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Who Killed Libia Episode 93--94 Update on Sunday 23rd December 2018

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Sofia and her sisters return to the hacienda and cry on their grandfather’s shoulder, stating that they never thought of ending up this way with the brothers and Augustin also mentions that, he also thought they would forever be in safe hands for getting married with the Osei brothers but what they planned doing has made him regret ever giving them his support.

Gabriela later approaches as she sees her daughters and tells them how pity it is to see them in that state but Augustin tells her not to mock them because they’re heart broken and needs her consolation. Gabriela then clarifies to her daughters that she also feels and understand the pain they’re going through and they might not believe in her words but it’s the fact and despite everything they did against her, she’s ever ready to accept and live with them in peace like before.
Sarah then steps forward and tells her mother that she trusts and believes in her so she should forgive and take her back. Jemima also steps forward as well and embraces her mother for the acceptance. Sofia then painfully says to Gabriela that she wishes to join but she always makes her feel as if she isn’t part of her children so there’s no point in moving in with them.

Eva tearfully talks to Rosa about being the cause of the separation between the brothers and the sisters because she was the one who paved way for the boys to enter into the hacienda in the first place when she knew their purpose for coming wasn’t good. She continues by saying that Sofia and her sisters will never forgive her if they should find out she’s behind everything and Rosa tells her to gather courage and explain things to them and if she likes, she can accompany her but Eva states that, she doesn’t want to involve her in that situation and Rosa wishes her all the best as she goes to explain herself.

Sofia pressures Gabriela to point it out to her if she’s her biological daughter or not and Gabriela tells her she’s her daughter for Christ’s sake so she better stop bothering her with such questions and come back home because she’s ready to accept her whole heartedly. She then goes ahead to ask why a graduate like her stupped so low for a poor wretched fellow to marry her and Sofia explains that after being raped, she never thought she would one day fall for a man until she met John and since then, she has come to understand what true love is.

Mr. Augustin goes to the brothers’ house and shows them how disappointed he is for the plans they had in mind against his family all along, and highly respecting them to the extent of handing over his grandchildren to them for marriage. John then clarifies to Augustin that Bernardo betrayed their little sister for not making her aware of her marriage to Gabriela and that’s the exact thing they’ve done to her daughters as pay back so he has no rite to judge them. 

Sofia visits her father’s tomb and tearfully blames him for making she and her sisters suffer from his mistakes.

Fernando walks into Sofia’s bedroom and tells her she may think he’s evil but it’s rather the opposite and as a husband, he wants to put a petition before her that, if only she’ll permit him, then he’ll willingly support, protect and cater for her and the unborn child as if it was his but Sofia asks him to get out of her sight because he doesn’t even love and care for his own son. Fernando then promises to love and care for Luis from hence forth to prove to her that he really mean his words but she tells him she doesn’t need any help whatsoever from him so he should go away.

John mentions to his brothers that, now that they’ve been able to fulfil the promise they made to Libia, it’s time to move on with their next plan, which is acquiring all the properties their late parents left behind.

Franco and Rosa meet each other in town and Rosa tells Franco that she’s so sorry for what’s going on between his family and the three sisters and Franco mentions to her that he’s now married to Sarah but still doesn’t understand why she left him for no reason. 
Rosa then opens up to Franco that she still loves him like before but her reasons for quitting their relationship was because, she didn’t deserve him and always, he was at risk each time they were together but her love for him still holds as she speaks and Franco looked stunned.

Father Teddy invites both John and Sofia to the chapel separately and upon their arrival, they get confused and asks Father why he called for each one of them and he mentions that if they’re still in love, then he’s ready to bless them.


Father Teddy tells Sofia and John that he’s going to excuse them to decide on what to do with their relationship but must also bear in mind that they’ve really come a long way so therefore, they should try and conclude on something positive and he’ll be there to support. Sofia then states to John that he’s the reason for her sufferings but aside all the pain, she still loves him but his betrayal has created a barrier between them and nothing can be done about it. 

John then draws nearer and pleads with Sofia but she pushes him off and he tells her that he’s not surprised she’s finding it hard to forgive because everything proves she’s carrying an unforgiving heart just like her mother Gabriela and heatedly, he exists.

Mr. Alex explains to Peter that he really understands why he’s mad at him but then he isn’t to be blamed for everything that happened because, he wrote several letters to her mother asking for their whereabout but she didn’t pay attention to them and he still tried his best to locate them yet, to no avail. Peter then makes his dad to understand that, he still could have done better but with all the explanations he has given, he will still need some time to think things over.

Eva goes to tell the brothers that she’s scared to speak to Sofia and her sisters about the issue because they might hate her for what she did and Oscar states to her that, when she even paved way for them to enter into the hacienda, they ended up falling in love instead of seeking for their revenge so it’s no big deal. John also comes in and advises Eva not to commit the same mistake they did for hiding the truth from the sisters, so she better gets bold and open up to them. He continued by saying that if Sofia still refuses to change her mind on coming back to him, he’ll also move on and forget about her, but they all plead with him not to talk like that.

The Elizondo family sits for dinner and Gabriela expresses how happy she is to see the family together once again and also being able to do away with all their enemies especially Eva. Mr. Augustine then mentions that it pains him Eva is no longer with them because she was just like a family member and Fernando comes in to say that, Eva is paying for her price because she was the one who allowed those wicked people into their home and Gabriela backs him up. 
Sofia also comes in and mentions that his father didn’t do well at all for not informing Libia about his family and Fernando notifies her that Bernardo wanted to reject them and marry that young lady and he tried stopping him but he didn’t pay any attention because it was as if he was under a spell and the day he intended telling them the truth, was the exact day he died and they all looked astounded. 
Gabriela then asks how he got to know about it and he replies that Bernardo himself told him but Augustin states it clear to Fernando that, he’s very sure he had an argument with Bernardo over that issue and took advantage to eliminate him.

Fernando gets offended at Augustin’s accusation and leaves the dinning hall and Gabriela yells at Mr. Augustin that anytime she tries hard to gather the family in peace, that’s when he says hurtful things and ruin everything. Again, she tells her daughters it’s not her fault that their marriage didn’t succeed and if they should have taken her advice, all these wouldn’t be happening because she knows best as a mother and her words aren’t to be taken for granted.

Rosa expresses to Maggi that she feels there’s something that binds them because being with her it’s like they’ve known themselves for years and suddenly, tears begin to flow down Maggi’s cheeks. Rosa then asks why and she tells her there’s something bothering her and she’s not that happy and Rosa states that she has everything and has achieved a lot in life so she needs to be happy but Maggi tells her she’ll get to understand her in due time.

Sofia suggests to her sisters that the way things are going, it will be better if they engage themselves in a business so they can earn some money for themselves else, their mother will continue to rule them anyhow she wants and they agree.

Vincent (an uncle to the Osei brothers) unexpectedly arrives and he surprises the Osei brothers with his visit because they were planning on locating him and Peter mentions that, he’s very sure his father (Mr. Alex Osei) was the one who sent for Vincent to come over.

Sofia and her sisters discuss their business plan with Mr. Augustin and he gets delighted and promises to give them some money from his savings to commence the business.

John informs his uncle Vincent about how they are fighting to acquire the properties their parents left behind since it’s now in the hands of the wrong people and also, what the court is demanding from them before they can grant them full custody. 

Vincent then hands over a document which really proves they’re the biological children of the legitimate owner of the properties and with this, there’s no way the court will refuse them what is rightfully theirs and the brothers starts to rejoice as they read through the documents.

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