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Kawach Episode 9--10 Update on Tuesday 5th February 2019

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Manjulika in Pari’s body complains Rajbeer that mom wrongly alleged her when she was in hotel with whole family instead. Rajbeer says he knows and consoles her. She smirks. Saudamini stands outside Janaki’s room and calls her. She gets afraid and walks outside room and sees Pari crying sitting in a corner and asks if it is her. Pari shows white eyes and says she is Saudamini and has come back. Janaki gets afraid. Saudmani gets out of Pari’s body. Pari pleads Janaki to save her. Saudamini then drags Pari all around house and Pari pleads to save her. Heera with her soldiers come near mansion and says Saudamini is here and they should get in. Saudamini continues torturing Pari. Pari falls down and then gets up and walks on pillar. Janaki is shocked. Saudamini then
touches her from behind and with lengthy dialogues says she has come back to kill her. She pushes Janaki down. Heera with soldiers and Jagath holds Janaki on time and saves her. Janaki says she has come back… Rajbeer also comes down and asks what is happening. Pari comes and gives her water. Janaki panics and asks her to back off as she has Saudamini’s soul in her. Saudamini sits on railing and smirks. Heera says with holy ash, she will know if Saudamini is in Pari or not. Janaki holds Pari. Pari bends and ash falls on Janaki instead and Saudamini gets into her body and panics. Rajbeer forcefully sends Heera out even when she pleads that she can help. Saudamini stands behind Heera and says she is here..
In the morning, Pari wakes up and tries to remember what happened yesterday night. Manjulika comes and says her surprise is out now and Janaki is in trouble. Pari thinks what must be the surprise, Saudamini is not yet freed. She goes to Janaki’s room and asks if she is fine. Janaki panics and asks her to stay away as she has Saudamini in her. Doctor who checks Janaki says there is nothing like evil spirit. Rajbeer says Janaki she was acting weird yesterday night. Doc takes her out and says it is a psychiatric issue and people usually life many times more than their weight. Pari comes and Rajbeer asks if she does not remember what happened yesterday, she says yes, but thiks what must have happened.
Heera comes back. Rajbeer insults her again and asks to get out. She says she will if at least he will let her tie everyone hanumanji’s protective thread. Pari calls everyone to home temple and Heera ties protective thread to everyone and asks if someone is missing. Kammo daadi says Saroj is missing. Brinda goes to call Saroj in kitchen. Saudamini asks Manjulika if she is enjoying how she is torturing Bundela family. She hears Brinda calling Saroj and angrily yelling gets back into Saroj’s body. Brinda says Heera is calling to tie holy thread. Manjulika warns Saudamini not to get thread, else she will be in severe pain and everyone will know Saro is dead. Brinda takes Saroj out. Saroj thinks how to escape. She sees Tripti playing with cycle and makes her crash cycle on her leg and shouts loudly. Family rushes to help her and takes her to her room. Heera thinks she has to know in whose body Manjulika is and asks Pari to tie this thread to Saroj. Pari goes to Saroj’s room and sees her trying to shoo off crow. She asks how is her leg pain. Saroj acts as in severe pain. Pari says Heera sent her protective thread. Saroj says she has already tied a thread given by Heera. Pari says she will keep it in temple then and leaves. Pari then goes to Rajbeer’s room. He gets romantic. She tries to tie thread on his hand, but he backs off and says he does not believe in all this.
Daadi asks Heera to stay back and help her in her ancestor’s shraad and bless her. She with Pari and Heera performs shraad and crows eat food. Daadi thanks Heera and leaves. One crow signals Heera and flies in sky. Heera thinks it wants to show something and follows it. It stops outside Saroj’s room and flies away. Heera thinks what is in this room and peeps in. She sees Saroj walking and then suddenly coming near window with fire in eyes. Heera falls down and thinks what was this…
Pari is in Tripti’s room. Saro brings tea. Pari asks Tripti to apologize Saroj. Tripti apologizes her and says she will check her fever with stethescope. Pari touches Saroj’s hand and does not feel pulse. She says with jadoo ki jhappi Saroj’s fever will go away, hugs her and does not feel heart beat. She goes out and informs Heera that something is wrong with Saroj, she could not feel heat beat in her. Heera says Saroj is dead. Manjulika says Saudamini eunuch is discussing something with Pari and they should know what they are planning. Saudamini says they are planning to save Bundela family. Heera says Saudamini has entered Saroj’s body and Manjulika entered Pari’s body, now Pari has to protect her family from mother and daughter evils. Saudmaini says Manjulika whatever they plan, Pari will not become Bundela family’s kavach.
Precap: Heera tells Saudamini’s story that she had come to haveli 30 years ago with her 5-year-old daughter. Pari thinks Manjulika cannot enter her body now and she will show her a new chapter. Manjulika touches Pari’s body. Saudamini’s shouts she will kill Bundela family’s lamp. Evil spirit strangulates Rajbeer’s neck while he drives car and he crashes car into tree.
