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Gangaa Episode 511--512 Update on Thursday 31st January 2019

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During the Pooja, Ganga happily stands beside Shiv. Savitri tells Pratab this is a minor victory, she hasn’t played her best yet. Pratab says no one can stop Ganga from sitting in Pooja. Savitri says there is a man everyone at Math is afraid of, even Shiv can’t deny his orders and he must forbid Ganga to sit in the Pooja.

An old man is shown walking on dark streets.
Ganga gets Aarti to everyone. A man comes in to inform about the old man’s arrival. Shiv asks how Karoni Baba arrived. Savitri says he didn’t arrive for last three years, this time Ganga has to do the Pooja so she called him here. Ganga wonders why everyone worried is hearing his name. They all go to welcome Baba. Dai Maa tells Ganga he is a great Sadhu, Savitri must have called him here as Shiv is also afraid of him and
may reject any of Ganga’s work.

Inside, Baba says Savitri invited him here saying the new daughter in law would welcome him to family. Ganga brings water for him in glass. He scolds her for not bringing metal glass. Ganga leaves to get metal glass, Baba says he now realized she lacks devotion. Savitri tries to second Ganga but he interrupts her saying its not easy to take Parvati’s place. She abide by any of rules, every girl is not eligible for this. He stands up to take rest. Shiv comes to Ganga saying Karoli Baba is strict about rules, each of his work must be done accordingly.

Dai Maa comes to call Ganga for bringing Baba’s luggage inside. Jhumki enters the room and throws filthy water over his bed to get Ganga disgraced. Ganga and Dai Maa carries the bags inside and were shocked to see the tea stain over the bed. Dai Maa says they can’t trust anyone in the family; she says they were left with a single mattress. Ganga asks what they must do, Baba would reach here in half an hour. Ganga runs to get the mattress. At home, she folds her mattress to carry it for Baba. People watch Ganga carry the mattress with much exertion. Dai Maa was annoyed where she would sleep tonight.

Ganga says it’s her duty to take care of a guest. She brings new bed spread, and hurries outside.
At midnight, Shiv returns home and notices Ganga sleeping on floor. He tries to wake her up, then finds her shivering with cold. He carries a heater to Ganga trying to warm her, but all in vain. He finally carries her to his bed, Ganga holds his hand there. Shiv sits beside her bed and fell asleep there.

The next morning, Shiv was still sleeping with his hand in Ganga’s. Ganga wakes up and finds herself on bed while Shiv sleeping in a sitting position beside the bed. She leaves his bed at once. Shiv also woke up and explain she had been shivering out of cold. Ganga says he could have slept inside, or woken her up. Shiv says he is used to it, Ganga was tired of hard work. Ganga thanks him. Ganga tells Shiv firstly, she never understood him but now she does. Earlier, she didn’t work with much passion but she would.

Dai Maa comes to inform Ganga that Baba called her to Math. Baba tells Ganga Parvati wished for a Pooja that Ganga must accomplish now. She must walk to the top most temple, would she be able to take the challenge. Dai Maa was worried about Ganga’s injured feet, but Ganga takes the responsibility. Baba says he would wait for her in temple. Savitri was determined not to let Ganga succeed.
Ganga begins the tough Pooja barefooted. A man comes to Ganga concerned for her and tries to snatch the idol off her hand. The idol fell off her hand.
PRECAP: Baba punishes Ganga to stay beside the flame and not let it go off. Ganga’s cloth takes the flame while she slept. Shiv enters to wake Ganga up.
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Karoli Baba finds Ganga having fallen Shivlin. Baba tells Ganga not to do this, she already showed her passion. He punishes her to protect the flame in front of Shivlin in Math. Savitri cheers watching this.
At night, Kushal stops Riya and asks where she is going. Riya says there is something important she has to do and rushes outside.
In Math, Dai Maa comes to assure Ganga there wasn’t much of her mistake. Ganga was upset that she couldn’t fulfil her promise. Dai Maa was sure that Baba would soon recognize Ganga’s abilities, she was sure Ganga would soon win over Baba’s heart. Jhumki stood behind the wall and unbolts window’s lock. Dai Maa goes to look for Shiv. The window panes start moving of strong wind, Ganga tries to protect the flame and use a stick to shut the windows. She
now sits beside the flame to keep it burning. She soon gets sleepy and keeps her head with the table. Her clothes get the flame and catch fire. Shiv had just entered the room and screams Ganga’s name rushing to throw water over her and the flame. He asks Ganga to come along him and leaves his men to look after the flame. Inside the room, he hands his jacket and shirt to Ganga to change. Ganga looks around, then goes to a corner to change her dress. After changing, Ganga apologizes for not taking care and having fallen asleep. Shiv says she was tired and it wasn’t her mistake. He inquires if she ate something, then looks behind to see Ganga in his clothes and laugh. Ganga also smiles. She tells Shiv there was no food left today. Shiv says she enjoys being hungry. Ganga thinks she is really hungry but if she should tell him. Shiv says he has realized she can never bear hunger, he has seen that avatar of her many times. He gives Sattu’s laddu to Ganga, which he prepares by himself. Ganga watches him kneed to prepare laddu for her. She compliments them to be yummy. Shiv eats one himself, and says Dai Maa told him about what happened in the temple. He confirms if she broke the Shivlin, Ganga asks if he would accept she didn’t break it. Shiv says he know Ganga a bit, the man was concerned for her.
Savitri makes a call to Pratab and tells him to bring Parvati’s jewellry to her till morning. She says she will show Shiv how well he understands Ganga now.
The next morning, Shiv discuss with Pratab about preparations. Savitri brings Parvati’s jewellry to Ganga as she has a right over them now. Shiv allows this too, while Ganga was reluctant. Savitri says these are going down their family for generations, she must take care of these. Ganga w as worried.
In Math, Ganga comes down the jeep wearing all the jewellry. Savitri tells Jhumki they wish to steal the jewellry. Shiv stares at Ganga who smiles at him, as she stops by him and covers her face. A poor lady comes to ask Jhumki for help for her daughter’s wedding. Jhumki was disgusted. There, Baba was distributing the jewellry. He spots Parvati’s jewellry, Baba wish she takes care of the jewellry like Parvati did. Savitri whispers to Jhumki and asks if she needs this jewelry? Jhumki was ready to abide by any of Savitri’s orders, Savitri gives her some idea. The poor lady enters again, Jhumki thinks this beggar lady is suitable for her chore. She follows the lady and promises to give her ten thousand, against stealing some jewellry for her. The lady says she would never have done this sin, if she didn’t need money. Jhumki says she would tell her how she must steal. She tells the lady she would mix Bhang in ladu, Ganga would faint eating them and she can easily steal the jewellry then.
In the room, Jhumki brings a laddu as Prasad by Baba. Ganga was about to eat from it, Kushaal comes in and says the one in Ganga’s hand is for Jhumki. Baba sent him to correct his mistake. He tosses both bowls to confuse Jhumki and makes her eat from her bowl. Jhumki was confused, Kushaal pushes her to eat the Prasad right here. He thinks now Jhumki would turn into a drama.

PRECAP: Santoshi would come to the village for Maha Aarti. Would this meet up turn Ganga’s life story?

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