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Who Killed Libia Episode 92 Update on Friday 21st December 2018

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Ofelia finds Eva in Margret’s premises and she becomes so astonished and makes Margret to understand that if she’s doing this for Rosa’s sake, then she’s mistaken and Margret states to her that Eva had no where to go so she did it out of pity. Ofelia then asks Maggi to leave the town and go back to where she came from but she clarifies to her that, she’s not leaving until she knows the truth about her daughter.

Mr. Augustin engages in a conversation with Eva about Bernardo’s death and he tells her that he sometimes thinks about that young lady who showed up at Bernardo’s wake keeping but then he has forgotten her name and suddenly, Fernando approaches and mentions that, she was called Libia Osei. He then added that he just found out that young lady was the younger sister of the Osei brothers and Augustin gets stunned.

Eva then tries to give an explanation to Mr. Augustin and Fernando starts to blame her for keeping quiet when she knew the brothers purposely came in for revenge and furiously, Augustin begins to query Eva.
Gabriela shockingly finds out the truth from Fernando that Libia comes from the Osei’s family and she was the youngest of all.

The brothers lead the sisters to Libia’s grave and finally declares to them that their late sister whom they’ve been asking so many questions about is no other than Libia, the young lady who fell in love with their late father Bernardo and ended up losing her life.

Sofia then asks John why he kept silent about it for so long and always changed the topic whenever she asked of that young lady’s name and Jemima wrathfully added that they didn’t do well at all and that really proves how wicked they can be. 

She then asks Oscar to tell them their main reason for showing up at their hacienda and he painfully answered that, they came purposely to kill but had a change of mind after meeting them but the sisters didn’t take it lightly at all and quickly take their leave.

Gabriela gets happy and says to Fernando that she’s going to stay glued to her seat and patiently wait for her daughters to get back and plead for her acceptance due to what they’ve found out about the brothers and that’s when she’s going to set strict rules for them to follow. 

Fernando then states to her that, she shouldn’t act like that towards them when they show up but rather, she should use that opportunity to prove to them that she’s a good mother who only cares about their happiness and by so doing, she’ll conquer them in everything.

Fernando goes to sit in his bedroom and says to himself that what Sofia hates in her life are lies so definitely, she’s going to leave John and that’s going to pave way for him to win her back by all means.
The sisters pack their belongings out of the brothers’ house and refuse to listen to any explanations given to them.

Father Teddy comes in to explain to Sofia and her sisters that John and his brothers genuinely loves them so they shouldn’t leave but they object and still holds on to their decision. After they left, John vigorously makes it clear to his brothers that, they can’t let this break them or stop them from moving on because there’s more to life

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