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Kawach Episode 28 Update on Thursday 28th February 2019

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Arhaan tells Pari to hide while he tries something to get Manjulika and Shakti out. Pari hides and Arhaan throws fire stones into cave. Manjulika and Shakti come out and don’t find anyone. Manjulika goes further out while Arhan lures Shakti with a female voice. Pari enters cave and sees Saudamini under meditation. A storm starts. Rajbeer comes searching Pari. Manjulika realizes Pari must be here, but starts flirting with Rajbeer. Rajbeer pushes her and leaves. She thinks she will get Rajbeer at any cost. Pari finds skull in which Arhaan’s powers are captured, breaks it, and gets injured in the process. Arhan gets his powers back, sees Pari injured and unconscious, feels guilty that she got injured because of him.
Rajbeer eagerly waits for Pari and gets worried
for her safety. Family asks him to calm down. Arhaan brings Pari home. Family sees Pari limping and weak and asks what happened to Pari. Arhaan says he found Pari unconscious on road, took her to doc who told Pari is not taking care of herself, so she has gone weak and will be alright if she eats well. Rajbeer takes Pari to their room. Pari wakes up and asks how did she come here, thinks if Arhaan brought her. Rajbeeer says her friend Arhaan found her on road and brought her, scolds she should take care of herself. Pari thinks she should not inform him about Arhaan’s true identity.
Saudamini comes to Bundela house with Manjulika and says she is more powerful now and will punish Pari. She shouts Paridhii..loudly and her voice echoes in both their heads. A ball then starts hitting them. She tries to stop it bit it does not. Arhaan comes and she is shocked to see him back. She says he is the one who is protecting Pari again and came out of skull again.. He says he was always with Pari and will be always. Saudamini shouts. Arhaan says he will teach her a lesson now and pushes her and Manjulika into garden. Saudamini shouts where he go after dropping them here and sees a big shoes. She realizes that Arhaan has enlarged so much. Arhan says he can kick them like a football. They both escape and reach back tantrik’s cave. Shakti asks where were the. Saudamini says someone is helping Arhaan and Pari, she needs to find out. She gets Pari’s mom’s photo via her super powers and thinks of taking her form to keep an eye on Pari and Arhaan and know their plan.
Pari and Arhaan discuss about their plan, how to destroy evil spirits Saudamini and Manjulika. Rajbeer hears their conversation and asks what are they planning. Pari says she does not want to involve him in their plan due to his safety. Arhan says they can, but Pari angrily walks out. Arhan asks Rajbeer to trust his wife.
Saudamini comes in as Pari’s mother and chats with Arhaana and Pari. They both don’t realize it is Saudamini actually. Manjulika sees Natasha walking and catches her. Natasha gets afraid. Manjulika asks why did she betray her brother and took Pari and Rajbeer’s side. Natasha pleadds to spare her, she will do whatever she says. Manjulika asks her to create a rift between Rajveer and Pari.
Arhaan asks Pari why did not she involve Rajbeer in their plan. She says she is worried about his safety. Rajveer hears their conversation and asks why she is trusting a human Arhaan so much and not her husband, he will prove that he can take care of her and his family well and protect them from evil spirits within 2 days.
Arhaan calls Pari out and shows her a locket and says this will protect Rajbeer. Pari hugs him happily. Rajbeer sees that and gets jealous. Arhaan furtther says that she has to keep this locket under Rajbeer’s bed and when they both fight against evil spirits, he will capture Rajbeer’s soul and keep it into this locket, if this locket breaks, he cannot get Rajbeer’s soul out, but not to worry he will protect this locket. Saudamini sees them talking and asks Pari what was she discussing with Arhaan. She tells him whole thing and Saudamini laughs that Pari will fall into her own dug grave. On the other side, Natasha brainwashes Rajbeer against Pari, reminisces Manjulika’s warning and apologizes silently for trying to create rift between Rajbeer and Pari.
Precap: Arhaan shows Pari a place where evil spirits are punished and says if someone pulls lever, evil spirits will get strong. Shakti pulls lever. Arhan captures Manjulika. Shakti hits Rajbeer’s head from behind.

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