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Sightless Love Episode 46 Update on Tuesday 25th December 2018

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Whiles Prudencia hopes Alberto decides to take care of his child after the marriage certificate amendment, Luis refuses to dream about that.

Alberto tells Vanessa that he hopes Marina turns up for the rectification procedure at the court because he never wants to lose her and now all he cares about is for them to get married and may be after the child is born, they can still have a DNA test to still sure if the child he will be raising is his or not so they can be happy couples in their marriage. 

Damiana thinks Marina though is happy to give birth and cater for her child happily as a single mother, the truth is she thinks the child still needs a father to take care and love him and though Alberto has some doubt but at least he is doing everything possible to be closer to her and he can be a good father yet Marina thinks Alberto can’t be that to her child because if he doesn’t love the unborn child at this time, he will never be after he’s born. 

Alberto goes to wait several hours at a vantage point he agreed to meet up with Marina so together they can go to the registry to correct the name on their wedding certificate but she never arrives on time and he decides to go look for her at her home but since they no longer live there anymore, he tried getting their new address but the has no idea about their new address since they left without telling her anything, it makes him think that marina is no longer interested to stay married to him. 

Same vein, Marina also arrives at the vantage point with Damiana and without seeing Alberto there at that late hour too, marina also believed that Alberto is not interested in been married to her but Damiana doesn’t think so and wants them to wait for a while because it might also be that Alberto is also late as they are too but Marina thinks otherwise and asks Damiana to let them go. 

Alberto tells Erick that marina didn’t come for the appointment and that she also moved out from her apartment without letting him know and so it is clear to him that she doesn’t want to stay married to him, because he has to accept that their marriage is over and that he will forget marina because now upon doing everything to get them closer but it looks like Marina doesn’t. 

Paulino goes to see Luis at his mansion in the city so at least he can subsidize him with at least a compensation pay since he’s quit his job and wants to explore or try other things in the city too but he kicks him out that he resigned from the job and that wasn’t his doing.

Stepping out and bumping into Vanessa, Paulino tells Vanessa that he misses her and he will do everything to visit her but she him that her mum wants her to still pursue Alberto so she and her mum are staying in that house. 

Paulino continues to remind her of the love they share for each other but Vanessa tells him that what they had will never work; that her mother wants her to go back to Alberto, who will be free because his marriage with marina does not exist due to a slight mistake in the name of Marina. 
Paulino tells her that she loves him and that she will never be happy with Alberto. They kiss and Vanessa sees him off. 

Alberto tells his mother on phone that he is convinced that marina has no interest in their marriage or his love, since she has taken her decision and that he is also going to take his decision since legally nothing ties them and that makes him a free man. 

Marina calls Prudencia to inform her that she moved to a different place and that she will tell her where and when to meet her, but she shouldn’t tell anyone else, since she doesn’t want the visit of Alberto neither Luis. 

Vanessa tells Angustias that she though by going clubbing day and night could have helped her forget Paulino but seeing him again has rekindle her love for him and Angustias tells her to try getting under the sea she can never forget him.

Susana tells Vanessa that Alberto has decided to forget marina, and so it is time she tries to win him back. 

Yolanda let Marina know that Isauro came over to look for her whereabout and she is ready to take precautions. Marina tells Yolanda that she is very disappointed in Alberto and that she will forget him for good.

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