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Gangaa Episode 503--504 Update on Friday 25th January 2019

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Savitri calls Ganga and Dai Maa to go inside. Kushal comes to tell Ganga no one has the ability to climb a tree. Savitri thinks she must control this Ganga.
Inside, Savitri says she likes it that Ganga has started to understand the rules of this family. At first, she thought Ganga can never be a good daughter in law; but she needs learn a lot and fulfil the responsibilities of elder daughter in law. She is thinking about giving Shrivrastri fair responsibility to Ganga, like Parvati held it. Shiv denies, saying Ganga is new to family. Savitri qualifies she would only learn when she would do this work. Shiv tells Savitri he would look after the fair’s responsibility, Ganga can take some other responsibility.
Maharaj ji comes to meet Ganga, his daughter. A servant stops him, then comes in to
inform Savitri someone came to meet Ganga from her mother’s house. Ganga hurries outside. Savitri reminds her of her veil; Ganga touches Maharaj ji’s feet. Savitri asks Ganga who he is, she never discussed about him. Maharaj ji asks Ganga if she didn’t recognize her Mishra Kaka. Jhumki taunts Ganga doesn’t know the name of her relative. Savitri asks Ganga who is he, she needs to reply; does she recognize him. Ganga looks through her veil, confused. She then denies knowing him at all. Savitri sends Maharaj ji outside, everyone might come to meet them as relative. Tears fill Maharaj ji’s eyes, who leaves the house. Ganga goes inside, while the veil fell off her head but Savitri comes between her and Maharaj ji to cover Ganga.
Outside, Dai Maa comes to apologize Maharaj ji about Ganga’s behavior. Maharaj ji was worried about Ganga, Dai Maa says Ganga even didn’t recognize her name and has a memory loss. Maharaj ji was upset that the storm was catastrophic for both Ganga, here she lost her memory and in Banaras the storm took Ganga away altogether. He takes a leave. Savitri over hears this, and wonders why she didn’t know about it.
At night, Pratab and Savitri discuss about Ganga’s memory loss. Savitri was happy she got a god opportunity to remove Ganga from this house and Shiv’s life. Ganga must die, when, where and how is also there in her mind. They watches Shiv enter the room, then questions Pratab if he can’t go for work who would look after her. She tells Shiv about a relative girl who is ill, she asked Pratab to take some money for her. Even Shiv is busy with fair. Shiv assures he would get the money for Lallan, she must only take rest. Savitri agrees, while Pratab smirks.
Early morning, Shiv counts the money and was preparing tea. Ganga comes out of her room. Shiv thinks tea has finished. Ganga goes to get tea for him, in spite of his denial. She insists he never leaves without tea. Shiv was not in the hall. Ganga was upset that Shiv couldn’t stay even for a few minutes, his wallet was there behind.
A man informs Savitri that Mishra sent a few clothes for Ganga; he insists Mishra is always upset that Ganga couldn’t recognize him. Ganga looks at the clothes. The man tells Ganga that Mishra miss her a lot, he brought her up after her parent’s death. Savitri insists Ganga doesn’t recognize him at all. Ganga replies what’s wrong in going to meet him, at least he recognizes her. Savitri allows Ganga to go, but not with the man alone. She points towards the man, then smirks behind him. Riya watches Ganga leave with the man, Savitri says she is going to meet her uncle.
Shiv stops the car as he watches Maharaj ji standing on bus stop. He goes to greet him. Maharaj ji says he was really hurt that Ganga didn’t even recognize him. Maharaj ji was happy that Ganga got a husband like him. He was upset that Sagar still didn’t return home and his second Ganga is also missing. Shiv insists on Maharaj ji to come home with him, Maharaj ji takes a leave saying he would only keep on calling him. Shiv thinks about giving some money to him, but his wallet wasn’t with him. He thinks he has lost his wallet.
Ganga thinks Mishra knows her since childhood. The man with her signals the driver to stop the car. The driver stops the car with a jerk. The man says from here comes broken roads and they must walk. The driver walks behind them with a knife.
Shiv returns home, Savitri inquires him about his return. Shiv says may be Ganga kept his wallet safe. Savitri informs Shiv Ganga went to meet her uncle, Shiv wonders who?
PRECAP: Ganga watches the knife in the goon’s hand. Shiv goes looking around for Ganga, and reaches Ganga before Ganga could be harmed.

