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Madhubala Episode 441--442 Update on Tuesday 29th January 2019

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RK tells Madhu to get him food coz he’s hungry & Madhu complies . Meanwhile flowers come for both Madhu & RK where Sikki counts how much each got & announces RK has 4 whilst Madhu way way more . Even Dips gets a bouquet to RK showing showing the card addressed to Madhu .

At dining table Radha prepares all dishes fav of Madhu . RK scoffs Y ? … so rest have to go without food ! meanwhile Bittujee comes with news that the industry is buzzing with film’s good reviews .Bittujee & Roma gets on quirky tease with each other when the former gets a call where a renowned producer Steve wanted to speak with RK 1st then Madhu . RK getting annoyed hearing Madhu appraisals leave .
RK gets decked for the party , Madhu comes & compliments him on looking very handsome . She expresses her joy on film’s success , their win , producers wanting to do more films with them & that their baby being lucky . RK explains to her that he has spent 6 yrs in this industry has seen the same films being declared a flop after rave reviews thus to contain her dreams . Madhu says she ain’t talking of reviews but audiences’ verdict once they saw the movie & that they liked it .

Bittujee comes to inform guests have arrived , RK asks y there’s this party ? when success party is given once the fil is declared hit not after just “good reviews” Madhu asks Bittujee to come with her welcoming the guests giving a last look at RK . RK seethes in anger alone in room .
At party Roma introduces Madhu as “The Superstar” when Mehul sir asks abt RK n Madhu says he’ll come later , RK appears , again , to be introduced as Roma s the Superstar producer . RK welcomes all guests sharing a cold vibe with Madhu .
Pabbo & dips talk over the situation ; the former saying she shd have joined hands with the winning side then she wud have been standing with winners not loser n leaves from there . Dips says that wherever pabbo chooses she can stand but she’ll stand here only coz she knows in the end who’ll win .
Mehul sir & RK talk . RK compliments Mehul sir as “The Old Tiger” unlike the lame horse he’d have thought of him . Mehul sir says that coe what may RK wud never cease to taunt pple & throw digs at them ; however Mehul states he does realize that the success of film’s completion goes to neither him nor RK but Madhu . He asks Madhu to come over & congratulates on completing the film & doing great work . Hearing this RK drops the glass he’s holding . A waiter comes to clean it up when Madhu says she’ll pick up the pieces . While doing so RK gathers attention on his film getting made . How with absolutely nothing , under unfavorable circumstances he started his film . But one person was there always with him n that’s Madhu ; picking up glass pieces the guests shdn’t confuse her with a maid . She’s a superstar ! making Madhu , Madhubala the credit goes to Mehul sir but finding Madhu from chawl , identifying a gem unused , & polishing it goes to RK . Madhu the simple girl from chawl who never thought of stardom , but destiny … whose spell is R-I-S-H-A-B-H made it happen … right Biwi ! Madhu doesn’t say anything n goes to keep the tray , RK asks a waiter to take the tray , making her stay .


The episode begins with RK taunting MB in front of everyone. He said that I was the one who first saw that she had the talent of becoming an actress. If I didn’t marry her & if I hadn’t given her a chance to prove her mettle, then she would have been an ordinary housewife doing house work, looking after children & picking up glass pieces from near the feet of her hubby who income wud hav been 10000-20000! She wudn’t have become the superstar of big screen like now! And she wudn’t have become a bigger superstar than me! MB & everyone are shocked at the words. Taking advantage of the situation, Dips says you talk a lot RK. Its time you show your chemistry with MB to everyone.

The song Kurbaan Hua’ starts. RK forces MB to dance with him. She tries to leave but he doesn’t allow her to. It’s a sexy, sensuous & passionate dance. After it ends, RK whispers to MB-Welcome to the world of deceit & drama, where actors entertain people with their acting skills & a KISS. RK proceeds to kiss her. She resists saying everyone is watching but he doesn’t listen & goes ahead and kisses her (the kiss is nt shown though! ) Dips smirks. Rads, Roma & Bittoji grow perplexed.
Then RK smirks & tells MB now you have become a complete actress! MB is shocked & teary-eyed! She runs upstairs!
After everyone leaves to have dinner, Bittoji questions RK abt his acts. Bittoji says you haven’t done such things with either of your heroine! MB is your wife! How could you do this to her! Bittoji leaves!
Then Dips comes & taunts RK. She says you had told me that you were happy at MB’s success but it was all fake. Behind the superstar get-up, you are just a common man who cannot bear to see his wife more successful, more respected & more famous than him! You are burning in jealousy! RK suddenly realizes who wron he has done. Overcome with guilt, he rushes to MB.
RK asks for forgiveness to MB. She says how could you do this! You reminded me about our past. That time it didn’t affect me since we hated each other but now…RK says no MB! I really love you! MB says I have told u many times that I don’t want to become a heroine. I want the world to know me as RK’s wife, not anything else! RK says to repeat those words ! He becomes all possessive & says that only I have the right to appreciate you, to touch you, to shout your name, I should be the reason for your tears & happiness and no one else! He hugs MB & says you’re min, only mine! MB says I am only yours!

They part. MB says I am your for only for 4 months after which you have to share me. RK is all angered. MB smiles & says have you forgotton! She touches her tummy! RK smiles! They hug! BG-Ishq tu hi hai mera!
Rishbala come to the doc fr chek-up. They can see their baby on the computer. MB says that the baby is cute! RK jokes are you sure the baby is ours & not that of aliens? no good looks! Doc says I don’t know abt good looks but the baby wud hav sense of humor like you! MB tells RK that as of now don’t tell anyone abt the baby becoz I don’t want any evil eye! RK says are you insecure that your heroine value wud lessen in the market! MB frown saying I told u nt interested in acting!
In RK Mansion, Sikky is trying to impress the producer who has come! Rishbala enter & RK apologizes the producer for keeping him waiting! RK introduces MB to Steve Mehta & raves abt how a well known producer he is ! RK appreciates his work as well. RK grows insecure when Steve applauds MB’s film! MB says I will bring tea & snacks! RK tells Steve I know you hav come to offer me film. Steve shocks RK by saying that this time he has brought script for Madhubala! MB is shocked as well.
Precap: RK is shocked discovering Steve Mehta’s cheque of 2cr. RK assumes MB accepted the film offer!

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