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The Episode starts with Heera telling Pari that Saudmini wants to take revenge and kill Bundela family. Pari asks wat happened then. Heera starts story how Saudamini with her 5-year-old daughter came to haveli and pleaded Janaki that she is hungry since 2 days and to let her stay in haveli, she will dance and entertain people. Janaki agrees. Saudamini tells Manjulika that they will rule over this haveli soon. Saudmini starts dancing and entertaining haveli guests. She controls Jagath with her black magic. Jagath’s friend notcies it and informs Janaki. Janaki says her husband is not like that. Saroj says Saudamini is controlling Jagath with black magic. Janaki catches Saudamini intimate with Jagath and warns her to get out of her house, else she will put her behind bars. Saudamini pleads not to
and leaves. Jagath scolds and pushes Janaki and walks behind Saudamini. Saudamini smirks. Family calls Heera for help and she says Saudamini is very powerful and they have to use the same black magic to tackle her. Saudamini mixes poison in Janaki’s water to kill her, but Saroj sees her and saves Janaki on time. She acts as died. Saudamini drags her body to her den and is about to do black magic on Janaki, but Janaki gets up and stabs her. Whole family gathers including Jagath and Saudamini dies saying she will not spare them. Heera tells Saudamini’s soul will not leave body till 4 days and will come back to haunt them, so she will call her guru . Gurucomes and with yagna gets key and lock from havan and they all lock Saudamini’s body in a big suitcase and kammo daaadi gives key to Saroji to save it carefully from everyone. Heera then comes out of flashback and asks Pari to be careful while she brings her guru here.
Pari goes to her room and provokes Manjulika to dare enter her body. Manjulika tries to enter Pari’s body but get a big shock and cannot enter. She tries repeatedly unsucessfullly. She then goes to Janaki’s room and tries to enter her body but cannot, then tries Jagath’s body but cannot, tries all family members but fails. She goes back to Pari’s room and sees Rajbeer and Pari’s romance and tries to enter body, but cannot. She walks out jealously and meets Saudmani and tells she cannot enter any of the Bundela family member’s bodies. Saudamini says there must be something that Heera eunuch gave them and realize it is holy thread. She asks Manjulika to break thread somehow. Manjulika requests her instead to help her.
In the morning, Pari wakes up and smiles looking at sleeping Rajbeer, she feels really good spending night with her love without Manjulika’s interference. They both go down after getting ready and see family taunting Rajbeer’s chubby sister. Pari takes her side and family discusses that today it is sister’s engagement. Rajbeer goes for work next and sister asks him not to go, but he says important work. Pari asks him to come home early.
Heera meets her guru who says he knows she came to seek help to get rid of Saudamdini and her daughter. Guru starts havan.
Rajbeer’s sisters engagement ceremony starts. Everyone get busy dancing. Saudamini in Saroj’s body walks upstairs thinking she has to get out of this house somehow to meet her guru. Janaki stops her and asks her where is she going. Saroj says she left fryums on terrace for drying and is going to pick them. She walks upstairs. Pari follows her but does not see her in her room. Saudamini meets her guru who taught her black magic and requests him to help her. He says he cannot as she is a black soul and is already dead. She frightens him that he has to help her and knows he needs even her help. She tells him about Heera and asks him to help her break holy threads given by him to family. Guru checks with his superpowers and says he cannot help. Saudamini insists and he says he can help her only if she can bring Pari here. Saudamini thinks she will bring Pari at any cost.
Pari calls Rajbeer, but he is driving car in heavy rain. Signal disconnects. Saudamini disguised as ghost lady strangulates his neck from back and he crashes his car to a tree. Saudamini then calls Pari and says her husband met with an accident. Pari rushes down, but Janaki asks where is she going. She lies and thinks she should hide from family about Rajbeer’s accident. She goes out. Saudamini in ghost’s avatar meets her and says she saw her husband’s accident and came here to take her, she stays near by. Pari thinks she should inform family at least now. Saudamini stops her and says they don’t have much time. Pari leaves with her in car. Janaki takes her to Rajbeer’s car. Manjulika comes and asks her why did she call Pari here, what is in cave. Saudamini there is a trap in cave, once Pari enters, holy thread’s powers will destroy.

Sadhu tells Heera that Manjulika as possessed Pari’s body and throws ash on her. Saudamini asks Manjulika not to go near Sadhu and says Sadhu troubled her a lot, now she will trouble him. Manjulika tells Pari that one family member among dancing group will die. Saudamini stabs Sadhu shouts it is her time now and he will go into her grave. Heera sees havan’s fire setting off and hanuman mandir’s lamps blowing off and gets worried.

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