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Madhubala Episode 461--462 Update on Tuesday 26th February 2019

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Part 1
Women representatives fume watching the vid ..! Ria says ur liar ..! Madhu says.. saved the other copy coz i knew u would try something! Madhu says. .i know u gave servant money to steal this CD! Madhu asks will u accept or shall i call proof? The women assocn. fume about Ria trying to fool them and trap RK! All make allegations on Ria and say.. u r reason why real issues happening like this doesnt get justice..! Madhu and Bittu bring Ria to police station..! Ria fumes on them..! Cop says.. ur arrested for trying to frame and defame a person! RK is released n Ria says.. will teach u a lesson! Madhu is relieved seeing RK and hugs him ..! Ria fumes seeing them! Bittu asks Rishbala to leave and says will finish the formalities and come! Ria says.. all this is a trap..! Ria says. .wont spare u both .. u trapped me! Madhu comes to Ria and says. .u dun understand the meaning of love. .love is earned.. not forced..! Madhu says u dunno .. but lemme explain .. wedding vows are not only around fire. but those bonds which pass thru fire.. are forever..! Told u forever.. that.. RK is a forest fire.. he burns everything around him .. he doesnt lose anything.. n u r the one who lost all ..! Rishbala walk off..!
At the mansion, next day morning.. Madhu is trying to wake RK up and Madhu says have to go to temple! RK says not feeling well..! Madhu goes to get thermometer! She puts it under RKs arm.! Pabho-Radha come..! Ask the matter? Madhu says RK is not feeling well..! She says.. 102 degree fever! Pabho-Radha says lets stay back.. with RK! RK says.. u made the plans with lots of efforts.. so dont cancel.. go ..! RK asks Madhu to go too and Madhu says no..! Radha says.. yes u stay.. and Madhu asks Radha and Pabho to go..! Pabho asks RK to be careful ..! They leave..!
Pabho and Radha tell Sikky-Dips RK is unwell ..! Pabho and Radha are about to leave and Dips fakes tummy ache..! Sikky says..we din do any such thing! Dips fumes n says.. wont be able to come..! Pabho says .. u will feel more sick at home. .so come to temple! Sikky carries Dips in his arms. .n they all leave..! Someone is shown keeping an eye on RK mansion.! Dips fumes on Sikky for forcing her .. n walks inside the room! Sikky follows..! RK locks the door of his room .! Madhu comes to the bed and wonders where RK is?
RK comes from behind and grabs her n she is about to scream! RK says. .u? U look fine! RK says.. theek to aam log hote hain .. RK to kamal hota hai.. ! Madhu says so u were not sick? RK says.. nope n Madhu asks how 102 degree temp? RK shows thermostat.. n Madhu fumes n says.. u lied against Mandir visit? RK says told Bappa and he is ok with it! RK says. .gave holiday to servants..! Madhu asks what are ur plans?? Sikky tries to close in on Dips n she hits him ..n throws things on him ..! Madhu is running .. RK chasing..! BG- Gulabi ..! Rishbala eyelocks..! RK tries to close in on Madhu n she dodges n runs n says. .not so easy! RK comes and follows her n grabs n lifts her n turns her around..! Madhu pushes RK n they start pillow fighting..! They break the pillow n the feathers fall on them! Madhu tries to run and RK twirls her n back hugs her..! He lifts her n keeps going around..! They fall on the bed… Eyelocks..! Theres a feather on Madhus lips and RK blows it and is about to close in … ! Dips is splashing water on Sikky but he doesnt get up ..! Someone is shown stalking them ..! The person focuses on RKs room ..! RK and Madhu are still on the bed ..!
Someone is shown walking towards Rishbalas room ..! Madhu says if u want me to do what u want.. then .. n RK asks then? Madhu says.. then take me to eat chat..! There is some noise n Rishbala are worried..! The person stalking .. hides hearing the noise of Rishbala approaching..! They find Bittu picking the flower vase …n RK says.. Anarkali .. hamare mohabbat ke pagle-azam aa gaye hain! Bittu says.. came to check on u..coz i heard ur sick..! RK says.. if u love me so much..who will u marry? Madhu chides RK! Bittu says only checking on u! RK says. .fine..keep checking while i n Madhu go to eat chat!
Part 2
BG- Gulabi .. ! Rishbala are at the market and eating golgappas..! RK says ate 20 and Madhu says.. i ate more..! RK is unable to eat more and Madhu ends up eating his share..! She asks for more and RK says. . done! Madhu says.. so u lost RK??? Madhu says.. RK lost and Madhu won..! The golgappa person asks for autograph ..n RK signs the banner of the persons thela n so does Madhu ..! Later Rishbala have chuski [ice rolls] and someone takes their pics..! They throw ice on each other n run and chase each other..!!
Part 3
Madhu says.. Sevpuri. .havent eaten it! RK says lets go. n Madhu says wanna compete? RK says.. no no..!
They return home .arm in arm… n Radha-Pabho ask how is he feeling? RK says.. better after meeting Doc! Pabho says.. dinner time .. come n RK says ..done with meds.. Madhu will eat.. she said she is hungry..! Madhu fumes n says. no space in tummy ..! Pabho says sparing u as ur sick ..tomorrow will make gajar halwa.. n RK says dun add kishmish..! RK says going to rest… n Madhu will join! She fumes..! Radha asks Madhu if she will eat Biryani?? She spots chutney on Madhus lips n says.. oh u both ate chat .. so go rest..! Madhu is embarassed..! Radha says i understood .. Bappa too . now go! Madhu hugs her n runs! Radha says.. so naughty! Pabho says both lied! Radha says.. its ok. .they are so happy!
The photographer shows the pics to a don aka Bhujang [who was Sultans enemy] ..! The person puts target on RK and Madhu ..! He says. am back…!
Precap — RK is on the road.. as his taxi breaks..! He is waiting and spots someone dancing on the road.. with band playing ..! He feels weird..!

