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Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 28 Update on Monday 21st January 2019

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In chat, Camilo asks Monica to accept his offer as the executive Manageress but Monica texts back that it’s not an easy decision but Camilo states that he knows that but nothing is the same without her presence at the workplace and with that, Camilo sends her an imoji which she finds difficult interpreting whether it’s a kiss or what. But she takes it for a kiss after showing it to a restaurant attendant and she also didn’t understand it. Then again, she tries watching her dancing training moves and unfortunately, the attendant pushed her hand slightly whiles watching it on her phone and she sends it to Camilo.

Getting so worried, Camilo also receives the video and thinking it came from Monica willingly, he watches and enjoy it to the max and Monica quickly message him asking him to delete it and that it was a mistake but Camilo texts back to tell her that, it will be a crazy move from him to erase it since it seems so fun.
Luis invites Cristobal to an alcoholic anonymous group which helped him sometime ago to overcome hisalcoholism and assures Cristobal again that he will support him to treat his alcoholism sickness but Cristobalinforms him that, he likes alcohol like everyone does but that doesn’t mean that he is an alcoholic and so he doesn’t need his help.

Diana asks Camilo nervously and sadly if he still loves her and he answers Yes but that many things have changed and Diana proposes to him to come back home for the family’s wellbeing and especially for Regina, and Camilo answers that he will go back home but that doesn’t mean that their situation has been settled and Diana says that she’s sure it will get solved gradually if they try. Camilo then accepts to move back to the house as soon as that very evening.

Regina has been discharged and upon reaching home with her dad and mum, Diana tells her that her father is coming back to stay with them and she goes so happy. On the other hand, Barbie can’t accept the fact that her mum just forgave his dad so simple after knowing that he cheated on her with Monica because as it is she can never forgive Mauricio for cheating on her. Camilo doesn’t understand the whole thing so Diana has to explain things to him that Mauricio cheated on Barbie with Paloma and due to that Barbie decided to cancel her engagement and wedding with Mauricio.

Chabela suggests to Laura to go see Manuel and his wife Margaret and ask them for a job since she thinks she can be their cashier at their cake shop because she is honest, attractive and a decent person and Laura agrees to do so as she looks so desperate searching for a job and she thanks Chabela very much for thinking so highly of her unlike her mum Eugenia and she even wished that Chabela were her mum.

Paloma looks so stranded now and she wants to get in touch with her father in Brazil but it looks difficult reaching him since her calls always go to voice mail.

Barbara tells Regina she wonders how she is going to tell her friends that she called her wedding off because Mauricio was unfaithful to her. Regina then replies that there is no point to postponing reality and telling the truth that her fiancée cheated on her and she broke up with him. Though it’s a big blow but it’s normal and there is nothing new under the same. Regina again tells him that she should do what she thinks it’s best for him whether to forgive Mauricio and move on or forget him for good.

Camilo reproaches Mauricio because he cheated on Barbie with her cousin and tells him that he is dismissedbecause he can’t make a fool out of her daughter. 

Rafael reproaches Mauricio and he tries acting as the victim but Raquel tells him that he shouldn’t try deceiving him and accept that what he did to Paloma and Barbie none of them deserved it and that if he thought by having so many women in his web that will prove how manly he is, then it’s a lie because it rather shows how weak he is instead. This ends them up in a brutal fight at the office and it took the workers to separate them before they ended the fight. 

Mauricio innocently and deceitfully before leaving the office goes to see Camilo and in front of the workers, he tells him that, it’s a pleasure working with him and that it hurts him that he doubts him but time will surely show him (Camilo) who is guilty.

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