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Till The End of Time Episode 105 Update on Thursday 27th December 2018


Jahnvi calls Maya and tells that she found who Ashwin’s murderer is and to come to their old godown. Maya calls Arjun and asks where is maa. Arjun says aunty is at home. He goes to Jahnvi’s room and does not find her, informs Maya back, and Maya asks him to reach godown soon.
Prem opens door on hearing door knock and sees inspector standing. Inspector says he came to meet Saanjh and starts his witty dialogues. He says Saanjh is getting herself into trouble. He then looks at Shubh and asks Prem if he is his son, goes to Shubh and says he has to study well to become lawyer like Saanjh as his father may need his help. Prem asks what he needs. He says he is investigating Ashwin’s murder case and has found murderer, maybe Saanjh is the murderer. His witty dialogues continue.
with Arjun and Saanjh reaches godown and calls Jahnvi. Jahnvi hides behind boxes. They all 3 get in and call her name. Maya says they should call police. Arjun says no. Maya finds Jahnvi’s earring and says maa is somewhere around, Maa is mentally unstable and they should find her soon.
Ayan packs his clothes. Vandana asks what is he doing. He does not reply. She insists. He says Saanjh told what she did with bhabhi in temple, if she continues like this, everyone will walk away from her. Vandana says he does not know what Maya is, she wants to control over Arjun. Ayan says she wants to control him and to stop badmouthing about bhabi. Vandana salps him. He says she will lose everyone with her attitude.
Arjun, Maya, and Saanjh continue searching Jahnvi. Jahnvi sees Saanjh and throws a stick towards her. Arjun tells aunty is not here and the should search her somewhere else. Saanjh says aunty is here itself and is afraid of someone. Arjun asks to search Vandana separately and they al 3 disperse. Jahnvi runs up and seeing someone shouts he is murder, he took away Arjun from her and did psychiatrist drama, he should stay away from her. Someone is seeing with a dagger walking towards her. She slips on pipes, breaks window, falls down on car glass, and gets severely injured.
They all 3 get out of godown and Maya shouts maa. Saanjh says aunty is found nowhere. Arjun apologizes Maya that aunty is missing because of him. Saanjh says they should go to police station. Saanjh and Maya leave. Arjun looks around a bit and leaves. Jahnvi is seen still lying on her car injured, trying to get up unsuccessfully.
Precap: Inspector shows handcuff to Arjun and says Arjun is Ashwin’s murderer.

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