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Till The End of Time Episode 113 Update on Tuesday 8th Juanuary 2019

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Arjun heavily inebriated continues pouring his heart out and tells Saanjh tha the loves her. Maya sitting on a nearby table fumes in anger. Maya gets emotional. He tries to kiss her and she reciprocates, but controls herself seeing Maya’s tattoo on his chest and says he should go home. He says no, it is aloo parantha and feast here and ghaas phoos at home. He continues not to leave him alone, he needs her too handle Maya, etc.. Maya angrily leaves.
Vandana with Suman returns home after shopping for Arjun’s unborn baby. Ayan taunts her. Jeweler delivers silver anklet and asks for payment. Vandana acts that she does not have money. Suman says she will pay, but stops seeing Vandana signalling her and asks Ayan to pay. Ayan pays angrily. Vandana and Suman taunt him. Suman then tells
Vandana that she is hating too much and should forget all her differences as she is becoming daadi. Vandana says Maya will use baby to get away Arjun now and she will not let Arjun near his family.
Arjun reaches home heavily inebriated, picks food and goes to his room. He sees Maya drinking liquor and says it is bad for their baby. Maya says her baby, he gets heavily inebriated and what if he meets with an accident, she will end up being a single parent, so it is better she drinks. Arjun apologizes her and promises he will not drink her again. Maya comments he will not let him fall again.
Saanjh walks on street reminiscing Arjun and Maya’s marriage and their love etc. She sees pani puri vendor and orders panipuri with lots of chillies. She munches pani puri reminiscing Arjun trying to kiss her and requesting not to leave him, etc..
Vandana with Ayan reaches Maya’s house with gifts for babay. Maya greets them, but stops them from entering and says Arjun will get angry if he sees them and closes door on their face. Ayan fumes that Arjun insulted maa. Vandana says it is all Maya’s plan. Ayan says it is her son’s plan who did not even come out and touch her feet. Maya comes out and says Arjun does not want to meet them. She touches Vandana’s feet. Vandana blesses her hesitantly and leaves. Maya acts as Arjun throwing gifts from balcony and apologizes Vandana. Vandana says it is all Maya’s plan. Ayan says Arjun insulted her and not bhabi and tries to walk towards flat to confront Arjun, but Vandana stops him. Maya smirks.
Precap: Maya opens door hearing door bell, seeing Arjun on door says why is he so late from gym, hinting Arjun was not at home when she shut door on Vandana and Ayan and threw their gift.

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