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Who Killed Libia Update on Saturday 1st December 2018

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Sofia feels very worried, knowing that Fernando and her mother will soon be married but she becomes glad afterwards knowing that it will create a path for her to marry John at last. This excites John so much that he tells Sofia they need to plan for a very big wedding and invite all their loved ones to come and witness in joy. 

Jemima finds some fancy shoes in town which interests her so she decides to tell Oscar to buy it for her. As she gets home and informs him to get her those lovely shoes, he complains of not having enough money at the moment and she gets disappointed. Oscar then explains to Jemima that, they need to manage because she knows his situation but she takes it wrongly, saying that he no longer pampers her like he used to do before they got married so if he’s not ready to buy her anything, then it’s cool.

John later speaks to Oscar and he advices him to make some sacrifices for the one he loves to keep the relationship going and he gives him money to purchase the shoes for Jemima to solve everything

Sofia sits Franco down and makes him to understand that she really cares for her little sister Sarah and so if he knows perfectly that he doesn’t love her, then he shouldn’t raise her hopes high. Franco then expresses to Sofia that he never deceived either Sarah nor Rosa about how he felt for them but now, things between him and Rosa aren’t working so he would love to restart everything with Sarah and gladly, Sofia asks him to take very god care of her.

Rosa goes to see John at the bakery and she tells him that she has given up on Franco and also, she has come to realize that what he said about the fact that Franco’s life is always at risk anytime he’s with her is very true. Again, she makes a request to John to protect her son should in case anything happens to her and soberly, John agrees to it.

Oscar and Jemima present their marriage certificate for the quest of adopting Pablo and they were granted the opportunity successfully.

Sofia informs Gabriela that, Fernando doesn’t love her one bit but rather, he’s only after her due to what he’ll get and unexpectedly, Gabriela sounds her and tells her to go away with her jealousy because she’s not willing to leave Fernando today nor Tomorrow and she curses her and the unborn baby.

Gabriela goes to pressure Fernando to speed up with their marriage process because people now points fingers at her anytime she steps out and Sofia has even come to caution her that he’s only after her money so he needs to hurry else she’ll throw him out.

Gabriela informs Fernando that she has decided to create an NGO to help the poor and the needy because she no longer has a good name in town so she wants to win back their love but he tells her she’s only going to waste away her money. Also, she adds that, she wants to change the family’s will and exempt her children from acquiring any possession and immediately they get married, she’ll fix him in the will.

John and Sofia visits Father Teddy and he informs them that Gabriela has decided to create a charity foundation and she wants to name it after Bernardo Elizondo and they all get wowed.

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