. She tells Sherlin that Sarla came to invite them for engagement and insulted her. That day she decided she won’t let the engagement happen. Sherlin was lost in Prithvi’s thoughts and says her baby’s life would be ruined. She abruptly explains she calls Rishab as baby and Preeta would get after Rishab if her engagement is broken. Kareena clarifies she would only ruin the management
of function, not break the engagement itself. Sherlin was relieved. She gets a call from Prithvi and goes aside to take it.
On call, Prithvi calls Sherlin to the groom’s room for help; he has murdered Tapsi. Sherlin was shocked to hear this and hurries towards the room. Kareena wonders why Sherlin behaves so strange and follows her.
Sarla helps Rakhi walk to the hall. Kareena was shouting at a waiter to cross her way. Rakhi says Kareena seems to be furious. Sarla goes to see the matter. Sameer stops Sarla on the way, and asks her to go to Pandit ji. Sarla sends Sameer behind Kareena. On the way, Shrishti’s hand slips and water spills over Kareena. Shrishti wasn’t ready to argue with Kareena. Kareena shouts that they are her guests here, she must learn to respect them. She stops Sameer to the room to explain some manners to Shrishti. Shrishti scolds Sameer who leaves silently. Shrishti feels bad for Sameer.
Sherlin comes across Karan and Preeta on the way. She feels hatred for Preeta because of whom Prithvi turned to a murderer. Upon Preeta’s inquire she explains she was going for her makeup touch up.
Shrishti comes to the hall to speak to Sameer. She decides not to insult him again, he never speaks in front of her or argue. She decides to behave like the real girls. Sameer was shocked to see her this way and asks if she is drunk. He says he likes her the way she already is. Shrishti points towards Karan and Preeta walking downstairs and calls the couple as romantic; Preeta has no sense who suits her. Sameer suggests about going to Sarla and discuss their views. Sarla comes to Shrishti and asks what she was doing here. Shrishti replies abruptly she was watching over her brother in law. Sarla looks around, then recalls she had to find Prithvi.
Sherlin comes to groom’s room and finds Prithvi laying over Tapsi. She pulls him up. Prithvi says he was only trying to revive her breathes. Sherlin was angry over him, then checks the pulse of Tapsi and was relieved she was alive.

PRECAP: Karan speaks in front of the crowd about hate for Prithvi. He promises to play the whole video, but firstly the part where Prithvi is on bed with his girlfriend.


Sherlin shouts at Prithvi if he has gone insane, he brought this girl to the room himself. He isn’t committed at all and took advantage of the little opportunity he got. Prithvi explains he is only committed to Sherlin, only Tapsi was behind him. Sherlin argues if he is Salman Khan that she was coming behind him. She tells him to go out for engagement. Prithvi panics about where to hide Tapsi. Sherlin tells him to go out first, else he will be trapped. Prithvi requests Sherlin to handle the situation and goes downstairs.
Karan stops Sarla in the hall who was going to call Prithvi. Karan jokes with Sarla to leave Prithvi alone for a while, he must be nervous. He shares with Sarla that he has planned a surprise for Prithvi as they are friends, he has to prepare his surprise. Sarla tells him

to hurry, she can hold the function for a while. He comes to Sameer who assures everything is fine. Rishab comes to Karan and asks about Tapsi and Prithvi’s matter. He says he would be thankful to Karan for lifetime if he gets this done today. Karan asks why he would be thankful. Rishab says he is happy Karan is doing what he must have done for Preeta.
Sarla sends Shrishti to bring Prithvi. Shrishti was unhappy but leaves anyway. Karan connects the pen drive. He tells Sameer he has to play this video. Rishab warns he must not commit any mistakes and play the video until Karan gives him some instructions.
Karan takes attention of the guests and says he feels Prithvi got a very lose character and has an affair with some girl. Kareena stops Karan from joking, and let the engagement ceremony take place. Rishab tells Kareena to let Karan complete. Prithvi comes to the hall. Karan says he has no right to break this engagement if Preeta is happy, and wants to play the video of this relation since beginning. Everyone was happy as Karan plays the video of Roka function. Prithvi thinks may be Karan didn’t get a proof against him and has moved out from between his ways. The video of room in which Prithvi was with Tapsi plays at once. Karan instructs Sameer to pause, and stop the video. He calls for lights, and asks why Prithvi is sweating now? He asks if Prithvi would himself tell the truth, or should he do it? Prithvi stares towards Karan. Prithvi’s mother asks him what is this all.
Sherlin was trying to stuff Tapsi in a cabin when she wakes up and pushes Sherlin behind. She walks out of the cabin calling her characterless. Tapsi asks Sherlin if she has no shame at all, she is helping her own boyfriend marrying someone else. Sherlin slaps Tapsi as Prithvi will always be hers. Tapsi slaps her back and warns she would end Sherlin’s matter today. Sherlin twists her arms behind and wrestles with her, attempting to clutch her neck again.
Preeta thinks it seems Karan has again planned to get Prithvi trapped. Karan tells Prithvi he can’t bear if something wrong happens in front of his eyes. Prithvi’s mother tells Sarla she can’t bear such an insult of her son. Karan urges Prithvi to tell everyone the truth, he has a proof against Prithvi and break this mismatched engagement. Prithvi was silent. Shrishti asks Karan to show what he got, he has given enough chances to people already. Karan promises to show the full video, but is first playing the part in which he is with his girlfriend in bed.
Karan says he always told Preeta that this man isn’t worth it. Preeta questions Prithvi said he didn’t know this girl. Prithvi stammers that this man is a liar. Rakhi wasn’t ready to let her son blamed, everything is evident from the video. She apologizes Sarla to request her not to break this relation, but now she must break this relation right away. This guy isn’t worth their Preeta. Sarla and Preeta were crying.
Tapsi was able to fight back and charges Sherlin. She says she now knows her name as well, she is Sherlin and will tell Karan about it. She will now raise the question why she and Prithvi are playing with three lives at a time. She tries to run out of the room and was successful. Prithvi’s mother asks him to clarify his position. Mahesh, Rishab, Sameer and Kritika was not ready to accept any clarifications from Prithvi anymore. Prithvi begins to speak, but Sarla tells him to shut up. She only wants a simple answer in yes or no, does he know that girl? Prithvi was speechless. Karan tells him to speak the truth. Shrishti asks Prithvi to reply, if he has. She isn’t actually interested in the reply, his character is evident. Prithvi says he will tell them the truth now.

PRECAP: Prithvi blames Karan for loving Preeta. Karan beats Prithvi as he is accusing Preeta’s character being characterless himself. Prithvi shouts his accusations, Rishab also slaps him.

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