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Kawach Episode 29 Update on Friday 1st March 2019

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Rajbeer reminisces Pari closeness to Arhaan and feels jealous. He then thinks even before he doubted Pari unncessarily and should speak to her and clear things out. Pari in her room thinks how to calm Rajbeer, what if situation worsens if she makes any mistake. She falls asleep on bed. Manjulika enters and thinks she created doubt in Rajbeer’s mind for Pari, she will make Rajbeer hate Pari now. She enters Pari’s body and starts figting with Rajbeer . 
Rajbeer says he saw her hugging Arhaan. She shouts if he was spying on her. He tries to hold her hand and she pushes him. He falls aside and realizes Pari has become powerful, that means Manjulika is in her body. He reminisces Pari and him deciding to sing a song to know if she is Pari or Manjulika. He sings Jab koi baat bigad
jaaye, jab koi mushkil padjaye..Pari asks why is he singing song. Rajbeer asks Manjulika to come out and stop troubling Pari. Manjulika punishes him. He gets injured and says she loves him, even then she is hurting him. Manjulika leaves angrily. Pari falls unconscious.
In the morning, Rajbeer looks at his injury and Pari sound asleep and goes somewhere. Pari wakes up and feels headache. She goes down. Arhaan comes and informs her that he found a place to destroy Saudamini and Manjulika. Pari says let us take Rajbeer and mom also. Rajbeer comes and Pari seeing his forehead injury asks what happened to him. He says nothing and asks how is her headache. She says it is fine now and informs him about Arhan finding a place to destroy evil spirits. Saudamini disguised as Pari’s mom accompines 3 of them.
Arhaan takes them to a cave and says this is the place where they can destroy evil spirits. Pari asks what is special in this place, this looks normal. He says a king built his place to destroy evil spirits and once evil spiritenters here, cannot go back. He shows level and says while destroying pirits if someone pulls this level, evil spirits will get more powerful instead. Saudamini gets afraid and silently leaves. Pari asks Rajbeer how does he know she is having severe headache, if Manjulika entered her body. He says yes. Pari goes to Arhaan and informs him that Manjulika entered her body yesterday and did something which Rajbeer is not telling. Arhan holds her hand and shows what all happened yesterday. Pari says how dare Manjulika is to try to create a rift between her and Rajbeer, she will not spare her.
Pari goes to Manjulika’s cave and says if she gets out of her cave, she will die today. Manjulika fumes. Saudamini comes and says she should stay here, else she will die like Pari told, leaves saying she will plan with Shakti to failPari and Arhaan’s plan.
Arhaan meditates in his room. Rajbeer comes and says he needs to talk. Arhaan says if he is searching Pari, she is not here. Rajbeer asks if he can come in. Arhaan says it is his house, he can go where he wants. Rajbeer asks how did he find that place. Arhaan says his uncle is an archeoligist and showed him this place. Rajbeer asks how will be bring Saudamini and Manjulika there. Arhaan says by provoking them and forcing to follow him. Rajbeeer asks why is he risking his life. Arhaan says he can do anything for his friend Pari and her dear ones.
Arhaan goes to Manjulika’s cave and provokes her to follow him. She follows and takes her to holy cave. Rajbeer tries to enter cave, but Pari stops him and says Manjulika may panic seeing him, so he should stay out. Rajbeer thinks if she is really worried about him or thereis some other reason, but agrees. Saudamini as Pari’s mom says she will also stay out here. Arhaan captures Manjulika in a coral. She calls her mom to save her. Saudamini thinks she has to save Manjulika from getting trapped into coral forever and provokes Rajbeer that Pari is in danger and he should go and save her. Rajbeer enters. Pari asks why did he come here. Shakt entes and silently pulls lever. Manjulika comes out of coral and wears back her locket. Shakti comes and says Pari’s mom informed him about this. Saudamini enters and laughs that she is not Pari’s mom and takes her original form.
Precap: Arhaan holds Manjulika and warns Saudamini to come in front, else he will kill her daughter. Manjulika escapes. Shakti hits Rajbeer and Pari saves Arhaan instead of Rajbeer. Manjulika laughs that Pari is helping her boyfriend instead of husband. Rajbeer confronts Pari that she loves Arhaan and not him, so she saved Arhaan instead of him. Arhaan says Pari he is breaking his promise and leaving her in the middle way. Pari calls her mother.

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