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Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1173--1175 Update on Sunday 24th February 2019

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Abhi turns back, Pragya opens the door, she is standing and doesn’t say anything just invites him in, she asks what he wants to know, he thinks of what he can ask that he called her jaan and how can another man call her with the same name, he gets confused and nervous, she has something to her face he reaches out to remove it, they both share a romantic moment she says thankyou and they both leave.
Nikhil thinks that what he did was wrong and when he opens the door she is still standing, he says sorry and when she comes in she says that the eyewitness is Kiara, who is the classmate of sonny, he starts to laugh and says that she can handle a little girl, she listens to his plans and then says that he must stay inside and cannot leave his house, she says that he must go underground and must
not come out, she then says that she has to go back and he must listen to what she said.
Abhi says that he listening to her voice feels that she is happy and okay, he starts to walk away, then turning says that how can someone else call her Jaan but then saying sorry again starts to walk away and then asks the same question and how can he call her jaan and why did she gave him this right, she thinks that he is talking of Kiara and then goes to sit down, he says that why she is laughing and the he says that he is serious and she must not call King Jaan but she starts to tease him saying that she will as hey both stare husband and wife and that she will surely call him, he says that he will also call Tanu Mogambo but Pragya realizes this and also plays his game and says that she will bring water for him, he says that he understand and will call her Pughi he thinks that now she has gotten jealous, Pragya says that he will not call her by this name and van gave her any name he wishes but not this, he says that he will call her by only his name, she hears the pressure cooker , and tells to Abhi that she will come back and he must think of another name, Abhi say that whatever happens she got really angry when he called Tanu by this name.
Tanu is rally happy that Abhi called her Jaan and gets into the car, the car doenot start and she gets worried, she thinks that she will ask Nikhil to drop her.
Abhi goes to the kitchen saying that he didn’t finish, she says that she is doing work, he asks her to make coffee for him, he asks if he still drinks coffee at which he says that not so much but whenever he gets a chance, she then thinks of what her daughter said and starts to prepare coffee for her, he then pulls her hair back. They both look into each other’s eyes, she asks him what he wanted to talk about and if it was something important, she gives him the coffee and he starts to deink it with large sips, she ask about it he says that it was the same and he felt the same taste in it.
He says that he wants to say sorry because was attacked in his house and he will find the person who tried to hurt her. Abhi says that he promised to stay away from her but now he has to break the promise, he knows that she needs him and he must do this, when she ask the reason he says that she means the world to him and he will help her and she is his responsibility, Pragya disagrees but he does not listen to anything she has to say.

Precap: Abhi is helping Pragya in the kitchen when the flour pot drops on his face.
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Abhi and Pragya are both covered in wheat, they stare into each other’s eyes, and Pragya says that he should change clothes, Abhi disagrees but Pragya says that he is looking like a ghost and so must listen to her, he says that she also must change clothes, Pragya says that she will show him the guest room.
Tanu comes to Nikhil’s house, he asks why is she so happy, she says that they must both go outside and have some fresh air, she says that he must drop her home but he says that he cannot go as she told him to remain underground, when she insists he gives in and says that he will bring the keys.
Kings Chachi comes with the drier, he drops the vegetables, and she starts to scold him saying that she could do a lot of more work than him.
Pragya and Abhi have both changed clothes,
he stands seeing her from a distance and cannot keep his eyes of her, he comes in and ask her how is he looking, she is left speechless, he then looks himself in the mirror and starts to praise himself, she starts to laugh saying that he is acting ridicules, Chachi is at the door saying that the people do not know that real flavor only comes from real products , Abhi ask her to remain quiet but she does not stop then he forces her.
Chachi comes in the house and wonders where Pragya is, she goes to check on her, at the room of King she sees Pragya and Abhi together, she does not k now what to do and the towel also slips from her hands.
Kiara and Sonny both come out of the house, Sonny says that he did not inform his driver and now must wait, Kiara says that she can drop him, he also agrees she then asks him about the cake he says that he ate all of his share, she then hands him her half, he also take sit with happiness when she says that no matter who eats it it’s the same.
Chachi comes into the room, Abhi says that he only came close to her because e here was something on her face, she also says the same, Chachi nods in agreement, she then say that she will prepare tea for her, Abhi take his leave, at the door he says buy and leaves.
Chachi enters her room in nervousness and says that what she saw was unbelievable, she say that Pragya is not like this and she is just overthinking.
Abhi is at the door and very angry that he was not able to say it, he is driving the car when gets a call from Purab, who asks why is he happy, Abhi ask him the reason if he can tell it, he then says that he had a meeting with Pragya, Abhi gets serious as how can his voice reflect his feelings, he says that he will come back and meet with her.
Tanu and Nikhil are in the car and both are having a fight regarding the shortcut, Tanu gets adamant and this almost lead to their accident which was nearly prevented. Tanu gets happy hearing Abhi name, Nikhil asks the reason, she says that he said that he only loves her, he says that this means that he is meeting Pragya and was just using this word to tease her, Tanu gets angry, Nikhil says that she must niot yell and remain quiet.
Sonny says to the driver that he knows the shortcut, Kiara says that her driver knows every way, she asks the driver he says that it is a very difficult way and they will be very slow there, Kiara and sonny starts to talk about friendship and how to help someone, she say that she must go to the police but her mother donot want her to go, the driver also says that Pragya is right, Kiara makes her come on her team saying that she must also help her by not telling anything to her mother, kiara and sunny spot Nikhil he says that he was the one who killed the poor man, the driver does not agree but she says that he must follow Nikhil as nothing will happen and he also agrees.
King is in a meeting and thinking of what happened with Pragya, the manager asks him about what he feels, King asks for some time for himself.

