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Kuch Rang Season 2 Episode 1--2 Update on Thursday 3rd January 2018

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A crying baby is shown. Dev speaks in his sleep that he is tired of taking care of him. Sonakshi says she is also fed up. Sonakshi wakes up and says Shob is actually crying, its not a dream. Dev goes to take care of Shob and tells Sona to sleep, he sings a lullaby for Shob. Sona laughs as he was finally able to take care of Shob.
In the morning, Dev was learning to pronounce a list. Sona wakes up and asks what this is. Dev says this is Indonesian language. He says he was awake to take care of Shob only, he doesn’t want to miss whatever he did in times of Sohana; he wants to give everything to Shob. He then points her coffee is ready. Sonakshi was impressed, then asks why learn the language. Dev says its for a foreign delegate. Sona says he could have appointed a mediator.
He says he needs a discount so he wants to impress them. He says I love you to her in Indonesian language. He laughs they even got time for each other only in Indonesian language. He holds Sona close to himself when Shob begins to cry at once. Sona hurries as he needs nappy change. Dev comes to her help. Afterwards, Sona shares with Dev she isn’t going to office, there is a children’s food nutrition plan project with government agency. Dev insists she must go to office, everyone at home would look after Shob.
In the hall, Ishwari held Shob. Golu and Sohana come playing. Gul comes to ask Ishwari give Shob to him. Soha and Golu argue Shob is really cute and will grow up resembling them each. Aleena comes to prepare them for school. Sona comes to insist on Soha finish her breakfast. The kids make up about stomach ache. Gul suggests about taking them to doctor. Everyone smiles as Sona strictly forbids them for an off.
Later, Sona tells Aleena that this government project is important so she must join office. Ishwari hears Aleena asks Sona if she told Bua ji about it. Sona says she will discuss with her when everyone has left.
Dev was leaving for office. Sona comes to remind him about something; he kiss her forehead. Sona gives his tiffin. Sona says she is still thinking about office project, but Dev says there are a lot of people to take care of Shob.
There, Mishti and Shaurav were changing Sonita’s nappy. They discuss Sona is on a leave. Shauravsays this is huge project, they can only get this project on face value of Sona. If Sona attends this first meeting, they will surely get this high value project.
At home, Ishwari wasn’t ready to let Sona go for office. She insists her brother can handle things at office, and Shob is happy and relaxed with her only. Sona says they are all with him. Ishwari asks if Sona would be able to live without Shob in office. Sona’s phone bell rings them. It was Shaurab trying Sona’s number.
At home, Maa was worried asking why Sona is joining office so soon. Shaurav says only Sona can crack this deal, and its an important project. Maa was against her resuming the work.
There, Sona was upset and says she won’t go. Ishwari says she can’t see Sona upset and may go to office. She says she knows Sona well and understands when she is happy and when not. Its about a single day, she can take care of Shob and takes Shob from Sona.

PRECAP: Sohana goes missing from school when Sona goes to pick her. Dev and Sona were tensed.

Sona and Dev give presentations in their respective offices. There at home, Radha and Ishwari were worried about why Shubh is crying. Ishwari was upset that he is crying because of Sonakshi. She calls Sona but she was in the meeting and the cell phone was silent. Dev gets a call from Ishwari in the midst of meeting. He turns to take the call and leaves the meeting over Vicky, assuring Vicky that he is also a family and can take care about it well. Outside the conference hall, Dev takes the call. He tells Ishwari that he set the call divert on Dev’s phone. Dev was concerned of Shubh has a fever or if he needs a nappy change. He returns home to play with Shubh without disturbing Sona. Ishwari looks towards him in shock as Dev shows how Shubh had stopped crying. Radha says she couldn’t

ever believe Dev can be such a good father. She tells Ishwari Dev had an important meeting with Indonesian delegate; Sona must have taken care of Shubh right now.
In the office, the presentations ends. Shorab dances around as the delegates had liked the meeting and was hopeful the project will be approved.
In the school, Suha says she really has stomach pain while Golu teases him. Suha was irked at Golu and says she won’t let him play with Shubh.
Sona comes to pick Suha to school but Suha doesn’t come outside. She calls Dev concerned, Dev makes a call to Vicky while Sona calls Aleena if they picked her with Golu. Sona goes to school. Vicky tells Dev that he picked Golu earlier to take him for vaccination but Suha was in school. Dev comes out of room concerned and informs Ishwari that Suha isn’t in school. He gives Shubh to Ishwari and goes to look for Suha.
In the school, Dev and Sona look around for Suha but she was nowhere to be found. At home, Ishwari was tensed and asks why Sona needs to work when Dev earns so well. Sona calls at Suha’s friends while Dev asks to see CCTV footage of Suha. Dev gets a call from a nursing home, the doctor tells him that Suha is here. Dev and Sona arrive at the hospital. The doctor says she has a stomach ache. Suha apologizes Sona and Dev for making them worried, but she had stomach pain and came here with friends. The doctor advices to take care of her diet and not let her allow junk food.
Sona calls Ishwari who was worried. Sona informs Ishwari that Suha had stomach ache and came to a nursing home nearby. Dev assures Suha she will now take care of her diet. Sona thinks about Ishwari’s concerns that kids needs their mother first.

PRECAP: Dev tells Sona he is aware she is worried because of Ishwari. Sona says she ignored Suha’s complaint of stomach ache altogether. She was concerned if they will be able to become perfect parents.

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