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Ashoka Samrat Episode 147--148 Update on Tuesday 21st January 2019

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Scene 1
flashback shows that Radha has the real record, he says to Aakramak when Chanakya will comeback then i will give this record to Bindu, aakramak nods and leaves, he changes real records with fake one and says even if Helena gets it then she will know nothing. fb ends.
A literate person reads letter that Dharma was Bindu’s wife, Khurasan says i will kill this person, person says that i will not tell anything to anyone, dont kill me, Khurasan says i dont leave marks behind, he is about to kill him but Helena stops him and ask person to leave, Khurasan says he can be dangerous for us, Helena ask him to leave, person thanks her and starts leaving but he falls down and dies as helena had given her poison, she sys there is different ways of removing proofs, Helena says Chanakya is making plans but not leaving any mark, Noor says Ashok is not telling anything, Niharika sys your father has done deal with him, he should ask him, Khurasan says i cant force Ashok as then he will doubt me, Helena says i know one person with whom Ashok can share anything without any hesitation, she says Ahenkara, we should use Ahenkara and ask her to tell Ashok about Dharma, he will tell her everything.
Ahenkara comes near river and recalls Sushim’s words that if you loved me for moment then forgive me, she says i cant trust me, the behavior he had with me, how can i forget that, she has saved me from Inderjeet but now i feel indebted to him but Ashok has saved me so many times but i dont feel indebted, this is humanity, he helps me everytime, she says father you are seeing me, tell me what to do, how to choose my path, Niharika comes there and says when you want peace then help others, show them way to solve their problems, your father used to say that, Ahenkara says i also want to serve Ujjain, Niharika says i am not talking about Ujjain but the person who has always been with you that is Ashok, i have listened that Ashok is finding Dharma but i feel that if he tries to go close to them then they can hurt him as Dharma and her son are betrayers, Ahenkara says Ashok told me that Dharma is not criminal, Niharika says i have met that women, she is very clever, Ashok is falling in her trap, Dharma says is Bindu’s wife and she wants revenge from him thats why she is using Ashok’s innocence, once she get what she want then she can kill Ashok too, Ahenkara says you dont like Ashok then why you are thinking about him? Niharika says yes i dont like him but i cant forget that you are alive only because of Ashok, i am not that cold, Ahenkara hugs her and says i will help Ashok.
Scene 2
Ahenkara meets Ashok, Ashok ask you wanna say anything? she says you remember i promised you that when i will get chance then i will help you, i have got this chance but first promise me that you will not get angry listening it, Khurasan and Niharika are seeing them from far. Ashok promises, Ahenkara says to AShok that i know you are trying to meet Dharma and her son, you think they are innocent but they are very clever and cheap minded people, they want to take revenge from Bindu, if you know anything about Dharma or her son then tell me, my mother will protect you, she told me that Dharma is not good women, Ashok thinks that your mother is using you, i will have to answer her, henkara says to Ashok that i wanna know about Dharma and her son, what you know about them, Ashok senses Khurasan hiding there and understands their trap, he tells Ahenkara that i went to meet Dharma and her son but they felt someone is with me so they beat me and left, they wanted to talk to Bindu, Ahenkara ask when they wanted to talk to Bindu? Ashok says on Bindu’s birthday.
Helena says to Khurasan that Bindu’s birthday is tomorrow, Noor says Dharma will come to meet bindu tomorrow, Khurasan says if Dharma reaches Bindu then everything will be finished, Helena says no this will not happen, before they reach Bindu, we have to find them.
All are called in court, Helena says i have called everyone, i wanted to surprise Bindu but then thought his permission is needed, tomorrow is Bindu’s birthday, i feel that i will not be present in his next birthday as i am aged now so i want to celebrate his birthday this year grandly, Bindu says i understand your emotions but i dont fell like celebrating my birthday, Helena says its not like that i dont miss Justin, mother’s love can never end but bigger truth was that he was betrayer so i had to kill my motherly love and chose justice over it, the person who didnt think about my emotions, i cant give him permission to play with my emotions, the happiness which came in Janmashtmi, i want to continue that, Helena says to Bindu that i love you alot so i want all to celebrate your birthday, Noor says Helena is right, i also want that, Bindu ask Khurasan that you got news that my life is in danger, Khurasan says dont worry, on your birthday security will be tight, Helena says the people who will have invitation, only they will enter palace, guests will be less too this time, Bindu says even i have one announcement to do on birthday, that will shock everyone and will also make them happy, all look on tensed.
PRECAP- Dharma says that tomorrow is Bindu’s birthday, he is my husband and my son’s father, i will gift him tomorrow on his birthday, she makes something for him. Ashok drops letter, Khurasan reads it, it says that Dharma will meet Bindu in birthday celebrations. Ashok thinks that i will fool Khurasan in such a way that he will see Dharma in celebrations but wont be able to catch her.