Part 1
RK is looking for his gogs and Madhu says why u need it .. am here ur lucky charm! RK says.. those are very lucky for! Madhu gives them to him!
RK says Madhu is the heroine of the movie..! Madhu refuses!
RK says..come on and hugs Madhu ..!
Bhujang calls up someone and says..biggest test of ur life.. be ready..! The person (who sounds like RK) says.. never learnt to lose will do whats needed!
Madhu tells RK to leave for the shoot! RK leaves..! Madhu holds her head and RK says.. seems ur unwell so am not going .. ! Madhu insists and he leaves!
Reporter asks PH about the hero and he informs will be there soon! The PH gets message from RK will be late n looks up and sees RK ..! He discusses the scene and there is a band playing n RK starts dancing!

PH is shocked seeing RK all streetlike dancing on the music..! A girl closes in on him n asks him to dance with her..! He does.. and in a weird style..! Media films the whole thing and all are shocked! PH walks off. angrily!
Taxi driver notices RK and says ur fan! He drives RK and .. RK enjoys the cool breeze and yawns…! Driver thinks RK is preparing for some new role ..! Meantime RK takes lift from Sikky ..!
Sikky asks RK where his car is and he says broken..! RK asks take to canteen . .Sikky is shocked..! He drives RK to canteen. as in hotel.! Sikky orders food and scotch on rocks for RK!
Part 2
RK spots lassi and doesnt feel like drinking ..! Sikky asks matter? RK says. .hungry so.!
RK burps and all look at him n Sikky says ‘RK ki dakar.. scotch bhi bekar’
RK sees the bill and asks Sikky to pay ..! Meantime he drinks the lassi ..happily!
Part 3
Waiter asks RK why drinking milkshake here? RK chides them …for taking out malai n slimming it by adding milk ..! RK says. . dun argue about milk with me. .i can sniff n say..! Sikky overhears and is shocked!
RK realises he lost his locket and rushes .. out! Sikky thinks RK is preparing for some role!
Real RK arrives on set and asks about Paiji n a spot says left early! RK says weird..! The other RK rushes there looking for the locket! Other RKs phone rings and he chides them for stopping him from finding the locket! RK tries the PH number but he doesnt answer!
Other RK finds the locket..! He puts it back on and is walking near the real RK!
Precap — Bhujang makes the other RK drink …and he swears.. coming to turn ur life upside down Madhu .. n the real RK will be lost and only u and i will remain! 

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