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Who Killed Libia Episode 107 Update on Sunday 27th January 2019

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Rigo’s tests result are in and it proves that he’s cured and can be discharged and this brings happiness toHortensia and the entire family.
Nora and a guy he chose from the town as her assistant (Sylvester) takes John home and begin to clean him up and takes care of his wounds.

Sofia and Sarah sit by Jemima and begin to wonder if she is ever going to get well or there will be a need for Oscar to show up before. On the other hand, Oscar discovers something familiar in the quest of searching for his brother and he gets glad to know that John might be close to the destination he finds himself.

After a while, John suffers from high fever and he begins to scream out Libia’s name and mentions his other brothers as well and this makes Nora to get a little understanding about his background and she attends to him to be calm. He later wakes up and Nora introduces herself to him as a doctor and she asks who he is but he tells her he can’t remember and needs to go but she tells him it would be necessary for him to stay because he’s in a very bad shape and needs proper medication. Nora then picks a mirror for him to have a look at himself and he gets so astonished to see how he looks with a damaged eye and a change of face and there, he begins to cry.

John feels so terrible as he noticed his present situation and he tells Nora that he doesn’t recollect anything at all, not even his name but he knows someone is somewhere suffering just for his sake. In the same vein, Sofia goes to the chapel as usual and prays to mother Mary to at least touch John’s heart for him to have pity and return back with their little daughter.

Nora tells John she’ll give him a name if he wants and John pleads to make him stay with her for some time and also, he’ll do his best to assist her in everything she does in the community and she agrees. He then asks if by any chance she heard him say anything when he had the high fever but Nora pretends and tells him he didn’t utter any word.

John goes to the river side with Sylvester to get some water and he begins to ask him how their community is like and he explains that life in the community is very hard because there’s this fetish priest who does nothing but to harm others especially strangers. He continues by saying that he even wanted to use Nora as a sacrifice because she sees her as a threat to his evil deeds and John promises to do his very best to make sure that fetish priest puts a stop to his bad acts.

Eva says in the presence of Sofia, Sarah, Rosa and Mr. Augustine that Gabriela has finally disclosed to her that she gave her real daughter to Raquel in exchange of the lands she acquired and this brings sadness to Rosa as she shockingly hears the news. She then clarifies to Eva that she may not be the one who brought her into the world but she has already chosen her as a mother and nothing can be done about it and they embrace each other in tears.

John sees a woman carrying a baby and suddenly, he gets some flashbacks and begins to scream so loud and Sylvester finds it so strange to see him behave as such.
Gabriela takes Fernando to show his lawyer to make him her next of king so that he can inherit her properties should in case she’s no more.

John goes for swimming and Nora joins him and she draws nearer to profess her love for him, stating that she developed a special feeling towards him on the very first day she saw him and there, she makes an attempt to kiss John. 

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