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Madhubala Episode 373--374 Update on Tuesday 4th December 2018


Part 1
Mehul watches RK-Madhu thru the monitor and says .. found the heroine of my movie
RK asks where? Mehul says din recognise her.. she was always here..! RKs phone rings n he excuses himself as its the bank..
Mehul asks Madhu her decision .. n Mehul says.. .. woh jinka kaam hai apne me dube rehna aur chup chap chamakte rehna…bada mushkil hai yaro sitaro ko aina dikhana..! Mehul says.. she is the one. Madhu ..! Mehul says. introducing Madhubala Rishabh Kundra..! Madhu brushes it off saying ..nice joke!
Mehul says seeing the magic which leaves people agape.. shocked ..delighted ..excited..she has it in her…! Roma agrees .. says..her entry had magic..! Madhu is flustered. .! Roma says RK-Madhu together will set the screen on fire! The choreo asks if Madhu knows how to dance? Roma says. .the one who makes RK dance can dance..! Mehul shows Madhu her recorded footage..!
Madhu says.. not interested… Mehul says role has chosen u..! Madhu says.. am not trained.. RK has put his all in this production..!Mehul says.. people get addicted to it ..once they start.! Mehul says.. acting runs in blood… she has it in her! Madhu says respect u.. but he has made it a joke! Mehul says not a joke!
Mehul says..this is it.. Madhu will be my heroine! Madhu says he can decide about the movie. .n my life . my decision n decision is ..wont be an actress..! Mehul asks why n Madhu says. .every eye is different.. n their dreams are different …no dreams of becoming an actress..! Want to be RKs housewife!
Dips sees Pabho pacing around n says dun wait.. RK-Madhu will be late..! Pabho asks Dips to get hot water and oil to do foot massage..! RK comes back n tells Madhu .. bank ready to give funds.. no one can stop to make the movie.. only problem heroine!
RK asks where is the heroine? Who is it? Mehul says Madhu..n then changes n says. .ask Madhu who is it…! RK asks Madhu n she says Mehul liked the audition . of a girl n realised its wrong choice..! Mehul leaves challenge to Madhu that they shall see tomorrow..!
Part 2
Dips gets the hot water container.. n leaves oil and duster by her side…n says if u need call me..! Pabho says.. she has to apply the oil on her feet! Dips is uncomfy! She wears rubber gloves to apply the oil! Pabho taunts her !
Part 3
Dips does the massage n later Pabho says good massage..!
Dips helps Pabho to go rest in her room…when Sikky puts Dips audition tape on and Pabho is shocked to see ..!
Precap —- Kuku tells Amar that RK has arranged for finance for his movie! Amar asks who gave money? Kuku says no idea! Amar says find out.. RK cannot make a movie.. this movie is door to his destruction!