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Shiv wonders how can Ganga go to meet Mishra Kaka, he was alone and Ganga wasn’t with him. He inquires if Mishra ji came to take Ganga, Savitri replies he sent someone else. Shiv says his talks didn’t suggest something, he gets alert that something is wrong.
There, Ganga was walking with the goons. Her foot slips and she spots a knife in driver’s hand, getting alert. The driver replies they need to take her life with it. Ganga was confused, the old man tells Ganga he is also helpless. Ganga tries to run away for life but the two men hold her. Shiv had come on his jeep looking for Ganga. He spots an empty van of their house and hears Ganga’s shouts for help. The men tortured and harassed Ganga. Shiv runs for her help. He comes to fight the goons. Ganga comes to hug Shiv tightly, as she shivers
and cries. Shiv calms her down, he asks if she recognizes them both. She denies. He takes her back home.
At home, Riya wonders what could possibly happen had Shiv not reached there. Shiv says one of their servant was involved, they can no more trust their own people. Kushaal says they can’t even trust their household members at this age. Savitri sends Ganga to her room. Shiv shares with Savitri that Ganga lost her memory during the storm on the day of their wedding. Everyone was shocked except Pratab and Savitri, Savitri asks if Shiv knew about it? Shiv says he didn’t share it with anyone because of their father’s death. Had Savitri known about it, she would never have let Ganga leave with an outsider? Savitri assures everyone would now be alert about Ganga. Kushaal thinks when Savitri is sweet, this suggests there is something wrong for sure.
Ganga sits up on bed in the evening. There was no water in the pot. She goes out to get water for herself and hears Pratab speaking on phone. He told the other person, he can’t come to receive loans anymore. Shiv considers himself God being Mathadesh, Shiv is step son and he is the real one; thus he should be on there as Mathadesh. They need to remove Shiv from this chair, he plans about stealing from Math’s money and blame Shiv. When the money will be lost, everyone would lose faith over Shiv. Shiv would take the blame over himself, and Pratab would be the next Mathadesh. He laughs hysterically, and plans a meet up with the other one tomorrow. Ganga thinks Shiv is about to lose his life for Pratab, and Pratab thinks so false for him. She hides herself as Pratab leaves, then asks Jhumki about Shiv’s whereabouts. Jhumki says Shiv has gone to Math. Ganga thinks about going to Math, in order to give him lunch.
On the way, Savitri asks Ganga what is this lunch for. Dai Maa comes there and says she had given the lunch boxto Shiv. Ganga says alright then, she didn’t know about it. She walks inside.
At night, Ganga was restlessly waiting for Shiv. Dai Maa comes to inform Ganga that Shiv would stay at Mathtonight, there is a lot to arrange. Ganga was worried, and asks for Shiv’s mobile number. Ganga dials the number but it was switched off.
The next morning, she hears Shiv return. She comes out to speak to him, but Pratab comes there. Shiv asks Ganga what’s so important, Ganga says nothing important and goes to get something from kitchen. Pratab assures Shiv that he would take care of Math’s work, as Shiv has important chore at bank. Shiv says he needs to do some important chores at Math. Later, Ganga asks Dai Maa about Math’s contact number. Ganga receives a call from Radhika’s school, Radhika has a fight with a girl. Ganga assures to be there soon. In the school, Ganga defended Radhika. The other student’s mother blamed Radhika. Ganga says she can prove the other girl is lying. Shiv also reach the school.

PRECAP: Ganga comes to see the open locker that was empty. Outside, she blames Pratab in front of Shiv and goes to check in his car but finds nothing.

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