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Who Killed Libia Episode 85 Update on Sunday 2nd December 2018

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John and Sofia visits Father Teddy and he informs them that Gabriela has decided to create a charity foundation and she wants to name it after Bernardo Elizondo and they all get wowed.
Gabriela invites the family’s lawyer over and tells him that for some time now, there has been some misunderstandings in their family and so since Bernardo left everything in her care, she wants to make some changes in the will by removing the children’s name and fix in another person. 

The lawyer then brings to her notice that before her husband died, he came to make some changes in the will and placed Sofia as the one to fully take charge of all the properties. Again, the lawyer added that Bernardo asked them never to allow anyone read the will until Sofia have her first child and he knew that by then she wouldn’t be with Fernando but someone she truly loves.

After the lawyer leaves, Fernando says to Gabriela that their marriage will no longer come on because he can’t afford to lose Sofia since she’s now the rightful owner of all the Elizondo properties and furiously, she tells him that it won’t happen and he’s going to marry her whether he likes it or not. Fernando then tries to convince her that, he’s only doing it for their own good because they can’t sit and allow those worthless people (John and family) to come and enjoy what they never worked for if he happens to marry Sofia.

John visits his father’s land during the night and vigorously makes an oath to him that he’ll fight and get back what belongs to them because he knows very well that he made a lot of sacrifices to keep that fortune for their entire generation so he wouldn’t sit and watch it go into other people’s hands. 

Franco and Peter states to Oscar and John that they don’t understand why Otafrigya and his guards always come to their rescue anytime Armando tries to hurt them and he always warns Armando never to meddle with their family. 

John also remembered something Otafrigya told him during the time he won the horse race that their grand master was so proud to know that the winner came from their family and he was really baffled when Otafrigya said that to him.

Rosa and Ofelia start to pack their belongings to join Eva and live together. Fernando walks in as they continue with the packing and he asks why and where they are packing to and Rosa answers him. 

Furiously, he scatters everything and yells at her not to move an inch but Rosa clarifies to him that if he tries stopping them, she’ll report him to the authorities and Gabriela and he calms down as he notice how serious she is. He then tells her that she can go but then she still needs to come and sing at the bar since she’ll be needing that money.

Fernando quickly goes to inform Armando that hence forth, he needs to get closer and be friendly to Rosa and win her trust and Armando mentions that he knows very well that Rosa will never accept his friendship no matter what yet Fernando contends that he do so as he says. 

Mr. Augustin calls for Oscar to come over and he suggests that they sneak into the hacienda in the evening and search for some documents which can be used to pull down Fernando and reveal all his bad deeds. Gradually, they are able to sneak into the hacienda and finally enters the study to carry on with their search but unfortunately, Gabriela comes out from her room and starts to call for her house help Fatima. 

Oscar then asks Mr. Augustin to go and pretend to talk to her daughter so that he can sneak out through the windows and as Augustin leaves the study to speak to Gabriela, Oscar finds a letter on the floor as he tries passing through the window and he picks it up. Gabriela gets so shocked to see her father in the hacienda at that point in time and she starts questioning him and also attempts to enter the study and see what’s happening.

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