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Kawach Episode 24 Update on Friday 22nd February 2019

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Pari returns home teary eyed thinking how to tell family about Rajveer’s death. Shakti tells Jagath that they will feed brahmins on Janaki’s terveen pooja. Pari thinks she has to hide Rajveer’s death from family for sometime and tries to leave silently. Daadi stops her and asks where was she. She sliped i rain, so she is going to change her clothes. Daadi says they have to perforrm Janaki’s terveen pooja and where is Rajveeer. Shakti thinks Pari will inform Rajbeer’s death, but Pari says he must have gone somewhere and may come late. Pari goes to her room and cries holding Rajbeer’s photo.
Saudamini goes to her tantrik guru’s cave and searches ways to get Manjulika out of ring. She reminisces tantrik safeguarding a particular stone. She finds
a book under stone and sees it has mantra vidya which tantrik was using and realizes she can do anything with it. She reads that if Pari asks Manjulika to come out of ring 3 times, Manulika will be out of ring. She reaches Pari’s room and hypnotizes her with manta paper and asks her get Manjulika out of ring 3 times. She repeats 3 times, but Manjulika does not come. Saudamini fumes.
Pari falls asleep and wakes up seeing a bright light in dream. She gets up and thinks what was it. She sees Rajveer in front of her and gets very happy, asks who saved him. He takes her to temple and says Heera saved her. She meets Heera who says she was doing meditation and saw visuals of lake and a man floating on it. She reaches lake with poojari and saves Rajveer. Pari thanks Heera and tells Rajveer that Shakti is the one who killed Janaki and is saudamini’s son. Rajbeer says he will not spare Shakti now. Pari says he wants to kill Natasha as she saw him killing Janaki.
Natasha searches Pari in haveli silently. Shakti comes to store room and does not find Natasha. He fumes that Pari must have freed Natasha and knows he killed Janaki. He meets Saudamini and says she should do something to Pari now. Saudamini says Pari has some super powers behind her that she escapes her attacks repeatedly. He asks her to find solution soon.
Natasha meets Pari and cries hugging her. She says her husband wants to kill her and she is devastated. Rajbeer says he wants to confront Shakti now. Pari says if Shakti sees him, even Saudamini will know he is alive and will try to kill him again. He asks Natasha to help him and tells his plan. Natasha goes to hide again. Pari and Rajbeeer’s romantic moments start. Mai jo jee raha hoon wajah tum ho…song…plays in the background…They show their concern for each other. Pari checks his abdominal bandage. Rajbeer says if she touches him, his pain vanishes. Shakti comes and knocks door. Rajbeer runs and hides himself. Pari opens door and Shakti asks if she saw Natasha. She says no. He says she must have gone to her mom’s home and he will call her mom and check. He then asks if Rajbeer came home. She says not yet. He thinks till when she will hide her husband’s death. Shakti walks back. Pari and Rajbeer think he will go to his room now and peep out of door.
Saudamini goes back to her tantrik guru’s den. A tantrik stops her and says they lost their guru because of Pari. She asks if he knows Pari. He says yes, she has backing of whole world’s super powers. Saudamini asks how to kill her then. He tells solution and says if they kill Pari on particular night, she will become world’s most powerful evil spirit. She shows Manjulika in ring and says Pari and a jinn trapped her daughter in this ring. He says she has to do vigorous meditation for 24 hours and if she gets up in the middle, Manjulika will not come out of ring forever.
Shakti goes to his room and thinks where Natasha escaped. Natasha comes and shows knife to him. He asks if she wants to kill him. She says she will kill herself for the sin of marrying him. After lengthy dialogues, she stabs herself and acts as dying, saying he will not be happy in life. He carries her body and walks to Saudamini. Rajbeer and Pari follow him hiding. Saudamini prepares for her meditation in her den. Shakti comes and says Natasha killed herself and will become spirit now. She asks him to stop troubling her as she is preparing for meditation to free Manjulika, then she will kill Pari. Rajeer hears that and thinks he has today’s night to trap Shakti.
Precap: Shakti sees Rajbeer and Natasha’s ghosts and gets afraid. Rajbeer tortures Shakti and catches him just before he could inform Saudmini. Saudamini thinks she has to find out who is protecting Pari.

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