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Till The End of Time Episode 104 Update on Wednesday 26th December 2018


Vandana reaches temple and yells at Maya that problem maker is praying god to solve her problems. She starts yelling at Maya to get out of Arjun’s life, etc. Arjun calls a psychologist to treat Jahnvi and tells he will let Jahnvi speak Ashwin. Astrologer acts as tantric and says does some drama, then says Ashwin does not want to leave this world and needs help.
Vandana leaves after yelling at Maya. Maya holds her hand. Vandana continues yelling. She warns Maya to leave her hand and pushes Maya hand and saps her by mistake. Maya angrily walks away and brings dagger.
Psychologist continues his drama and asks Ashwin who the real murderer is, whether it is Jahnvi, Maya, Ashwin. Ashwin did not see his real murderer and will not go until he finds out. He suggests Jahnvi to write a letter for Ashwin and drop it in water. Jahnvi writes a letter.
Maya angrily walks towards Vadana holding dagger and raises it. Vandana closes her eyes in fear and Saanjh shouts. Maya forces Vandana to hold dagger and asks her to kill her at once instead of killing her each day.

Vandana starts her drama and addresses people that everyone saw how bad she is and how good Maya is. Maya wants to prove her greatness, but she is more mature enough and will not trust Maya.

Maya challenged and trapped Arjun, she loves Arjun and does not want to trap him like Maya did. Arjun married a big problem and is risking his life. She leaves.

Maya cries that Maa still does not like her and thinks she is troublesome for Ashwin. Saanjh consoles her.
Arjun takes his friend out and praises his acting, asks how did he move coin. Friend shows magnets and says he does not think his saas killed her husband, then why this drama. Arjun says to finish Ashwin at once. Jahnvi hears whole conversation.
Inspector calls Maya and informs that he found Ashwin’s real murderer and will meet her soon. Maya informs Saanjh. Vandana calls her next and she asks what happened. Vandana says nothing, she found Ashwin’s real murderer and asks her to come to their old godown.
Precap: Maya with Saanjh reach godown and calls Jahnvi. Jahnvi alleges Arjun for killing Ashwin.

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