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Scene 1
Bindu leaves court after saying he will announce something, Helena thinks what if Bindu knows something about dharma, Niharika says if it wa regarding Dharma then he wouldnt have said that we will get happy. Ashok thinks that i dont know what plan Bindu has made to know truth but tomorrow i will remove all allegations from my mother, tomorrow i will bring Khurasan’s truth infront of all, i will give Dharma her respect back, tomorrow i will unite my parents, with father’s birthday, his new life will start where we will be with him, our family will be completed and after that we will have happiness and peace in our lives together.
Dharma is in room and says that tomorrow is Bindu’s birthday, all will give him gift but me.. i am so close to him but.. but now he knows that we are alive many things changed in less time, Chanakya brought us here and took care of us, i tried to run from truth but couldnt, at this moment i know that i am wife of Bindu and i will present him gift, Ashok comes there, she is making gift from mud, Ashok sit next to her and ask what you are making? she says its not completed, Ashok says what if you are not able to complete it? Dharma says why you think so? Ashok says sometime we cant make what we want to, we want things to happen our way but it doesnt happen, Dharma says that we should try to set things, Ashok says what if we get only chance to set things, Dahrma ask whats the matter? Ashok thinks how to tell her that i will use her to trap Khurasan, dharma says if you have only once chance then you have to decide if chance is important to use or if we can leave things on their on own, she ask the matter? he says i wanna surprise Bindu tomorrow, dont know if i will be able to surprise him, Dharma ask what you are giving him? aShok says i will tell you later, dharma thinks that he doesnt know that he is trying to surprise his father, i hope he becomes successful.
Scene 2
Ashok is going and recalls how Niharika said in court that Dharma is criminal, he recalls how Chanakya said that if you bring dharma in open without proving her innocence then Bindu will have to punish her, Ashok says i know what chanakya wants, he wants me to bring Dharma and khurasan infront of Bindu at sametime but i cant put my mother’s life in danger, to show Khurasan’s deeds, i cant use my mother.
Helena says that if what Ashok said is truth then tomorrow i will get what i wanted, bindu will go through same pain which i went through when i had to kill my son with my own hands, Bindu will have to kill his love too. Noor comes to Helena and says what you thought about Justin’s last wish? Helena recalls how Justin said that think my son and your grandson will sit on throne of Magdh, he will be Samrat and it will be fulfillment of our dream, Noor says you promised Justin that you will make SIamak Samrat, what if Bindu announce Sushim as his heir? Helena says being heir and being Samrat is different, tomorrow we will present Dharma and her son as criminals, Bindu will lose his mental stability, i wont be able to see my son Bindu in pain so i will take charge of everything and nobody will question me as all think i am Devi, i will rule everyone, i have not waited for any day as much as i wait for tomorrow.
Scene 3
Sun rises, Helena says to wives that i want Bindu to be happy today, i dont want him to be alone on this say, this say should be memorable, Charu ask what will we do? Helena says we will make his morning good, being Bindu’s first wife, Charu will wake him up, Charu leaves.
Charu comes to Bindu and wishes him birthday and prays for his long life, he thanks her and comes out of room with her, its all decorated, Bindu likes it. Helena says to Khalatak that when Bindu comes here, do prayer for him, Bindu comes there, priests does his Aarti and Tilak, Bindu leaves with Cahru from there. Helena says to noor that you will welcome Bindu on dinning table, till then Subhrasi will decorate his room and will welcome him with his children in his room, Subhrasi nods and leaves, Helena says to noor that i know you wanted to wish Bindu first but sun’s first rise is for once but its light remain till evening, sameway you will remain with Bindu till evening, if Ashok was saying truth then Dharma will try to reach Bindu for sure, now go and be with Bindu, Noor nods and leaves.
Bindu says to Noor that the start of day was very good, noor wishes him birthday and says i have made your favorite dishes, Bindu sit on dinning table with Noor, Charu thinks that noor has placed only 2 chairs so that nobody else can sit with them.
Helena says to Khurasan that only you have seen Dharma so you have to be careful, Helena says to Khurasan that i want Bindu to punish Dharma and her son with his own hands and for that you need to catch them alive, Khurasan nods, Niharika is silent, Helena ask any problem? Niharika ask why Noor is not involved in our plan? Helena says she is playing her part, noor and Charu must be trying to attract Bindu so they will make sure that no one else can meet Bindu, to make your plan successful, we have to keep it secret, she ask Khurasan to stay out and see who is coming in palace, Khurasan says who will keep eye on Ashok? Helena says niharika, Ashok doesnt know she is with us, he must be preparing for Birthday so he will be near us.

PRECAP- Ashok drops letter, Khurasan takes it and reads that Dharma and her son will meet Bindu today and will tell him of what happened 15years back, Ashok thinks that i will fool Khurasan in such a way that he will see Dharma in celebrations but wont be able to catch her…

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