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Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 34 Update on Wednesday 30th January 2019

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Almudena is willing to do anything to win Camilo’s love back and it looks like that determination is great and her main objective or priority now. 
Diana gets jealous when she learns that Almudena was Camilo’s first love and she gets worried about her presence and closeness with her husband. 

At the police station, Manuel and Adrian arrive angrily to bail Regina but on the contrary Manuel thinks Pablo is responsible for what happened and he has to pay but Regina feels anguished to know that Manuel sued Pablo for stealing his van and used it to commit illicit acts. 

She tells him that Pablo is trying to do something for the environment, that he isn’t a bad person because he didn’t forced her to help him but she did it willingly he accepted all the blame on him to protect her yet Manuel tells her that Pablo will stay where he is and he won’t lift a finger to help him because everything points to him that he is a criminal. 

Adrian then tells Regina her that he lost trust in her. Reaching home, she asks Adrian if he will tell her parents and he say she doesn’t know. She goes to sleep feeling so worried and no one even saw that she was even out.

Ximena tells Monica that in order to compete with Diana and Almudena she has to change her look by putting on some makeover to look attractive. thinking Adrian was going to tell the truth to her parents, she becomes very nervous but Adrian shocked her by framing up the story in a different way.

In the morning, Diana tells Regina that Margarita created a scene at the occasion and she acted like a crazy woman but Regina tells her that she probably had a bad day and Camilo tells her that everybody is entitled to have a bad day, but Margarita overreacted and Diana tells her that she should think it over if she still wants to give her child up for Margarita. 

Paloma tells Rafael that he is a great man and that the woman who wins his heart will be very lucky. when Manuelsees margarita’s obsessive attitude to Regina and her baby, he tells her that she should look for psychological help, that if she doesn’t do it, she should better forget about the adoption and their marriage. 

Regina skips school to go see Pablo in jail and he tells him that she is worried about his situation and he assures her that he would be release in two days so she is not to worry but he asks her to go delete some secret work he did with his computer in media link so the police never detects anything to have evidence against him and Regina agrees but went there actually but after watching everything on the computer, she instead did not delete. 

Luis plan with Monica to not let Nora that she knows about his sister because she loves Nora very much and she wants her to feel jealous and Monica assures to keep it a secret.

After Manuel learnt from his wife that she actually went looking for Regina that night and even got hurt, he goes mad and tells her that he is no longer going to let them adopt the baby because he can see that she is now going out her mind and needs to go see a psychiatrist because she is so obsessed and if she refused to go see the doctor then she will stand the risk of losing her marriage and she goes shocked.

Paloma tells her mother that Eugenia is not her mother, because she was adopted. Laura looking so shocked with the news then goes quickly to demand from Eugenia to tell her if it is true that she is adopted, Eugenia tries to deny it, but Chabela tells her to tell the truth and Eugenia tells her that she didn’t bring her into the world.

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