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Till The End of Time Episode 86 Update Tuesday 4th December 2018


Arjun heavily inebriated imagines Maya in pub. He walks outside Maya’a apartment building and calls her to come down right now. She comes down. He says he is inebriated. Maya asks so what. He says Ayan gave bachelor party with girls, dance, etc..

He sees her everywhere and wants to be honest with her, so he told her everything. She says she wants his 6th promise and asks to tell truth to her always and never hide anything. He promises and says even he wants to know her truth and takes her near god’s idol.

She reminisces her past, stabbing Ashwin, etc.. and says her past. He stops her and says he is her present and future and he does not care about her past. He can make her 7th promise right now. She says it will be for special occasion and his hands should not tremble while making promise.

He should go now and return tomorrow to take his bride. Ashwin watches them from his balcony and thinks let Maya enjoy today, tomorrow her truth will be out in front of whole world.
Saanjh reminisces Vandana requesting her to save Arjun from Maya and stop marriage, Arjun is becoming Maya’s obsession and wil not handle it after sometime, he is thrilled now, but will hate later. Once Maya marries Arjun,

Arjun’s happiness will burn in havan kund. Vandana looking at wedding card thinks she will not let this marriage happen. Jahnvi fills bullets in gun and thinks she told Aswhin not to harm Maya, else she will kill him. He saw her love and now will see hatred. Ashwin again smirks thinking tomorrow whole world will see Maya’s truth.
Arjun returns home and on bed thinks how can Maya be in pub, he is seeing her everywhere. Maya in pub wearing same clothes laughs that she is everywhere and Arjun cannot get away from her, she is air and will occupy his breath and brain. She won today after defeating her apast, nobody can separate him from her.
In the morning, Vandana ready for Arjun’s marriage prays god that she just needs her son’s happiness and if this marriage is harmful for him, god will have to stop it, give a signal that it is wrong. She changes her expression.
Ayan gets Arjun ready in sherwani sadly. Arjun asks what happened. Ayan asks if his yesterday’s words that he trapped Maya for money, etc.. is true. Arjun says yes, he had no other option, then hits him and asks if he does not his brother, he will stop dreaming but will not trick anyone.

Let us get ready soon, else Maya will kill him as 7th promise. Vadnana asks 7th promise?? Arjun says Maya asked 7 vows and 6 are fulfilled, he is afraid she will ask his life as 7th vow. Ayan jokes Maya snatches and not asks and mimics. Vandana scolds him to stop his rubbish. Arjun asks her to relax, Maya takes others tensions and not gives it to anyone.
Saanjh looking at ethnic dress reminisces her fight with Arjun and thinks she should attend Arjun’s wedding even if he does not call, she cannot be selfish.

He goes to wear ethnic dress. Vandana, Suman and other ladies perform Arjun’s Pooja and before heading baraat. Ayan dorns currency garland in Arjun’s neck and they all head out. Saanjh gets out of dressing room wearing beautiful ethnic dress and wears jewelry. She hears baraat music and dances .

Ayan dances with baratis. Saanjh thinks Duffer would be missing her and not enjoying marriage, but will not call her, ego ka chacha. She peeps out of window and seeing Ayan thinks she was right, but then Arjun enters and starts dancing. Saanjh shatters and tears roll down her cheeks. Maya is seen in bridal dress.
Precap: Ashwin kidnaps Vandana and tells her that Maya is mad, she stabbed his leg. Vandana calls Saanjh and asks to save Arjun as Maya is mad.

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