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Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 17 Update on Tuesday 25th December 2018

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As Diana’s operation proceeds, Cristobal confronts Camilo that he’s going to be at fault if they should lose their mother because all he did was to argue with her instead of showing support, and Camilo tells him not to talk like that because it isn’t his fault that Diana has cancer. 
Afterwards, Camilo painfully goes to pray at the chapel, seeking from God not to take away the life of his wife because the children need her more and if it’s possible to sacrifice one’s life for the other, then he’ll gladly sacrifice his for her. 
Monica later approach Camilo whiles at the chapel and she tells him she decided to come and hopes he doesn’t mind and Camilo mentions that, it’s good she came.

The operation is due and doctor Juan informs the family that Diana did well in the surgery and she’s now in the recovery room but they’re yet to take the samples of the tumor for some tests to see the stage where the cancer has gotten to. 
Eugenia then asks if Diana is going to be alright and he replies that Diana is going to be well for a while longer, and they all get relieved. On the other hand, Monica didn’t look that happy after the news and silently walks away in bitterness.

Rafael walks towards Camilo and he tells him that now that things are going on well with Diana, her relationship with Monica needs to be defined because he saw him grow some affection towards her and if any of his children finds out, they wouldn’t take it in god fate. 
Camilo then expresses to him that Monica only gives him some peace of mind and that’s all but Rafael still insists that he puts a stop to it because he’s not being fair to both women, and again, he asks if he hasn’t noticed that Monica is in love with him and Camilo looked stunned.

Monica arrives home looking all down and she informs Ximena that Diana made it and she’s no longer going to die and indeed, she’s happy for her but then she doesn’t know what to do with the feelings she has towards Camilo.

Camilo tells Rafael it isn’t possible for Monica to fall in love with him and he makes him to understand that he’s getting it all wrong because she has always been in love with him and so, if he doesn’t feel same towards her, he better stops feeding her feelings with his attitude because it isn’t fair at all. 
Camilo then states that his family always comes first and the circumstance may have gotten everyone a bit confused and Rafael mentions to him that, he needs to clear up his mind and the sooner, the better.

Camilo quietly thinks of Rafael’s statement and he asks himself if it could be true that Monica really loves him and also, if that could be her reasons for the kindness, she shows towards him.

Maggi tells Manuel that now that Diana is recovering, things might get complicated with having Regina move in with them and he tells her not to let that affect her because nothing can be done about it and she suddenly gets pissed, saying that all she wants is to have Regina in her house and it should be now.

Camilo stays with Diana in the hospital whiles the rest of the family goes home to catch some rest. It’s 4:44am at dawn and Camilo is still awake, watching over Diana so closely and on the other hand, Monica is also wild awake having so much going on in mind and couldn’t stop watching her clock till day break.

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