Precap: Tanu says bad things to Abhi about Pragya, he immediately defends her
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King is day dreaming about Pragya, Sunny asks the driver to go fast and they follow the car, the driver asks both of them to be sated as their safety is the most important to him, Nikhil says that Kiara only saw him and if something happens then he will be responsible so she must not worry, she says that it is the reason she asks him to go underground, Kiara says that she will call King and tell him.
King is thinking of Pragya and when Tarun passes he stops him asking if he loved someone, he says that he loved a teacher, King smiles and asks him to go and cancel the meeting s as he is not in the mood, he wonders why is he thinking so much about her ad even when she is not her type. He gets a call from Kiara who says that she is chasing the murderer, he gets tensed and says that she must only
note the number and not follow her, he calls them and hires a private detective to find out abbot the car, he says that they will surely call the police over the matter.
Tanu is very happy and meets Aaliya she says that she is in a very light mood and wants to be properly for him, when she leaves Aaliya wonders why he called her Jaan and ten says that he is meeting Pragya, Chachi comes and asks Pragya why did Abhi, came she gets confused and says that he came to check on her as she got injured at his house, she leaves when Chachi thinks that’s he has saw the world and knows that something is going on between Abhi and Pragya.
Savarin Dasi calls Dasi just when Abhi enters and they both start to stare at him and laugh out loud at his dressing, he gets nervous and leaves, they both get happy to see his face.
Abhi enters the room and asks why has she decorated the room, she ask him why is be wearing Kings Clothes, he starts to make excuses
She says that she did this for him and he was with some else, Abhi says that he is not like this, she says that she has made him his world then why does he not accept her, he says that she must not talk about her a she is not like her and she tried to made him think that Nikhil’s so was his and that’s why Pragya left him, he says that she must not say anything of her, he leaves she thinks why he talked of Nikhil and if he saw her with him, she thinks of not letting him find out.
Kings dressing and then picks Pragya ring. He starts to think of her and the moment he danced with her, he gets into a romantic scene and wears the ring, Chachi knocks and he asks her to come in, he hides the ring but then wonders why he is hiding the ring, she asks him that why is she living differently from other women and is not acting like a wife, he says that he does not understand what she is saying, she says that why does she not live with him, he makes her sit down and says that she must not worry about him and Pragya, he says that she does not know all of the story and when she will know it then she will say that Pragya was right, she says that she does not fell right and just then Tarun comes in saying that he fixed the meeting the next day, he asks his mother to prepare something for him and then King also asks her, she wonders what if what she saw was only her imagination.
Abhi changes and finds Pragya ring, he wonders how he brought it with him and then decides to give it back the next time he meets her. It starts to rain, he goes to stand at the window just to enjoy the rain just like Pragya who is doing the same,

Precap: Kiara asks Abhi why he is sad, Abhi meets a lady who says that Pragya met her and told her that the child belongs to her other husband.

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