Part 1
Dips is leading Pabho to her room when Sikky plays her audition video and Pabho is shocked! Dips is embarrassed..! Sikky is busy praising her..! Dips asks Sikky to switch it off..! Pabho asks what is this? Sikky says Dips gave audition for role of heroine in RKs movie but RKs crazy.. bagal me chura err chori.. shehar me dhindhora..! Pabho is shocked.. Sikky is excited and Dips is worried! Pabho calls Radha and asks what is going on in this house? One bahu left before puja and other is showing off to her devar in such skimy clothes..! Radha says she. .n Pabho says dun make excuses. .all have to act as per tradition! Pabho says.. a daughter in law has to act like one. .and not become son or dancer..! Pabho says..this is Radhas job.. but here neither teacher nor students care..! Pabho tells Dips what she learnt ..or what she forgot.. doesnt matter.. she is the daughter in law of this house.. if she wishes to become a heroine. .then she will be running out of this house forever..! Pabho says..whatever she wants.. she can do after getting out of this house.. but in the house the saree length cannot go less than 9 yards!
RK returns home and tells Pabho that she is his lucky charm.. before she came.. the funds of his movie were not released but now its all done! Pabho says great .. RK says top great.. wheres the party? RK sees the puja stuff and says.. already doing puja before the success..! Radha says.. house was decked up for puja n then Madhu went to RK! RK says.. multi talented biwi. .told God to get the funds released and it was done..! RK says time for celebration . .get sweets Bittu! RK says.. today will share sweets with enemies..! RK tells Madhu want a grand party! Pabho says.. din he forget something? Success is due to blessings of elders.. take their blessings! RK says din forget.. n RK bows down to Pabho but she stops n says..pray his success continues like this..! RK says..need a huge party..! Pabho says.. there are others whose blessings are needed..! RK says.. Sikky-Dips? Wont touch Sikky or he will pull my hair..! Pabho says..touch ur Mothers feet! Radha says let it be..! RK goes upfront and takes Radhas blessings and she gives..! RK immediately steps back..! RK tells Madhu its our joint account. this success is mine n urs . .this movie is ours.. go take everyones blessing and she does..! Pabho says..understand ur duty and follow it..! Madhu says..that puja..! Pabho says.. requested God to wait for the puja but he couldnt wait.! Pabho asks for dinner..! Madhu takes Radhas blessings and she says.. be the same.. after all this also RK is smiling coz Madhu is there to support him! Madhu goes to set dinner..!
Dips fumes..n drags Sikky inside her room! Kuku comes home and Sikky says is this time to come home? There is a storm at home n ur busy wandering..! Kuku says. .arthi ke phool meri sabse badi bhool what is the matter! Sikky says.. RK announced he got finance for his movie! Kuku asks by whom ?Sikky says no idea. .anyways.. Amar said he will reintro me .so..what is the role? Kuku says.. invisible. .go see ur face in the mirror..! Sikky says. .look like u..! Kuku says.. ruined my mood! Kukus cell rings…and Amar asks what good news? Kuku says.. heard RK has arranged for finance of the movie..! Amar asks..who did it? Kuku says no news.. ! Amar says. .RK cannot make a movie. .only his destruction is associated with this movie..! Kuku wonders who made mistake to finance RK?
Madhu comes to her room and calls out for RK..! She hears RK say.. Why..! RK says.. why did u do this.. u loved me..! RK says. .din do much ..except loving u. .but..! Madhu walks towards RKs voice..! RK says.. gave u everything ..then why not replying! Madhu asks what is going on? RK says.. asked the questions to my heroine..! Bittu says me and heroine? Madhu asks what are they doing? RK says.. kept all this to make Madhu realise how a movie feels like and kept Bittu here so he can be rukawat ke liye and then leave! Madhu laufs..! Bittu says..come for important work only! RK says… yes its his signal..! Madhu says.. good nite..and Bittu leaves.. leaving the script behind! RK says.. keep door in good night position! RK asks Madhu ..tum itna jo muskura rahi ho..kyun bekar me jee kha rahi ho? RK says..sad scene..stop laufing! RK says.. gave all . .now want my life? RK asks Madhu to read and she reads.. saying love is not all .. need other things .. we are different people.. need other things along with love..! Madhu asks what is this rubbish? RK says.. this is written by Mehul..! Madhu says.. love is life…! She says.. in love.. no one can be separate.. both are one.. together for ever.. n ever..! RK serves drinks and offers to Madhu..! Madhu says..its puja day.. n this is not right! RK asks what is the problem..? Madhu says.. love is life! RK back hugs Madhu..! RK says.. Anamika the heroine doesnt thinks so..! He says. Anamika has other style.. she is complicated.. such characters are understood.. not made.. its like beautiful painting! Madhu says.. RK praised Mehuls character.. gonna tell him! RK says .. if she says.. then he will do what a hero does to a pretty girl after threat..! RK-Madhu eyelock..! RK pulls Madhu close and she ends up losing grip of the drinks glasses and pours some drinks on RKs clothes and on the floor! She laufs..and RK says.. why is she laufing? Madhu says.. will tell Mangesh to clean it up.. n u look sexy in these clothes..! Madhu runs off..!
Part 2
Madhu tells Mangesh to clean the room upstairs..! Madhu notices the lights in Pabhos room still on and goes to check..! She sits by Pabho on the bed and asks not asleep yet? Pabho asks what is she doing here ? Madhu says..saw lights up so came! Madhu asks if feet is aching will get massage oil ..! Pabho says not needed ..! Madhu asks if she is angry? Did she make a mistake? Pabho says ask questions u are hopeful of getting an answer of..! Madhu says.. wanted to talk at the dinner table.. wanted to be there for puja.. but RK was calling repeatedly ..! Pabho says as if mountain was falling on earth and Madhu had to go to save the world? .. Pabho says.. RK tricked u and called u there..! Pabho says RK is stubborn n wants to make u do what he wants..! She asks Madhu to open the cupboard and bring a box from there to her! Madhu gives the box to Pabho ..!
Part 3
Pabho shows a necklace and other jewelery and says got them made for RKs bride…may not be expensive but they are priceless given the feelings..! She says for every function wanted to give something..! She says to connect with Kundra family … all this is for her.. but..! Pabho continues.. RK is stubborn and tricks people .. if world ran on such things need for women .. women were made to cover up for men.. to complete them .. to make them better. .! Pabho says.. wanted a girl who is ideal life partner.. to balance RK … saw all this in Madhu but the .. .. sky is not made by moon but sun or stars are important as well… .a woman has to be a good wife. .and daughter in law..! Pabho says.. Madhu is a good wife but yet to be a good daughter in law.. she has not cleared that exam and have not given her any marks… ! She says.. till Madhu proves she is Madhubala Kundra as well as being Madhubala Rishabh … cant give these jewelery aka blessings to her..! Madhu taken aback..!

Precap — No precap..!

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