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Madhubala Episode 460 Update on Friday 22nd February 2019

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RK says that from now on, he may not trust himself for once…but will always trust Madhu. Madhu is crying. RK cups her face. “Hum Hai Deewane-Female” plays in the BG. Sikki comes in. RK asks him to buzz off. Sikki says it is something important. They all see the TV where Ria accuses RK of molesting her. Dips says that this is all bullshit! Madhu says she agrees with Dipali *Bhagwan! It’s rare to see Madhu-Dipali agree on something)* Ria says that she always wanted to be RK’s friend, but he wanted to get closer to her. She even reminded him that he was married but he came closer to her still. Madhu fumes while RK hits his head in worry. Ria says that when she refused RK, he molested her. The media start abusing and protesting against Superstar RK. Ria says that RK is a big person, he will use his money and prove himself to be innocent when he’s not. Everybody in the house is worried. Madhu says she knew this would happen. She calls Bittuji and asks him to summon a good lawyer while she calls the servant who had witnessed the scene. The cops enter and take RK with him. Madhu holds his hand and says that no matter what, she will stand by him…forever.
Outside his house, the member’s of Women’s Welfare Association are protesting against RK. When RK comes along with the cops, they stop him and start asking questions. Ria smirks. The women ask that if his quietness is his guilt because he has committed a crime. RK clenches his fist and fumes. Madhu holds his clenched fist. RK turns to look at her. Madhu says that she will support him, she trusts him and his love for her. The people start protesting against both RK-Madhubala. The cops take RK away while Ria keeps smirking. Madhu fumes seeing Ria smirk.
Madhu comes inside and asks the servant what all he saw. The servant describes the events and how RK had given all the staff a holiday that day. The lawyer feels that their case is very weak. They should use the “health” factor and get RK out on bail…because police has arrested him on a non-bailable warrant. Madhu says that they will not say anything to the media. They will collect all the evidences. This is because, Ria has the mass sympathy with her and if they use health grounds to bail RK, the sympathy for Ria and against RK will get more serious. The people will think that Kundra’s used their power and money. They can’t take risks and so they will not lie.
Radha is crying when Paabo comes with food. She says that Madhu should have cared more for RK. She is acting like a jerk by not letting us use our intervention in getting RK bailed. Dipali comes and says that Madhu is doing all this deliberately. Radha shushes them off and says that right now, the person who is most affected and in pain is Madhu. At least in this situation, Paabo-Dips should stop attacking and blaming Madhu. She says she doesn’t want to speak to anyone. Paabo-Dips leave.
Madhu makes the servants search throughout Ria’s room and also ask them to remember if they saw anything strange in Ria. Bittuji calls Madhu to the room and shows them the CCTV footage. They see how Ria herself tore her saree. They are shocked at how desperate a woman Ria is. Bittuji asks Madhu to stay safe with the footage CD.
Part 2
Madhu comes to her bed at night. She looks at RK’s side of the bed and says that just this night, and tomorrow…he will be home soon. She looks at the CD and keeps it safely on the bed-side table. She goes to sleep. Late that night, the window panes start moving. Madhu gets up in worry and closes the windows. She remembers the CD and runs to see it. She sighs in relief and goes back to sleep.
Part 3
Next Morning, Madhu comes out where the people are protesting and supporting RK who is a molester. Ria comes and asks her if she is here to beg for her husband and say that “Ek Chutki Sindoor Ki Keemat Tum Kya Jaano Ria” and then she says that for her, she will reply back saying “Ek Thappad Ki Keemat Tum Kya Jaano”. Madhu asks her to shut-up. The people say that she is here to support her molester husband. Madhu shows them the CD. Ria says that she wants to make fun of me. Bittuji says that the CD has been changed. Madhu says that she is not a fool to handle Ria so easily. The girl who can change the clips of the CCTV, she will definitely be careful and know that Ria will try to do something cheap. She says that she got confirmed when a thief entered her room late-night. Ria is shocked when Madhu shows the original disc where Ria is seen tearing her own clothes.
Episode Ends
Precap: Madhu and RK are fighting with pillows. RK picks Madhu up and rotates her around. Madhu pulls RK to himself and both of them fall on the Bed. RK sees feathers on her eyes and smiles. “Ishq Tu Hi Hai Mera” plays in the back-ground.

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